Parks and Recreation News

05/22/2017NEW Splash Pad at Garfield Park Set to Open this Friday
05/18/2017Ashland World Music Festival this Saturday in Lithia Park
05/12/2017Ashland World Music Festival in Lithia Park
05/03/2017Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
04/28/2017Ashland World Music Festival in Lithia Park
04/21/2017Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
04/18/2017Swarm Season for Honeybees - Help Them Find New Homes
04/12/2017APRC Summer Rec Guide is Now Available
04/11/2017Registration for the 41st Annual 4th July Run OPENS
04/10/2017Ashland Community Bike Swap
04/07/2017APRC Study Session Canceled
04/04/2017Controlled Burn Today in Lithia Park
03/22/2017Controlled Burn in Siskiyou Mt Park on March 23
03/20/2017Ashland Community Bike Swap
03/16/2017Prescribed Burn TODAY in Siskiyou Mt Park
03/14/2017Prescribed Burn TODAY in Siskiyou Mt Park
03/09/2017New Playground Equipment at Hunter Park
03/09/2017Forest Restoration Begins along Hitt Road Trail
03/02/2017Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
02/02/2017Logo Design Contest for the 41st Annual 4th of July Run
02/01/2017K-Rose Productions Presents a Documentary on Aging
01/30/2017Ashland Senior Center February Newsletter
01/20/2017AARP Tax Aide; Free e-Filing Tax Preparation at The Grove
12/07/2016APRC WinterSpring Recreation Guide
12/01/2016Controlled Burn Today in Siskiyou Mt Park
11/28/2016Ashland Senior Center December Newsletter
11/10/2016Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink Set to Open on November 16
11/02/2016Lithia Park Book by Local Author, John Enders
11/01/2016Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink Set to Open on November 16
09/23/2016Ice Rink Mobile Concessionaire
09/23/2016Ashland Senior Center October Newsletter
09/14/2016Bear Creek Salmon Festival at North Mountain Park
09/02/2016September Happenings at Oak Knoll Golf Course
09/02/2016Ashland Senior Center September Newsletter
08/16/2016APRC Regular Meeting - Aug 22 - Canceled
08/03/2016APRC Fall 2016 Rec Guide
08/02/2016Fundraiser for Ashland High School Golf Team
07/29/2016E.coli Warning in Ashland Creek
07/22/2016Island Night at Daniel Meyer Pool
07/22/2016Golden Spike - Dedication at Railroad Park
06/24/201640th Annual 4th of July Run
06/22/2016100th Anniversary of Lithia Park
06/17/2016Bee City USA-Ashland Announces New Approved Pollinator Gardens Program
06/15/2016Swim Lesson Registration at Daniel Meyer Pool to be Moved to The Grove
06/02/2016100th Anniversary of Lithia Park
05/26/2016The Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter is Now Available
05/26/2016Daniel Meyer Pool Opens on June 17, 2016
05/16/2016Bee City USA Sub-Committee Seeks New Member
05/11/2016Rogue Valley Bird Day at North Mountain Park
05/09/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival
05/02/2016FREE Lithia Park Nature Walks
04/29/2016Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter
04/26/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival in Lithia Park
04/14/2016APRC Summer Rec Guide 2016
04/13/2016Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission to Consider Clay Street Dog Park
03/30/2016Burning Today in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/29/2016Ashland Senior Center April Newsletter
03/29/2016Burning Today in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/14/2016APRC Recreation Division Set to Move Offices to The Grove
03/14/2016Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/01/2016APRC Recreation Division Set to Move Offices to The Grove
02/23/2016Siskiyou de Mayo: A World Music Festival; Winning Design of the Logo Contest
02/16/201640th Annual 4th of July Run Logo Design Contest
01/29/2016Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with APRC
01/26/2016February Senior Center News
01/20/2016Logo Design Contest for the Siskiyou de Mayo Event
01/15/201640th Annual 4th of July Run Logo Design Contest
01/04/2016Ashland Senior Center January News
12/28/2015Logo Design Contest for the Siskiyou de Mayo Event
12/14/2015Daniel Meyer Pool Access Increased for Ashland area Community Groups
11/24/2015Ashland Senior Center December News
11/23/2015APRC Employee Jim Hagemann Restores Teahouse in Lithia Park
11/06/2015APRC Integrated Pest Management Policy Annual Report
11/03/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mt Park
10/30/2015APRC WinterSpring 2016 Rec Guide
10/27/2015Ashland Senior Center November News
10/26/2015Japanese Style Garden Celebration
10/05/2015Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities with APRC
09/28/2015Ashland Senior Center October News
09/25/2015Nature Walks in Lithia Park Welcome 20,000th Participant
08/28/2015Ashland Senior Center September News
08/17/2015New Position on the Bee City USA Sub-Committee
08/04/2015Autumn 2015 Recreation Guide
07/31/2015Volunteers of Food & Friends Receive the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
07/29/2015Ashland Senior Center August News!
07/09/2015High Bacteria Levels in Ashland Creek
06/25/2015Ashland Senior Center July Newsletter
06/03/2015Scholarships for Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission Rec Programs
05/29/2015Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter
05/11/2015Opening Celebration at Ashland Creek Park
05/06/2015Swarm Season for Honeybees - Help Them Find New Homes
05/05/2015FootGolf at Oak Knoll Golf Course
05/01/2015Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter
04/30/2015APRC Recreation Guides
04/27/2015Opening Celebration at Ashland Creek Park
04/21/2015FootGolf at Oak Knoll Golf Course
04/16/2015Ashland Creek Ponds Riparian Restoration Project
04/07/2015Tree Planting Ceremony at Ashland Creek Park
04/07/2015Ashland Creek Ponds Riparian Restoration Project
04/07/2015Summer 2015 APRC Guide
04/03/2015Ashland Senior Center April News
04/02/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/31/2015Burning in Siskiyou Mountain Park
03/06/20154th July Run Logo Design Contest Winner
02/27/2015Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
02/24/2015FREE FootGolf Day at the Oak Knoll Golf Course
02/13/2015City of Ashland is Seeking Applications for the Bee City USA Subcommittee
02/06/2015Historic Lithia Park Tour
01/28/2015Ashland Senior Center February Newsletter
01/20/2015Ashland, Oregon, Joins the Bee City USA® Movement to Sustain Pollinators
12/26/2014January Senior Center Newsletter
12/04/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation WinterSpring Guide
11/24/2014December Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
11/04/2014November Newsletter for the Ashland Senior Center
10/20/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Gets NEW Park and Trail Finder Web Application
10/01/2014Lithia Park Designated as One of 10 Great Public Spaces in America by the American Planning Association
09/30/2014Special Announcement from Ashland Parks and Recreation
09/24/2014October Newsletter for the Ashland Senior Center
09/19/2014Cascade Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway Open House Event
09/15/2014School Programs at North Mountain Park – Calling All Teachers!
08/28/2014September Newsletter for Ashland Senior Center
08/18/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Fall Guide
08/14/2014New Parks and Recreation Director: Michael A. Black
08/01/2014UPDATE on Ashland Creek Safety Watch: Ashland Creek through Lithia Park
07/31/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Adopts New Logo
07/31/2014Ashland Senior Center August Newsletter
07/31/2014Ashland Creek Safety Watch: Ashland Creek through Lithia Park
07/21/2014Call for Artists
06/30/2014Ashland Senior Center July Senior Newsletter
06/25/2014Irrigation Hotline for Ashland Parks & Recreation
06/12/2014Calle Guanajuato Celebrations
06/12/2014Lithia Park Trail Guide
05/30/2014Ashland Senior Center June News
05/20/2014Daniel Meyer Pool will Open in June
05/15/2014Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Calle Guanajuato
04/29/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Newsletters
04/23/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation Summer Rec Guide
03/31/2014High Winds in Ashland Tonight
03/31/2014April Senior Newsletter
03/12/2014Donate a Bike to the Ashland Community Bike Swap
03/10/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation 4th July Run Logo Contest
02/27/2014Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter
02/21/2014Lithia Park to be Featured in Sunset Magazine
02/20/2014Bear Sighting in Lithia Park
02/14/2014Design the Logo for the Annual 4th of July Run
02/14/2014Valentine's Day at the Ice Rink
02/07/2014Ashland Parks and Recreation LCB Approved Courses for Continuing Education Hours
02/06/2014New Restroom in Lithia Park
02/01/2014LIKE Ashland Parks and Recreation on Facebook
02/01/2014Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
01/17/2014Ashland Parks and Rec 4th July Run Logo Challenge
12/30/2013Happy New Year - The January Ashland Senior Newsletter is Online
12/16/2013Logo Design Contest for 4th July Run 2014
12/13/2013Santa Calls
12/11/2013North Mountain Park Nature Center Newsletter
12/04/2013Ashland Parks and Recreation WinterSpring Guide
12/04/2013Ashland Parks & Recreation PUBLIC NOTICE
11/27/2013Get Your Ashland Senior Center December News
11/21/2013Oh My! The Holidays Must be Here
11/21/2013Approval of Special Procurement for the Calle Guanajuato Project
10/29/2013November Senior Newsletter
10/23/2013Lithia Park Dedications
10/18/2013Lithia Park in the Fall
10/11/2013Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony in Lithia Park
10/08/2013Ashland Green and Solar Tour
10/01/2013Government Shutdown will not Stop Salmon Festival
09/27/2013October Senior Center News
09/06/2013Ashland Skate Park Improvements
09/05/2013Bear Creek Salmon Festival
08/28/2013September Senior Center Newsletter
08/27/2013Parks Commission Approves Additional Dog-Friendly Areas in Ashland
08/21/2013North Mountain Park Nature Center Newsletter
08/14/2013Register for a Parks & Rec Program this Fall
08/13/2013Ashland Recreation Fair
08/12/2013Ashland Parks Foundation Raises Nearly $16,000 for Butler-Perozzi Fountain Repairs
08/01/2013Daniel Meyer Pool Closed Due to Smoke
08/01/2013Ashland Senior Center August News
07/31/2013City Band Concert Canceled
07/31/2013Daniel Meyer Pool Closed Due to Smoke
07/08/2013Lithia Park in the Summer
06/28/201337th Annual 4th July Run
06/26/2013Ashland Senior Center July News
06/10/2013Swim and Run with Ashland Parks & Recreation
06/06/2013Approval of Special Procurement for Historic Bridge Repair
06/05/2013Summer Parks & Rec Programs for Kids
05/31/2013Ashland Senior News - June 2013
05/30/201337th Annual 4th of July Run
05/23/2013New Pool Shade at Daniel Meyer Pool
05/21/2013Dog Friendly Areas in Ashland
05/20/2013Notice to Contractors / Invitation to Bid (Ashland Parks & Recreation / Enders Memorial Shelter)
05/20/2013Thank You Garden Volunteers!
05/17/2013Aquatics - Ashland Parks & Rec Style
05/14/2013Public Notice: Approval of Special Procurement for Parks & Recreation
05/08/2013Ashland Parks & Recreation Programs this Weekend
05/07/2013Register for a Summer Ashland Parks & Rec Program
04/22/2013Ashland Senior Center May News!
03/22/2013Ashland Senior Center April News!
03/06/2013Parking Lot in Lithia Park Reopened
02/27/2013Ashland Senior Center March News!
01/31/2013Ashland Senior Center February News!
01/07/20131st Annual Lithia Park Hockey Tournament
01/04/2013Hockey at the Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink
01/04/2013Parks Commission Study Session on Fees & Charges
01/03/2013Ashland Senior Center January News!
12/14/2012Ashland Recreation Fair This Weekend
12/11/2012Register for a Parks & Rec Winter/Spring Program
12/06/2012Ashland Recreation Fair
12/06/2012North Mountain Park Winter/Spring 2013 Newsletter
11/29/2012Ashland Senior Center December News!
11/08/2012Invitation to Bid - Hunter Park Sidewalk Replacement
10/30/2012Ashland Senior Center November News!
10/26/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Volunteer Appreciation Dinner
10/24/2012Parking Lot Closure
10/19/2012Lithia Park in the Fall
10/05/2012Dogs in Ashland Parks: One-Year Review
10/04/2012Weekend Activities with Ashland Parks & Recreation…
09/26/2012Notice to Contractors / Invitation to Bid
09/26/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Digital Guide
09/26/2012Reconstruction and Renewal Projects in Ashland Parks System
09/25/2012Ashland Senior Center October News!
09/17/2012Reconstruction Projects are underway at the Oak Knoll Golf Course
09/14/2012Health Alert for Ashland Creek Water
09/13/2012Oregon Recreation & Park Association Tours North Mountain Park
08/31/2012Register for a Parks & Rec Program - Don't forget Registration Open House!
08/31/2012Bear Creek Watershed Exploration Month
08/30/2012Environmental Impact Award to the North Mountain Park Nature Center
08/27/2012Online Registration for Ashland Parks & Recreation Fall Programs Begins... Registration Open House Scheduled for September 5
08/27/2012North Mountain Park Nature Center Fall Newsletter
08/24/2012Ashland Senior Center September News!
08/17/2012Registration Open House
08/10/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Online Fall Guide
08/01/2012Thank You Ashland Parks Youth Conservation Corps!
07/31/2012Ashland Senior Center August News!
07/26/2012Free Nature Walks in Lithia Park
07/09/2012Two Trees Fall in Lithia Park
06/29/201236th Annual 4th of July of Run
06/29/2012Ashland Senior Center July News!
06/20/2012North Mountain Park to Host Dedication of Native American Signs
06/19/2012Summer in Lithia Park
06/12/2012Swim Lesson Registration is Underway
06/01/2012Status of Parks Commission FY 11-12 Goals
05/31/2012Bluebird Park Stairs Open for Use
05/29/2012Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter
05/18/2012Ashland Parks & Recreation Adapted Programs
05/16/2012Geocaching at North Mountain Park
05/15/2012Ashland Parks Youth Conservation Corps
05/04/2012Rogue Valley Bird Day Celebration
05/03/2012Local Photographer Jeffrey McFarland
03/12/2012Dogs in Ashland Parks
02/27/2012Ashland Senior Center March Newsletter Now Online
01/30/2012New Lights at Hunter Park Tennis Courts
01/18/2012Approval of Special Procurement for Installation of Lithia Park Playground Equipment
01/17/2012North Mountain Park Annual Report
01/10/2012Lithia Park Work Party
12/15/2011Registration for Parks & Rec Winter/Spring Programs Begins!
11/30/2011Dog Friendly Parks in Ashland
11/21/2011Volunteer Opportunities with Ashland Parks & Recreation
10/26/2011Dogs in Parks
10/24/2011Bear Creek Watershed Work Party
10/05/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park
09/17/2011Southern Oregon Ultimate Players Volunteer for Parks!
09/08/2011Dogs Approved for Designated Neighborhood Parks
08/28/2011Online Registration for Parks & Rec programs begins August 30!
06/23/2011Two Confirmed Cougar Sightings in Ashland Parks
06/08/2011Public Input Requested: Dogs on Park Land
06/01/2011Class Cancellations for Ashand Parks & Recreation
06/01/2011Community Gardens in Ashland
05/31/2011Ashland's Parks
05/27/2011Ashland Senior Center June Newsletter Now Online
05/23/2011Discovery Kits at North Mountain Park
05/20/2011Confirmed Cougar Sighting in Lithia Park
05/19/2011'Sprucing' up in Lithia Park (Video)
05/19/2011Waterplay at Garfield Park
05/18/2011Lower Duck Pond in Lithia Park (Video)
05/17/2011Ashland Creek in Lithia Park (Video)
05/16/2011Register for a Parks & Rec Program Today!
05/13/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Events this Weekend
05/12/2011Lithia Park in Bloom
05/10/2011Get Out and Get Fit!
05/09/2011Scholarships Available for Ashland Parks & Recreation Programs
05/06/2011Mark Your Calendars for the Annual Rogue Valley Bird Day Event
05/06/2011Registration for Parks & Rec Summer Programs Begins Today!
05/05/2011Have You Registered for the 2011 4th of July Run?
05/04/2011Upcoming Volunteer Work Parties
05/03/2011Lithia Park Volunteer Host Program
04/28/2011Ashland Senior Center May Newsletter Now Online
04/28/2011Rogue Valley Bird Day - Bird-Calling Contest
04/27/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Summer Programs for Kids
04/26/2011Thank You John Muir School Volunteers!
04/25/2011Lithia Park Nature Walks Beginning Soon!
04/22/2011Get Out and Golf this Weekend at Oak Knoll!
04/21/2011North Mountain Park Nature Center Summer Newsletter
04/21/20112011 Pool Schedule is out!
04/20/2011Glenwood Volunteer Work Party at the End of the Month
04/20/2011Rogue Valley Earth Day this Weekend!
04/19/201121st Annual Bike Swap Pics
04/18/2011Thank You Bike Swap Participants!
04/15/2011Ashland Parks & Rec Events this Weekend
04/15/2011Swim Lesson Registration
04/14/2011Summer Ashland Parks & Recreation Guide Online
04/13/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park
04/12/2011Ashland Bike Swap - 21st Annual
04/11/2011Oak Knoll Golf Course
04/07/2011Volunteer Opportunities
04/05/2011Registration for the 35th Annual 4th of July Run is now Open!
04/04/2011Are you interested in working at the Daniel Meyer Pool this summer?
04/01/20114th of July Run - Online Registration Opens April 5
04/01/2011New Office Hours for Ashland Parks & Recreation
03/31/2011Registration for School Field Programs at North Mountain Park is Winding Down
03/30/2011AARP 55 Alive - Driving Refresher Course
03/29/2011Ashland Senior Center Newsletter
03/28/2011Lithia Park Volunteer Work Party
03/25/2011Get out and Hike in Lithia Park!
03/24/2011Creating Backyard Wildlife Habitat
03/22/2011Temporary Employment at Daniel Meyer Pool in Ashland
03/21/2011Rogue Valley Earth Day - 10th Annual
03/18/2011Lithia Park Work Party
03/18/2011Leave Your Mark at North Mountain Park
03/17/2011Playgrounds within the City of Ashland
03/16/2011Park & Facility Rentals
03/15/2011Gift Certificates for Parks & Rec Programs
03/11/2011Volunteer Work Party at Scenic Park this Saturday
03/11/2011Attention Green Thumbs
03/09/2011Fall Instructors for Ashland Parks & Recreation
03/09/2011Monthly Specials at Oak Knoll Golf Course
03/08/2011Scenic Park Volunteer Work Party this Saturday
03/07/2011Thank You Ashland Parks & Rec VIPs!
03/07/2011Bridge, Hearts & Spades for Older Adults - 50 & Better!
03/04/2011Ashland Parks & Rec Volunteer Work Party on the Calle
03/04/2011School Programs at North Mountain Park
03/03/2011Upcoming Ashland Parks & Rec Programs
03/02/2011Register for an Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
03/01/2011Volunteer Work Party on the Calle
03/01/2011Pesticide Free Parks in Ashland
02/28/2011Mike Uhtoff Trail
02/25/2011Dog Friendly Parks in Ashland
02/25/2011Ashland's Lithia Park
02/24/2011Volunteer Work Parties
02/24/2011Snowy Lithia Park
02/01/2011AARP Tax-Aide
01/12/2011Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission Takes Action
12/22/2010Thank You Ashland Parks & Recreation Volunteers!
12/01/2010Register for an Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
11/03/2010Parking Lot Closure
09/22/2010Bear Creek Festival at North Mountain Park
09/10/2010Ashland Parks & Recreation to Host Dogs in Parks Forum
08/30/2010Register for a Fall Ashland Parks & Recreation Program
08/27/2010Oak Knoll Fire Benefit
08/10/2010Swimming Reservoir in Lithia Park
07/08/201034th Annual 4th of July Run
04/08/2010Ashland Parks Foundation Accepting Grant Application Requests
02/26/2010Lifeguard Certification Class
05/27/2009Meet the Mayor
12/09/2008100 Year Celebration of the Ashland Parks System
10/15/2008Request for Proposals
09/09/2008When the Diagnosis is Alzheimer's Disease - Putting a Plan into Place
01/28/2008Parks & Recreation Commission Meeting Rescheduled
05/26/2006Bear Sighting in Lithia Park
04/04/2006Oak Knoll Golf Course Survey
10/05/2005Park Planning Meeting
07/22/2005Health Alert for Water in Lithia Park Reservoir and Ashland Creek
06/08/2005Ashland Parks Foundation Announces 2005 Grant Recipient

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