Governor Brown is requiring masks to be worn in public indoor and outdoor settings statewide to help stop the spread of the Delta variant. The Governor is also encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. Find out how to get vaccinated locally at Jackson County Health and Human Services website

Be Smokewise!

Be Smokewise!

Prepare for smoke

Smoke intrusions in recent years from wildfires all over the region have taught us that we must be ready for smoke, regardless of where or when the fire strikes.

Complete the checklist below to prepare for smoke intrusions,
or download the checklist here
Be Smokewise!
O Visit to see Ashland’s latest air quality conditions and learn options to protect your health during times of smoke. 
O Purchase the right filters for your air filtration system. During times of smoke, use HEPA or MERV 13 filters at the furnace in the return air filter box. Purchase spare filters, as you may need to change them during a smoke event.
O Consider purchasing a residential air purifier unit, especially if you have health sensitivities to smoke. These are available at local hardware stores and online. 
O Watch the video on to see the correct way to put on a mask. Wear an N95 or N100 as available to protect from particulates produced by smoke. 
O Install weather stripping if you have leaky doors or windows to reduce the amount of smoke that enters your home.
O Window air conditioning units should not be used during a smoke event, as they cannot filter out unhealthy smoky air. Be ready to cover and seal the sides if needed.


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