About My Home's Wildfire Risk

Learn about your Home's Wildfire Risk

If you live in Ashland, you live in a Wildfire Hazard Zone, the area where wildfire has been identified as a significant risk to the community. 

To help you understand your wildfire risk, in 2018, Ashland Fire & Rescue conducted a curbside Wildfire Risk Assessment of every home in Ashland and calculated your home's risk from wildfire based upon the following factors:

  • Background Risk, influenced by the surrounding landscape outside of your control
  • Fire Resistant Construction of your home
  • Defensible Space provided by managing the vegetation and landscaping within 100 feet of your property
  • Access for you and first responders to enter and exit your property
In July of 2020, we mailed every homeowner in Ashland a postcard with an access code to view your property's wildfire risk score, and to provide information on how to reduce your wildfire risk. If you own a home in Ashland, you should have received one of the two postcards displayed below. If you are missing your postcard, please email wildfire@ashland.or.us and we will provide the access code for your property. 

postcard1postcard2If you received one of these postcards, visit fireadaptedashland.org/myhome, enter your code, then view the information about your home's wildfire risk. 
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