30 - 100 feet

The Extended Zone
30 - 100 feet (and beyond)

Thin understory brush, especially under the canopy of any trees. If there are no trees, thin around the largest species of brush and prune away lower limbs and dead wood.
Dispose of heavy accumulations of ground litter and debris. 
Prune lower limbs on all trees as suggested in the section above.
Highly combustible trees and shrubbery should be spaced to prevent interlocking canopies at maturity. Consult with an arborist or forester if you are unsure which species are best for your property. All dead vegetation should be removed.
Remove vegetation adjacent to storage sheds or other outbuildings within this area.
Remove small conifers growing between mature trees.
Islands of more dense trees or brush can be left if isolated from surrounding vegetation.
Thin brush and limb trees within 30 feet of your driveway on each side, especially if it is more than 100 feet long. Increase the distance on the downhill side if the driveway crosses a slope.
Establish and maintain at least 13.5 feet of clearance above the road surface for fire vehicles to pass under tree 

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