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Weed Abatement

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Ashland Fire & Rescue is requesting owners and/or tenants of property in Ashland to better meet the requirements of AMC9.04 to help protect our community from wildfire and keep our watershed healthy. A warning letter is being issued at this time to specific properties to give property owners and/or tenants extra time to prepare for next yearís fire season before legal actions may occur to bring your listed property into compliance with this ordinance. 

If you have recently received a letter from Ashland Fire & Rescue titled - Notice of Warning, or Notice of Violation and Order to Abate, for a property located in Ashland, it is because there is a known issue or history of this property violating one or more aspects of Ashland Municipal Code Chapter 9.04, Weeds & Noxious vegetation. You may not have received a Notice to Abate in the past regarding this property. Violations can range in severity and kind but all play a part in increasing the risks of wildfire around a home or business and within our city and/or poses risks to the health of our watershed. 

Due to a printing error in the bulk-mailing process, the notice dated 11/30/2020 has a misprinted DUE BY date. 
The actual due date is June 15th
2021, in preparation for next fire season. We apologize for this important printing error. 


Please CLICK HERE to find out more information regarding a Notice

Start now flyerWeed and Noxious Vegetation Abatement is required throughout the fire season or any other time of year when deemed a fire, health, or traffic hazard.

Do not plant Prohibited Flammable Plants within 30 feet of any structure.


If a required area to abate is within a riparian zone or wetland:

  • Refer to the City of Ashland's Planning Department for further information regarding requirements and restrictions for working within riparian zones (AMC18.3.11.020)

The minimum abatement on property of any size shall include:

  • the cutting and/or removal of ALL Scotch Broom and thistles on the entire property
  • Any Himalayan blackberry bushes, Poison hemlock, and/or Tree of heaven within the required areas to abate.
  • Debris (including tree litter accumulations) shall comply with AMC9.08.110 or be removed.


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Weeds & Noxious Vegetation:
Ashland Municipal Code Chapter 9.04



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Grass fires and wildfires are ignited every year in and around Ashland, by people or by lightning. And whether itís private property, community infrastructure or our watershed, we have a lot to lose when it comes to wildfires.

Cutting grass and weeds, controlling noxious weeds like Himalayan blackberry, Scotch Broom and thistle, and NOT planting flammable plants in proximity to structures reduces the ability for fires to start or spread as quickly, thus substantially decreasing the fire risks throughout our community.


Unabated weeds and grass image

Tall, dead grass ignites easily and spreads wildfire quickly. By following weed abatement requirements, you will make a significant difference in how a wildfire could spread on your property and throughout Ashland.


Abatement success image

This photo from 2010ís Oak Knoll fire is from an empty lot where the grass and weeds had been cut short throughout the summer. When hot embers from just a few hundred feet away landed on the short vegetation, the grass and weeds ignited, but did not support the rapid spread of intense fire. In fact, this open lot provided a safe working space that firefighters used to help extinguish the fire that destroyed 11 homes.


Ashland Municipal Code (Section 9.04) requires landowners or occupants to cut grass and weeds by June 15th each year and maintain that height throughout fire season. This applies to all lots within the City limits. Compliance with the weed abatement ordinance will substantially improve the overall fire safety in our community as well as reduce habitat for vermin and reduce the spread of noxious weeds and invasive species of plants.

Failure to abate and maintain weeds and grass by June 15th each year can result in fines up to $500 each day the violation exists, plus any abatement and staff costs. (AMC Section 1.08.020)


For Non-Weed Abatement related violations of the Ashland Municipal Code, please visit the City of Ashland's Code Compliance page or use one of the following links:

Online:  Municipal Code Violation Complaint Form

Printable:  Download the Municipal Code Violation Form


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