Fire Inspection Checklist

The following checklist includes general requirements common to all commercial, educational, and residential buildings:

Click here for a printer friendly checklist to conduct your own inspection.

Fire Service Access

  • Address numbers are required to be plainly visible from street and a minimum of four inches tall - 505.1
  • Fire lanes are not permitted to be obstructed - 503.4
  • Three feet of clear space around circumference of fire hydrants and fire department connections are required - 508.5.5

Means of Egress/Exits

  • Exits are required to be easily recognizable and are not permitted to be obstructed - 1003.6
  • Lighting is required for corridors, stairways, and exterior exit ways - 1006.1
  • If main exit uses key locking hardware, provide sign “This door must remain unlocked during business hours.” - 1008.1.8.3
  • Additional doors other than the main door are required to be readily openable from the inside without the use of a key or special knowledge
  • Exit signs are required to be internally or externally illuminated at all times, bulbs and battery backup is required to be maintained - 1011.2

Fire Protection

  • Self-closing fire-rated doors are not permitted to be blocked open unless controlled by the fire alarm system - 703.2
  • Fire resistance rated walls and ceilings are required to be maintained - 703.1
  • Provide annual inspection of sliding and rolling fire doors - 703.4

Fire Protection Systems

  • Fire detection, alarm and suppression systems shall be maintained operational - 901.6
  • Fire extinguishers are required to be in an approved cabinet or installed on a hanger - 906.7
  • Fire extinguishers are required to be visible and accessible - 906.6
  • Provide documentation that fire extinguishers, automatic sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems have been serviced annually - 901.6
  • Provide documentation of kitchen hood suppression system service every 6 months - 904.11.6.4
  • Provide Cooking Class K extinguisher within 30 ft of cooking equipment involving vegetable or animal oils and fats or solid fuel cooking appliances - 904.11.5


  • Maintain clear access to electrical panel: at least 30" wide, 36” in front, and 78” high – 605.3
  • Extension cords are only permitted for temporary applications - 605.5
  • Powerstrips that are polarized or grounded and equipped with overcurrent protection listed in accordance with UL 1363 are permitted - 605.4.1
  • Power strips, extension cords or any other electrical cord shall not extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under doors or floor coverings, or be subject to damage - 605.4.3
  • Discontinue use of extension cords not plugged directly into an approved receptacle, power tap, or multiplug adapter - 605.5.1
  • Electrical cords must be maintained in good condition without splices, deterioration or damage - 605.5.3
  • Electrical outlets, switches and junction boxes are required to be properly covered with plates - 605.6
  • Electric panel breakers are required to be accurately labeled.


  • Combustible materials in buildings are required maintained in an orderly manner - 315.2
  • Maintain storage a minimum of 2 feet below the ceiling in nonsprinklered buildings and a minimum of 18 inches below sprinkler heads - 315.2.1
  • Storage of combustible materials is not permitted in exits or exit enclosures, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or electrical equipment rooms - 315.2.3
  • Storage of combustible materials in attic, under-floor and concealed spaces is prohibited unless it is protected by 1-hour fire-resistive construction - 315.2.4
  • Materials susceptible to spontaneous ignition, such as oily rags, can only be stored in a listed disposal container. (self closing lids) - 304.3.1
  • Storage of dumpsters in buildings or placed within 5 feet of combustible walls, openings, or under roof eaves is not permitted- 304.3.3
  • Compressed gas containers such as CO2 and helium are required to be chained to prevent tipping.

Hazardous Materials

  • Shelf storage of flammable and combustible liquids must be maintained in an orderly manner and non-compatible materials are required to be separated - 3404.

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