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Many of us grew up in neighborhoods where we knew who lived next door, where we had a sense of community. In the past few decades, many communities across the nation have experienced rapid growth. Many people have moved once or twice or even more. Not many of us live in the communities where we were born. Do you know your neighbors?

Knowing our neighbors has a multiplying effect. In disaster, the first person to help will likely be a neighbor. Our daily sense of security is deepened when we know our neighbors and look out for one another. Interestingly, as Ashland CERT has undertaken the task of organizing neighborhoods using Map Your Neighborhood, people have embraced it.

MYN is a tool to promote neighborhood preparedness for disaster, and it does a lot more. In September, 2008, we initiated a community campaign and hosted ten Map Your Neighborhood gatherings. By the end of December, 2008, we had 25 organized neighborhoods. To date, we continue to build upon the neighborhood resiliency model offered free to Ashland residents. We see MYN as crucial to creating a strong, resilient and connected community. Here's why:


Neighborhoods that are prepared for emergencies and disasters SAVE LIVES. They reduce the severity of injuries and trauma. Communities of strong neighborhoods recover more quickly from disaster; they are more resilient.

Map Your Neighborhood is a simple idea. Neighbors gather at a home in the neighborhood for a 90-minute meeting where you learn the 9-steps to take immediately following disaster. Together you develop a neighborhood skills and equipment inventory with guidance from a CERT representative. You learn many facets of response including where the gas meters are in the case of a landslide or earthquake where gas lines may break.


Most importantly, during the MAP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD gathering, you meet your neighbors and together you think through what you might need to do in a large-scale disaster when 911 might not be able to send help. You learn to be self-reliant as a neighborhood, to organize effectively and to help neighbors in need, so the community's emergency responders can attend to the large rescues and the ongoing restoration of services.

Map Your Neighborhood For Disasters

For All Hazards (earthquake, landslide) and Wildland Fire

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