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RFP 02222018
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City of Ashland
Request for Proposals

Proposals are due prior to 2:00 PM (PST), Tuesday, March 27, 2018
The City of Ashland is requesting proposals for the development of a comprehensive Cost Allocation Plan. The City allocates several internal service funds to other funds and departments. The services that are allocated have an impact on the operations of each department. The purpose of the new Cost Allocation Plan will be to ensure the City utilizes rates that accurately account for the true cost of providing various internal services within the City.
The Internal Services include:
  • Central Services (City Administration, Administrative Services, Human Resources, City Recorder, GIS, Public Works-Engineering)
  • Facilities
  • Equipment Replacement (including fleet)
  • Insurance
The City is requesting an updated methodology be developed that will ensure an equitable allocation of expenses related to internal services. The City anticipates that a new schedule of fees will be allocated based on the successful proposerís analysis of the services currently being provided by the City.
City staff is requesting a model for the new Cost Allocation Plan be developed in an interactive platform for ease in updating and allocating existing expenditures, and including and allocating new expenditures, as well as the potential for phased implementation.

The current methodology used to allocate expenses was built several years ago and it will not be used to develop the new Cost Allocation Plan.
The City of Ashland is in Jackson County, Oregon.  The City has a City Administrator-City Council form of government. The Cityís current population is approximately 21,639 (2016).
The City is a full-service municipality employing approximately 278 employees to provide general government, administration, finance, planning, community development, public safety (police, fire and ambulance), public works and engineering, and Ashland Parks & Recreation oversees recreational services.  The City also operates multiple utilities:  water; sewer/storm water; electric; and, telecommunication (AFN/Ashland Fiber Network).

The City of Ashland 2017-2019 Biennium Budget can be found at:
The City of Ashland Comprehensive Annual Financial Report can be found at:
The City will provide the successful proposer with all reasonably available records and information, including financial reports, budgets and pertinent data. In addition, the City shall provide staff support and assistance as required and agreed to in advance by the City and the successful proposer.
The City would like all work performed under the contract completed within 120 days, but is open to considering varying timelines.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) is intended to provide interested proposers with sufficient information to prepare and submit a proposal for consideration by the City.

This REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL is available by clicking on REQUEST BID PACKET (beneath the public notice) and logging into the system. You will need to log in to the system each time you would like to download the solicitation documents and any subsequently issued addenda.
In accordance with AMC Section 2.50.080, Competitive sealed proposals may be available online, but applicants will NOT be able to submit their proposals and/or responses online. Proposals must be delivered in hard copy form to the City in accordance with the requirements outlined in the RFP.  Individuals that obtain the solicitation materials electronically are responsible for regularly checking for instructions, addenda, and related materials.
Contract terms, conditions and specifications may be reviewed in the City of Ashland, Purchasing Office, located at 90 N. Mountain, Ashland, Oregon.
Deadline for submitting questions and requests for additional information:
5:00 PM (PST), Friday, March 16, 2018
Sealed Proposals must be received prior to 2:00 PM (PST), Tuesday, March 27, 2018, by Kari Olson, Purchasing Representative in the City of Ashland, Purchasing Office located at 90 N. Mountain Avenue, Ashland OR 97520. The proposals will be opened at 2:00 PM (PST), Tuesday, March 27, 2018, and the City will record and make available the identities of the proposers. Proposals will not be available for inspection until after the evaluation process has been completed and the Notice of Intent to Award has been issued.
Kari Olson
Purchasing Representative
City of Ashland, Oregon
Tel:  541-488-5354
Published: February 22, 2018


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