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Properties Greater than 1 Acre

Greater than 1 Acre


Greater than 1 Acre graphic


Property Owners or Renters of Properties Greater than One Acre in size are required to cut and maintain weeds and grass to no more than 4 inches in height on your property with the following minimum requirements:

  • Create a fire break buffer strip within 30 feet of structures
  • Create a 15 foot wide fire break buffer strip along the property line and around the entire lot.
  • Create a 15 foot wide fire break buffer strip along each side of access roads and driveways on, or leading to, your property.
And on abutting park rows, alleys and other right-of-way areas abutting your property.


don't wait to abate sidewalk


The owner of any lot or parcel of land within the limits of the City of Ashland shall cut and/or remove weeds growing thereon, and on adjacent and abutting rights-of-way AMC 9.04.020 


alleys and long driveways


right of ways


long driveways


Decorative residential landscaping is exempted from these requirements unless that vegetation is a fire, health or traffic hazard. AMC 9.04.15


blackberry sidewalk


Noxious Vegetation (includes Himalayan Blackberry)

The owner of any lot or parcel of land within the limits of the City of Ashland shall not permit noxious vegetation to grow upon their property and on adjacent and abutting rights-of-way. AMC 9.04.024


blackberry alley


Clearance Distances from Structures

Weeds and noxious vegetation on a property of any size are required to be removed within a minimum of 30 feet from any structures, including structures on adjacent properties. Minimum clearance distances shall be increased by 10 feet for each ten percent increase in the average slope of the property over ten percent. 



A complete list of noxious weeds can be found HERE

Noxious weeds can be burned anywhere in the city once a permit is issued. 


Please check out this useful resource: 

By Max Bennett-Forester, Associate Professor and Oregon State University Extension Agent
for Jackson and Josephine counties

Managing Himalayan Blackberry
Click here to open PDF



hydrants title


Hydrant Can you find me?


Hydrants how to treat


Hydrant clearances



Please check out the video below on "How to Make Your Home and Property Fire-Safe", funded by the Oregon Department of Forestry and Keep Oregon Green.




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