Operating Policies and Procedures July 2004


Charter Review Committee

Operating Policies and Procedures


Regular Meetings

1) Committee will meet on the first and third Thursday of every month unless changed by a majority of the committee at a regular meeting.  Regular meetings will begin the third Thursday of September.

2) Meetings will occur in council chambers so that they may be televised and taped.

3) The committee will consider written and oral testimony offered during the charter review process.  Public testimony will always occur during Public Forum and be limited to three minutes per speaker.  Public testimony may, on occasion, be taken on specific agenda items when noted on the printed agenda.


Attendance, Quorum

1) Three consecutive unexcused absences equal resignation.

2) Members will be notified after a second consecutive absence to allow an opportunity to attend future meetings.

4) Members unable to attend shall notify the staff liaison by phone or e-mail in advance of the regular meeting.

6) A quorum of at least six committee members must be present to conduct business at any meeting.  A majority of a quorum is necessary to adopt any motion.

7) A quorum for the final report is two thirds of the committee membership at the time of voting.

8) Items that have been acted on may not be brought forward again without consent of a majority of the committee.



1) Subcommittees may be formed for the purpose of gathering information and forming a recommendation to be brought forward to the full committee.  However, only the full committee can vote on and accept the recommendation.  Subcommittees must meet the requirements of the Oregon Public Meetings law.

2) Subcommittees are encouraged to submit to staff a brief summary of the meeting to for inclusion in the upcoming full meeting packet.



1) The chair will strive to reach consensus of the committee whenever possible.

2) Motions on changes to the charter constitute tentative approval of such changes pending approval of the final report to the city council.


DRAFT Consultant

1) The consultant will act in an advisory role to the committee.

2) The consultant will review the existing charter, identify needed changes and updates, perform a legal review of the current charter, compare the existing charter to the model charter and present the information at the first regular meeting of the committee for committee review.

3) Prepare and explain substantive provisions for consideration, draft alternative political provisions for discussion and consideration.

4) Draft a charter and revise the draft based on input from the committee.

5) Prepare a final version of the new charter for committee review and council approval.

Prepare a ballot title and explanatory statement.

6) Attend a final meeting in Ashland for presentation to the city council.



1) The city attorney or designee will act in an advisory role to the committee.

2) Staff will support the work of the committee and assist the chair/vice chair in preparing the agenda.  Agendas, minutes and other written material will be mailed electronically in advance of the meeting by staff.  Staff will conduct research for the committee; send invitations to speakers/guest requested by the committee.  Should the committee require additional staff support beyond what is provided, a request should be made to the city administrator.

3) Comprehensive minutes will be prepared from each meeting and will be sent to committee members prior to the meeting.

4) Staff will post to the city's web page all information related to the committee's proceedings.



1) Roberts Rules of Order will govern decisions at meeting.

2) The committee will be clear and simple in its procedures and the consideration of matters coming before it.  It should avoid invoking the finer points of parliamentary rules, which may serve only to obscure the issues and to cause audience or citizen misunderstanding or misapprehension about action taken at the meeting.

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