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Ball fields at North Mountain Park

APRC is pleased to provide the following policy that outlines the procedures by which youth and adult sport organizations request facilities and services from APRC. Allocation of APRC facilities, payment of fees and procedures to apply for such facility use are outlined in this procedure.


Any youth or adult sports organization that provides services that include Ashland residents or provides services targeted toward youngsters 17 years of age or under, is eligible to apply for non-profit status as defined by the Internal Revenue code. The organization must demonstrate benefits to the citizens of Ashland or those under the age of 17.

Any adult sports group or organization that provides services that include Ashland residents 17 and older, will receive second consideration in the scheduling of facilities.


  • Attend one (1) mandatory field meeting each year
  • Fill out sports field application and submit to the APRC office
  • Submit league schedule to APRC office at least three (3) weeks before season begins
  • Submit to the APRC office a certificate of insurance for the league before play can begin ($2,000,000)
  • Applicant must be 21 years of age or older

All youth leagues are encouraged by APRC to conduct background checks on all coaches; provide education to coaches, professional/volunteer administrators, parents and officials.  

Responsibilities of Youth and Adult Sports Groups

All information requested on the application form must be filled out completely for field allocation. This information is vital for staff to provide important information to the public, make responsible decisions on field allocation and improvement projects, settle conflicts, and also help justify further facility development. Responsibilities of sports organizations include:

  • Groups shall clean and maintain the field and spectator areas assigned to them by picking up trash after day and evening use.
  • Groups shall have the responsibility to maintain control over the conduct of participants and spectators while using assigned facilities.
  • Groups must be a ‘good neighbor’ and keep sound levels to a minimum.
  • Groups are required to submit to the Ashland Parks & Recreation office a season practice and game schedule no later than 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the season. Fees will be assessed at that time and payment is due prior to the first game of the season. All other use outside of the submitted schedule will be assessed at the time of the request.

 City Services

APRC may provide the following services:

  • Provide athletic facilities for youth and adult organizations
  • Coordinate field maintenance projects in order to reduce the impact of organizations that use athletic facilities
  • Provide basic field maintenance of all APRC facilities, i.e., mowing, watering, fertilizing, general park repair
  • Coordinate special maintenance and other facility use needs
  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information for the public concerning all youth and adult sports leagues operating for Ashland residents


Applicant first attends a mandatory sports field meeting which will include representatives of APRC to determine eligibility of the group, availability of facilities, or feasibility of any improvement project. Following this, the applicant will fill out the application form and develop the required organizational information for the type of service requested. The applicant will present the application form along with all requested information to the APRC office, for consideration of requests for facilities. If there is a conflict between two or more organizations for facilities, APRC will evaluate the information submitted by the applicants, and based on the general guidelines, will negotiate a use agreement(s).

Field Allocation

Applications should be received by the middle of February for the seasons of March-July and by the middle of July for the seasons of August through November. Permits will be issued following these dates and prior to the start of the season.

Groups that miss the mandatory meeting and due dates of application will have their applications considered only if there is available space.

Groups are required to submit a season practice and game schedule no later than three weeks prior to the beginning of the season. Fees will be assessed at that time and payment is due prior to the first game of the season. All other use outside of the submitted schedule will be assessed at the time of the request.

Once facility use is determined, a facility use permit is issued to the group for one season only. Groups are required to re-apply on a seasonal basis as outlined above. When two or more groups have requested the same space and time, all groups involved will be contacted after staff has reached a decision on the field allocation.

Individual team requests will be considered only after league or group allocations have been issued for the upcoming season, and then, only teams not already covered by a serviced league will be processed. A rental fee will be charged for using facilities associated with individual teams. An APRC Facility Rental form will need to be completed and fees paid before a requesting team will be issued facilities.


Field allocations are based on the following criteria, in order:

  • Youth sports groups and organizations serving Ashland residents
  • Need, i.e., the number of participants served and number of games and practices scheduled
  • Compliance with APRC procedures
  • Past performance in helping to maintain facilities

The first priority will always be based on serving Ashland residents. The remaining criterion is not in any particular order and will be used to evaluate each individual request.

It is possible that a group may not receive all the field time requested due to other groups requesting the same time and space. APRC will attempt to find alternatives that would allow for the group to operate per their request. It may be necessary for the group to alter the way in which it schedules games and/or practices.

It is the goal of the staff to get the best possible use of all athletic fields under the jurisdiction of the City and to serve as many of the requesting groups as possible.

To reserve a facility, please email or call the APRC Office at 541.488.5340.
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