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City of Ashland, Oregon / Commissions & Committees / Public Arts Commission

Public Arts Commission

Theater Corridor Public Art Project

Public Art Definitions, Acquisitions, Process, Selection AMC 2.29.005

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The mission of the Public Arts Commission is to enhance the cultural and aesthetic quality of life in Ashland by actively pursuing the placement of public art in public spaces and serving to preserve and develop public access to the arts. The continued vitality of the arts in the City of Ashland is a vital part of the future of the city as well as of its citizens. The arts are an important part of the cultural and economic life of the entire community of Ashland and enrich the participants in the arts as well as those who observe them. Several organizations, which exist in Ashland, are active in the arts and provide leadership to the community on arts related matters. The creation of a Public Arts Commission for the City of Ashland will assist those organizations, other organizations and individuals, to make arts a more important part of the city's life.

Powers and Duties.

The Public Arts Commission shall be specifically responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

1. The commission shall ensure the arts continue to be of value as an integral part of Ashland.

2. The commission shall promote the arts in Ashland to enrich the lives of its citizens through education and demonstration.

3. The commission may assist the city council, the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission, historic commission and the planning commission in using public art to enhance existing development in public parks and other public lands and in public structures.

4. The commission shall advise the planning commission, the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission, other city commissions and committees and city departments regarding artistic components of all municipal government projects under consideration by the city. The commission may also serve as a resource for artistic components of land use developments.

5. The commission shall develop and recommend to the city council policies and programs that would enhance and encourage the planning, placement and maintenance of public displays of art in locations open to the public within the community.

6. The commission shall encourage connections with other local, regional and national organizations working for the benefit of art and preservation of artistic values, and other similar activities.

7. The commission shall recognize and encourage groups and organizations that enrich Ashland life by bringing cultural and artistic values and artifacts to the city.

8. The commission shall pursue gifts and grants for support of arts programs and activities and the procurement of public art.

Please remember that other than staff, the people listed below are volunteers working on behalf of our community and should only be contacted on matters related to their particular commission, committee or board.


Length of Term
Meets 3rd Friday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at Community Dev. Bldg., 51 Winburn Way
3 year terms expiring April 30

Email Address
Term Begin
Term End
Robert Block-Brown   Commissioner   03/01/2016   04/30/2019  
Dana Bussell   Commissioner   05/02/2006   04/30/2018  
Sandra Friend   Commissioner-chair   04/19/2011   04/30/2018  
Thomas Fuhrmark   Commissioner   11/01/2016   04/30/2019  
Margaret Garrington   Commissioner   03/01/2011   04/30/2018  
Greg Lemhouse   CouncilLiaison      
Laurel Merchant   Commissoner   05/05/2015   04/30/2017  
Richard Newman   Commissioner   11/04/2014   04/30/2017  
Ann Seltzer   StaffLiaison      

Calendar Events
Public Art Commission Regular Meeting
Friday, May 19, 2017
This meeting is canceled.  The next regular meeting of the Public Art Commission is Friday, April 21.  (Read more)
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