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Electric Rates

The City of Ashland Electric Department is a publicly owned electric utility with the responsibility of serving the public's needs for power, a responsibility held since 1908.

Power for the City of Ashland is purchased from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), metered at distribution substations and dispersed through City-owned feeder and distribution lines, transformers and meters. The Department is responsible for the engineering, construction and maintenance of the system for distribution of electrical energy.

Electric Rates


Residential Service:

To single-family customers when all service is supplied to one point of delivery.

Basic Charges:

Per Month $16.25

Energy Charges per kWh:
First 500 kWh $0.07570
500 kWh - 5,000 kWh $0.09110
Over 5,000 kWh $0.12940
Commercial Service:
Basic Charges:
Single Phase
30 kW or less $25.00
Over 30 kW $64.67
Three Phase
30 kW or less $50.00
Over 30 kW $112.10
Demand Charge:
Per kW in excess of 15 kW $7.00
Energy Charges per kWh:
Single Phase
Per kWh up to 3,000 kWh $0.08870
Per kWh for the next 17,000 kWh $0.08900
Per kWh for all additional kWh $0.08930
Three Phase
Per kWh up to 3,000 kWh $0.07910
Per kWh for the next 17,000 kWh $0.07960
Per kWh for all additional kWh $0.07980


Please click the adobe icon below for the full resolution listing all of the electric rates effective July 1, 2021.

Electric Users Tax

  • A 25% tax is added to all electric accounts. This tax is put into the general fund to support other city services. The revenue generated from the use of electricity is put into the budget of the Department of Electricity and is used to offset the running and generating of electric power. For information on energy saving tips see Conservation Tips .

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