Be Ready to Evacuate!

Be Ready! 

Prepare to evacuate or shelter in place

The Almeda Fire reminds us of the imperative that we must 'be ready' to evacuate, throughout wildfire season, before a fire strikes. Ashland uses the Be Ready, Be Set, Go! structure for evacuation.

Wildfire evacuations have 3 levels:

Complete the checklist below to prepare for evacuation,
or download the checklist here: Be Ready to Evacuate!

Complete these 4 high priority tasks to prepare to evacuate: 
1. Know Your Alerts - Sign up for Nixle – Ashland’s community alert system. Sign up by texting “97520” to 888777 on your cell phone  go to to sign up online.
2. Know your evacuation route - identify at least two routes to exit Ashland from your property. Identify routes that exit both north and south out of town. Practice those evacuation routes. 
3. Get Ready - Make personal evacuation kits for each family member, stored in your vehicle, and small enough to carry on foot if necessary. 
4.  Stay Together - It's vital to only take one (1) vehicle in an evacuation to minimize gridlock. Keep the gas tank in this vehicle full. 

*what should you include in your evacuation kit? The must-haves include: important personal records, medications,  min. 1 gallon of water (per person), 2-day supply of nonperishable food (per person), warm clothing, working flashlight, cell phone with charger/battery pack, spare batteries, and a first aid kit. 

After completing the top 4 actions listed on the front, complete these tasks: 
O Make sure you have adequate insurance to cover full replacement value if your property is lost. 
O Regularly inventory your belongings and upload critical documents and photos to a secure location (online or on a thumb drive stored in your evacuation kit).


While it is not likely that you will have to seek shelter for a long period of time, having a two-week kit will ensure that you are prepared to survive at home or in a shelter, without power, emergency services, or outside.

Your two-week kit should include a minimum of the following: 
O 2 week supply of nonperishable food 
O Water (1 gal per person per day)
O First aid kit
O Prescriptions and medical devices
O Sleeping bag/blanket for everyone
O Hand Sanitizer or sanitizing wipes
O Change of clothes
O Matches, lighter or other fire starter.
O Dust masks (e.g. N-95)
O Flashlight and spare batteries
O Battery-powered or hand-crank radio
O Camp stove
O Pet food for any pets
O Cell phone with charger, extra battery, or battery back-up


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