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Solar Pioneer II

What is Solar Pioneer II?

Solar Pioneer 1 launched in 2000, installed 30kW of Solar Electric generation on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Southern Oregon University and the Civic Center. It was designed to familiarize and educate Ashland about this technology. Solar Pioneer II which builds on the earlier program, is a 63.5 kilowatt community solar system.

The inspiration for Solar Pioneer II is to allow the opportunity for Ashland citizens and businesses to bring renewable energy to the community in a way that is both affordable and does not require home installation

 Harvest the Sun
The City of Ashland has encouraged the use of solar energy to generate electricity since 1996.  Many Ashland home owners and business owners have expressed interest in installing solar but do not have good solar access. Others who might have good solar access do not have the capital to invest in the high cost of a solar panel system.

The City of Ashland will install a 63.5 kW community solar electric system on the City service center which has excellent solar exposure.

 The City is pleased to invite Ashland residents and businesses to “adopt” one of these solar panels or a portion of a panel, bring renewable energy to our community and lower their electric bill.

The system consists of 363 solar electric panels rated at 175 DC Watts.  This 20-year project is now entering its third year.  Ashland customers can now purchase the output of panels for 18 years: A full panel for $743, a 1/2 panel for $371.50 or a 1/4 panel for $185.70. Each year the City will credit the electric bill of participants for the amount of renewable electricity their panels have generated. The City will be responsible for the maintenance of the system.
To estimate the value of 20 years of Solar electricity an assumption needs to be made about the future cost of electricity.  If electric rates were to increase 3% per year, the value of 20 years of electricity produced by one panel would equal about $480.00. The value of 19 years produced would be about $456.00.
You can purchase a share of Ashland's community solar electricity today or contact Mary McClary at 488-5357 for more information. 

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