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Harden Your Home!

Harden Your Home!

This April, harden your home's exterior against embers. 
We must all do this work to protect the community.


The Almeda Fire created the impression that such fires are unstoppable, but if we all pull together as a community we can make our town dramatically safer against an Almeda Fire threat.

It is no longer a question of whether such a fire will ever be upon us, itís when. Up to 90% of fire spread is due to burning embers! Compared to the cost of an Almeda-scale fire, investing to make every Ashland home safe from windblown embers would truly be the deal of the century. 

A typical Ashland street can be an effective fire break if thereís nothing wind-blown embers can ignite on the other side of the road.


Complete the checklist below to harden your home, or download the checklist here: 
Harden you Home!
Complete these 3 high-priority actions first:
1. Clean your roof and gutters of leaves and needles. Canít do this yourself? Ask a neighbor for help or hire someone to complete the task. 
2. Sweep, rake or blow wood decks clear of leaf and needle debris above and below the deck surface, and pull away bark mulch from deck structures.
3. Relocate flammable material (e.g. wood, cardboard,etc..) at least 30-feet from all structures and from under elevated decks*


*if you cannot move a woodpile 30-feet from homes and accessory buildings, place woodpiles inside an enclosed structure, or as far away from all structures as possible and cover with a fire-resistant tarp.

After completing the top 3 actions, complete these tasks:
1. Cover exterior vent openings with 1/8-inch metal mesh to resist embers. This includes vents to the attic, crawlspace or basement*
2.  Enclose patios and decks or screen in with 1/8-inch metal mesh if you cannot clean underneath with a rake or blower. This prevents flammable materials and embers from accumulating. 
3. Replace fence with metal or other non-flammable material anywhere where the fence attaches to the house**


*rolls of 1/8Ē screen is sold at hardware and big box stores, or can be ordered online. Consider buying a roll and sharing it with your neighbors!
**several stores in the Rogue Valley sell non-combustible gates that can replace wooden fence attachments against the home. Many fencing contractors can construct non-combustible alternatives as well.

After completing the tasks listed above, consider completing these actions if you have the budget: 
1. Install metal flashing between wood siding and decks and consider replacing the first 1-2 deck boards closest to the home with fire-resistant products.
2. Install 8-12 inches of wall flashing where wood siding intersects roofing.
3. Keep your roof in good condition. Keep your eye out for warping or missing shingles and repair as needed.

When it comes time to replace:

1. When replacing siding, upgrade to fire resistant materials like stucco, fiber cement, masonry, or plaster.
2. New windows should have metal frames, be tempered double pane, and have metal screens.

► Are you a general contractor or fencing contractor who can complete this type of work? Click here

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