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About My Home's Wildfire Risk

Learn about your Home's Wildfire Risk

If you live in Ashland, you live in a Wildfire Hazard Zone, the area where wildfire has been identified as a significant risk to the community. 

To help you understand your wildfire risk, in 2018, Ashland Fire & Rescue conducted a curbside Wildfire Risk Assessment of every home in Ashland and calculated your home's risk from wildfire based upon the following factors:

  • Background Risk, influenced by the surrounding landscape outside of your control
  • Fire Resistant Construction of your home
  • Defensible Space provided by managing the vegetation and landscaping within 100 feet of your property
  • Access for you and first responders to enter and exit your property
In July of 2020, we mailed every homeowner in Ashland a postcard with an access code to view your property's wildfire risk score, and to provide information on how to reduce your wildfire risk. If you own a home in Ashland, you should have received one of the two postcards displayed below. If you are missing your postcard, please email and we will provide the access code for your property. 

postcard1postcard2If you received one of these postcards, visit, enter your code, then view the information about your home's wildfire risk. 
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