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Be Firewise!

Be Firewise! 

Firewise Your Landscape

The Almeda Fire created the impression that such fires are unstoppable, but if we all pull together as a community we can make our town dramatically safer against an Almeda Fire threat.

This May, Firewise your landscape to withstand embers and flames. We must all do this work to protect the community! 

Complete the checklist below to prepare your landscape,
or download the checklist here: Be Firewise!


Complete these 3 high priority actions first: 
1. Remove all bark mulch from the first 5 feet of your home, decks, and wooden fences. Replace with noncombustible material like rock or compost. 
2. Remove all combustible leaf and needle debris and flammable vegetation from at least the first 5 feet of your home, decks, and wooden fences.
3. Cut back weeds and grass to 4 inches tall before June 15th. This is required by Ashland's Weed Abatement Ordinance

flammable mulch
Mulch is combustible and should not be placed within 5 feet
of the home or next to flammable materials like fences or decks
After completing the top 3 actions above, complete these tasks:
1. Clear dead branches, wood and dense flammable vegetation around your property, starting closest to the home and working your way out.
2. Prune flammable trees a minimum of 8 feet above the ground, or 1/3 of the tree height, whichever is less.
3. Make space between flammable shrubs. Space between shrubs should be 2x the height of the shrub at maturity.
4. Relocate wood piles and other combustible material (e.g. cardboard, lumber) 30 feet from structures, and keep wood piles clear of leaf and needle debris. Consider covering wood piles with a fire resistant tarp.

After completing these tasks listed above, consider completing these actions if you have the budget:
1. Prune branches of flammable trees 10 feet from the roof, decks, and chimney.
2. If spacing allows, replace flammable vegetation with fire-resistant alternatives. View replacement recommendations at


► Are you a landscaper, nursery or arborist who can help residents do this work? Click here

► Looking for a landscaper, nursery or arborist who can help you do this work? Click here

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