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Gardiner for Ashland's Japanese Garden
Release Date:
Due Date:
Due Time:
02:00:00 PM
Release date:              January 13, 2023
Requested by:             Michael Black, APRC Director
                                    Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission (APRC)
                                    340 South Pioneer Street Ashland OR, 97520
                                    Phone: 541.552.2251
Bids are due BY: Tuesday January 31, 2023; 2:00 pm
Project name: Gardiner for Ashland’s Japanese Garden
Pre-bid meeting: No pre-bid meeting will be held. If you would like to set up an on-site meeting, please email prior to Wednesday January 25, 2023
Firm bids may be emailed, mailed or hand delivered to the contact information provided above. Contractors shall submit their bids on company letterhead by email. Late bids will not be accepted. Terms or discounts which are conditioned upon payment within a certain time will not be considered for purposes of comparison of bids.
The successful contractor will be required to enter a contract with the City for goods and services and provide certificates of insurance in their own name for General Liability ($2M), Automobile ($200K) and Workers’ Compensation. Subcontracting will not be permitted. Proof of insurance is required at time of bid submittal.
“OR EQUAL:” Any brand name listed in the specifications as “or equal” or “or equivalent” shall establish the minimum requirements for quality, utility, durability, function, purpose, etc. Other product brands may be offered that are equal to or better than the product brand name. Bidder may show cost difference, alternates and options in the space provided in the quote. This clause is not meant to be restrictive, but to set the minimum standard. The City shall determine, in its sole discretion, whether a product offered is “equal.” When the designation is “or equal” or “equivalent” the City shall make its decision after bid closing.
Gardiner for Ashland’s Japanese Garden
Scope: The contractor shall provide specialty gardener services for the maintenance of Ashland’s Japanese Garden located in Lithia Park
Primary Duties
  • Provide primary care, daily maintenance, repairs, and improvements of the garden and its trees, and other living material using appropriate Japanese gardening practices and principles
  • Report weekly to the director of Ashland Parks and Recreation
  •  Maintain garden tools and equipment, including cleaning, sharpening, and light repair
  •  Maintain a high level of professionalism in manner and appearance
  • Take direction and work effectively in a team environment
  •  Adhere to Garden Dress Code
Minimum Requirements
  • Completion of high school or equivalent education
  • Completion of a horticulture training program or equivalent experience in landscape maintenance.
  • Specialized training with demonstrated experience in maintaining Japanese Garden landscaping, and/or experience with all forms of maintenance specific to the varieties of plants/trees present in the Ashland Japanese Garden
  • Demonstrated experience managing large gardens, including water features, lighting systems and security systems
  •  Current driver’s license
  • Ability to perform intense physical labor in all weather conditions
  • Must be capable of using power tools such as leaf blowers, mowers, and chain saws
  • Ability to repeatedly lift up to 50lbs and maneuver heavy items
BILLING: The vendor should have the ability to itemize invoices that are reflective of the original bid.
DEADLINE TO APPLY:  Tuesday January 31, 2023; 2:00 pm
Please provide an official bid on your company letterhead and send by email to Include in your bid your costs for the specs provided above. Also include the total cost for materials and labor to complete the project. In addition, please provide:
  1. Proof of insurance: General Liability in the amount of $2M (listing the City of Ashland as additional insured); Auto, minimum of $200K; and Workers’ Compensation if contractor has assistants (no exceptions). All insurances submitted with official bid.
  2. Proof of valid business license.
  3. W-9.
Questions/Requests for additional information: If you have any questions and/or need additional information, contact Michael Black at or 541-552.2251 who is the sole point of contact for this project.
Thank you,
 Michael Black, Director
Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission (APRC)
All Pricing Must Be Held Firm for 30 Days
Method of Award: ORS 279B.070 Intermediate Procurements. (4) If a contract is awarded, the contracting agency shall award the contract to the offeror whose quote or proposal will best serve the interests of the contracting agency, taking into account price as well as considerations including, but not limited to, experience, expertise, product functionality, suitability for a particular purpose and contractor responsibility under ORS 279B.110.

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