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CERT in the News


News Related to Ashland CERT:

Recap of the 2021 State of the City Celebration 01/26/2021

OLLI disaster class spurred by Almeda Fire 01/11/2021

CERT members alerted residents in Talent 11/02/2020

Emergency training materials available 10/20/2020

OLLI course: Disaster Preparedness 10/16/2020

Ashland CERT distributes air purifiers 09/17/2020

Resource hub for Rogue Valley available for those needing help 03/20/2020

Local students sought for FEMA camp 01/06/2020

Local emergency responders awarded local grant 08/23/2019

Conex box helping store emergency supplies 08/22/2019

Ashland prepares for an emergency with an evacuation drill 07/20/2019

Evacuation drill takes place in Ashland 07/20/2019

Evacuation will be a learning experience 07/16/2019 

Fire safety preparation 06/03/2019

Fire Season Looms: Prep Sooner, Not Later 05/07/2019

The life of an Ashland firefighter 04/29/2019

Training for the Big One 04/25/2019

Citizens gather to practice disaster response 03/15/2019

Simulating disaster to stay resilient 03/15/2019

Role playing game prepares Ashland for real life disaster 03/15/2019

Five on 5 - The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program 01/28/2019

Those things you'll wish you'd done before 01/08/2019

Getting a jump on 'the Big One' 10/28/2018

Ashland CERT trainees practice earthquake simulation 10/20/2018

CERT trains 21 volunteers in a mock earthquake exercise 10/20/2018

Are you prepared for evacuation? 07/30/2018

CERT Spring 2018 Basic Training 04/21/2018

Ashland CERT prepares community for disasters 03/22/2018

New worship center being build in Talent 01/22/2018

Map Your Neighborhood helps residents prepare for disaster 01/16/2018

CERT trainees come to the aid of 'earthquake victims' 10/24/2017

CERT wraps up fall training in Ashland 10/21/2017

Ashland CERT puts volunteers through disaster training 5/20/2017

Ashland's Community Emergency Response Team 5/9/2017

CERT Trains the Community to Help Neighbors 10/15/2016

AIR - Ashland Is Ready 09/10/2016

Ashland CERT 06/17/2016

Ashland CERT practices response to the Big One Cascadia's Fault 06/09/2016

CERT prepares for an earthquake during Cascadia Rising 06/09/2016

Ashland CERT helps organize a CERT Base in Talent 02/05/2016

Jackson County Search & Rescue and Ashland CERT Joint Training 01/26/2016

Are you Ready? September is Disaster Preparedness Month 09/09/2015

CERT Assembles 72-hour Kits for AIR 08/30/2015

First Responders ensure Ashland Is Ready! 08/28/2015

2015 Fourth of July Parade a Success 07/13/2015

CERT Spring Training Program 05/16/2015

Ashland CERT will be there 05/13/2015

Ashland Prepares for Disaster 04/08/2015

Preparing for Floods 11/14/2014

Be Disater Aware, Take Action to Prepare 09/19/2014

Ashland CERT trains towards earthquake response  04/26/2014

CERT - Preparing for the Big One 04/26/2014

Ashland CERT prepares trainees for an earthquake scenario 04/25/2014

Emergency Preparedness Kits 03/21/2014

Map Your Neighborhood receives recognition for building relationships 03/20/2014

Emergency Prepared Business award designated to Standing Stone Brewing Company  03/19/2014

Business Readiness (part 1) 02/03/2014

Business Readiness (part 2) 02/03/204

Business Readiness (part 3) 02/03/2014

Ashland CERT - Emergency Prepared Business Workshops 01/16/2014

Emergency Prepared Business workshops 01/13/2014

Ashland High School advocates preparedness 10/03/2013

AIR Workshops prepare Ashland 09/09/2013

Ashland CERT offers unique Awareness Training 05/04/2013

Ashland CERT Spring 2013 Basic Training 04/20/2013

Ashland Drill live video link 03/20/2013

Ashland Drill - Emergency Response 03/20/2013

City-wide Emergency Response Training 03/20/2013

Helman school live video link 02/06/2013

Ashland CERT Assists Helman Elementary School to Improve Emergency Preparedness 02/06/2013

CERT Trains for Community Preparedness 10/28/2012

Southern Oregon University embraces CERT on campus 10/03/2012

CERT Recommends 72-Hour Kits 09/05/2012

Ashland CERT - Get Involved 08/30/2012

CERT Members play victims at AF&R Trauma Exercise (KTVL Live at 5) 05/11/2011

CERT Members play victims at AF&R Trauma Exercise (KDRV) 05/11/2011

CERT Members play victims at AF&R Trauma Exercise (KTVL) 05/11/2011

CERT Ready to Respond 04/27/2011

CERT Prepares Community for Disasters 04/27/2011

Ashland Residents are prepared - CERT Map Your Neighborhood 03/21/2011

CERT trains 500th Basic Trainee 03/02/2011

CERT to Prepare Post Disaster Response 10/05/2010

CERT Participates in Search for Missing B.C. Man 09/19/2010

CERT Participates in Oak Knoll Fire 08/24/2010

CERT Participates in Search for Missing Man 07/26/2010

CERT Assists at Sherman Street Fire 07/01/2010

CERT Member wins Community Service Award 06/07/2010

Valley Residents Learn Disaster Readiness Skills 05/07/2010

Ashland Hires New CERT Coordinator 04/15/2010

CERT Coordinator, assistant leaving posts 02/05/2010

Clark and Carol Custodio "Disaster Preparedness Dynamos" 11/25/2009

Friends, Family Remember KC Mosby 11/14/2009

CERT activated for flu hotline 05/01/2009

CERT provides a valuable service for Ashland 04/24/2009

Ashland's CERT celebrates 10th 04/16/2009

Shelter Houses 20 Guests 12/15/2008

Ashland Neighborhoods Prepare For Disasters 09/23/2008

A busy year for CERT 02/11/2008

Disaster response team training will start Jan. 10 12/30/2001

Volunteers primed for disaster relief 06/21/1999

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