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Food and Beverage Tax

A five percent tax is collected on all prepared food sold in Ashland.

You can report and pay your Food and Beverage Tax online here: https://selfservice.ashland.or.us/MSS/

There is a blank Food and Beverage Tax Return form at the bottom of this page. If you are submitting the return on time and are not delinquent or have a previous period adjustment, please do not input #5-8. If you are past due or have a previous period adjustment, please follow the instructions below to complete #5-8.

Penalty: For returns that are no more than 30 days past due - Please include 10% of your Current Tax due in #5.

Or, if applicable:

Additional Penalty: For past due 90 or more days - Please include 20% of your Current Tax due in #5 (two 10% penalties).

Interest: Those past due must pay interest at the rate of 1% per month or fraction thereof on the amount of the tax, exclusive of penalties, from the date on which the return became past due until paid. 

Tax under or over payment: Enter into the appropriate field the under (negative amount) or over (positive amount) you are submitting in your return. The Total amount due in #11 will automatically calculate to show your amount due after this adjustment. Please provide an explanation for the over or under payment upon submittal.

If you're not reporting online, please email the completed form to utilitybilling@ashland.or.us It is your responsibility to verify that we have received your return and to call us to pay with a credit card by 5 pm on the due date. If you will be submitting a check or cash for payment, it will also need to be received by 5 pm on the due date to not be considered late. Please save your sent email for your records.

Due dates for returns:

Activity for the time period:  Due
January 1 through March 31 April 30
April 1 through June 30   July 31
July 1 through September 30   October 31
October 1 through December 31 January 31

Activity for the month of:     Due
January February 28
February March 31
March April 30
April May 31
May June 30
June July 31
July August 31
August September 30
September October 31
October November 30
November December 31
December January 31


  • How do I request a waiver of a penalty or interest charges? Please email your request to utilitybilling@ashland.or.us
  • How do I save the return and then email it? Depending on your browser, you may be able to complete all the sections first, then save it and email as below. If not, save it to your desktop first then close your browser and open the document and complete and email as below.
  1. File
  2. then Save As
  3. Save it to your computer for retrieval in the next step
  4. Access your email and add this file as an attachment to an email
  5. Email to utilitybilling@ashland.or.us
  • Can I pay online for my food and beverage tax? Yes, you can report and pay online by visiting https://selfservice.ashland.or.us/MSS/, registering an online profile, and then linking your business account under the Business License link.
  • What if I submit this form but do not pay by the due date? The return is not considered complete until the payment is received, therefore it would be considered past due.
  • How do I know if I am required to file my return quarterly or monthly? All operators must submit returns at a minimum quarterly, unless the City has notified the operator that they are required to submit monthly. Any operator may choose to submit monthly, however.
  • How do I complete the form using an Apple product? You will need to install Adobe Reader to complete this form. Save this form to your local drive and then open it using Adobe Reader.

More questions? Call, Email, or stop by. We are located at 20 East Main St, downtown at City Hall and are open 8:30-5:00 Monday through Friday. You can also reach us at (541) 488-6004 or at utilitybilling@ashland.or.us.

Click below for a physical copy of the Food and Beverage Prepared Tax Return form.

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