Ambulance Rate Schedule


Ambulance rates are for 2022, Base Rates will be adjusted each year by the most current posted CMS “Ambulance Inflation Factor” (AIF). Other rates and mileage charges will be adjusted only by approval of the County Commissioners.

BASE RATE (advanced life support) = $1,151

The City charges an "All Inclusive" Base Rate. There are no additional supply charges. The Base Rate becomes effective upon the emergency response of the ambulance. This serves as a minimum charge to support the City's fixed expenses.

BASE RATE (basic life support) = $1,151

Basic Life Support covers non-emergent basic transport services such as scheduled transfers to nursing facilities, assisted living facilities or home.

MILEAGE = $15.03 per mile

Fees for mileage reflect the distance traveled (to the nearest mile, one mile minimum) from the point of pick up to the patient's ultimate destination (i.e., home or accident scene to hospital).


If the patient is transferred to another facility within one hour, only one Base Rate is charged.


BASE RATE (advanced life support) = $1,151

MILEAGE = $15.03 per mile

Mileage is figured from point of pick up to point of destination. (Patient miles only). This rate is applied to "pre-arranged" transfers that conform to Department policies.


When a medic unit transports more than one patient from the same incident or from unrelated incidents, each patient is charged a full base rate. This is in recognition that each patient receives the same care and transportation services as when only one patient is transported. However, an adjustment will be made for mileage charges. In instances where more than one patient is transported in the same medic unit, the normal mileage charge will be split among the number of patients transported, i.e., if two patients are transported, they will each be charged a full base rate but only be charged 50% of the normal mileage charge; three patients would be charged 33-1/3% of the normal mileage charge, etc.


Patients who, because of multiple patient situations or whose condition did not require movement by stretcher, and are transported sitting up in a regular seat in the medic unit will be charged 50% of the regular Base Rate. If other patients are being transported in the same medic unit, sit-up patients will be charged mileage as a Multiple Patient as described above.

BASE RATE (advanced life support) =  $ 575.50 (50% of the regular Base Rate).

MILEAGE = $15.03 per mile (100% of the Regular Mileage, unless Multiple Patient situation applies).


When a patient's condition warrants that an extra emergency medical technician assist the medic unit crew during transport, a fee for the extra attendant will be charged. Situations and conditions where an extra attendant charge is applicable include: an acute/critical patient, a disturbed/combative patient, or an extremely obese patient (300 pounds or more). In each case, diagnosis or documentation must indicate medical necessity.


The Aid Call rate is used whenever services are rendered, especially when an advanced life support procedure or supply was administered, but the patient was not transported.

This charge may also be used for expired patients under the following conditions:

1. Calls where death is not certain and assessment and/or care are necessary to determine death, will be handled as an "aid call." Cases of obvious death, i.e., rigor mortis, decapitation, etc., where NO evaluation or treatment is performed, will be handled as "no patients."

2. Use of the monitor/defibrillator, solely for the purpose of confirming death, rather than for active patient care, will not constitute a charge, however, if the monitor/defibrillator is used for resuscitation, appropriate charges will be made.

Service Fee = $348.00

WAITING TIME = $50.00 per half-hour

If the waiting time is extraordinarily long and constitutes an unusual circumstance, waiting time may be charged. Unusual circumstances would occur when there are medical complications requiring additional time, effort or expense. The reason for the waiting time must be documented. Waiting time is billed in thirty minute increments. The first thirty minutes are not billed, they are included in the base rate.


All pre-arranged paid standbys are billed at an hourly rate. There is no Base Rate or Mileage charge to the person/organization requesting the standby. If a patient is treated and transported from the standby event, the patient will be billed normal rates. Standby time is charged from the time personnel first arrive at the station to prepare for the standby, until they have arrived back at the station and have completed all duties related to the standby. A standby crew consists of two crew members with a dedicated paramedic unit. In the event of an emergency, the standby may be canceled or the paramedic unit may be recalled from the standby event without notice.

STANDBY = $110.00 per hour (2 hour minimum charge)

Patients treated and/or transported from a standby event will be charged in accordance with normal rates for services provided.

On-Scene Coordinator = $55.00 per hour (50% of the Standby rate)

If an event requires two or more medic units, an on-scene coordinator may be required.



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