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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, April 15, 2021

CALL TO ORDER:  6:00pm
Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson, Derrick Claypool-Barnes
Commissioners Not Present- None
Council Liaison Present: Paula Hyatt
Staff Present: Scott Fleury
Guests Present: Gary Shaff
ANNOUNCEMENTS – Bruce Borgerson announces that he will be resigning from the Commission as of June 30th.
Borgerson also announces an invitation to join Drive on Sunlight event, at Science Work Monday April 19th at 9:00am.
Approval of Minutes 03.18.21
Danner motions to approve minutes as amended, Brouillard seconds.
All ayes, motion carries.
PUBLIC FORUM -Commission discusses vehicle idling in the City of Ashland. Peterson-Adams suggests adding the topic to future agenda items to discuss/improve the current Ashland idling ordinance. 
ACCIDENT REPORT: Officer MacLennan presents reports as contained in agenda packet. Brouillard asks what a citizen should do if they observe potentially impaired or dangerous driving. MacLennan states that law enforcement would like, if possible, for the observing citizen to follow the driver and call it in to police, it is an emergency situation so dialing 911 would be appropriate.
Old Business-
  1. Twenty is Plenty Program: Peterson Adams presents her support for the Twenty is Plenty Program as part of bringing additional traffic safety and education to Ashland, she then asks Commissioners for constructive ideas on the topic. Fleury gives staff report on the subject. He relays that the project end game would be for City Council to approve an ordinance per ORS requirements, that allows the reduction of the statutory speed limit in residential areas from 25mph to 20mph. Commission discusses possible ways that they could garner citizen support for the project. Shaff speaks regarding Eugene’s strategy (contained in agenda packet) and emphasizes that the safety aspect is a good starting point for the project. Vièville suggests a raffle for signatures in support of the Twenty is Plenty Program. Borgerson suggests the tagline of “Just Try it”, he explains that he’s been doing so recently, and on many streets 20mph felt appropriate. Commission discusses safety impacts, potential future expansions of the project, and how to market to citizens. Hyatt mentions a few local organizations she suggests Commission to contact to get them on board with the program. Brouillard makes suggestions for public education to increase acceptance. Commission discusses whether they should make Twenty is Plenty a primary focus, or to have it as a part of Vision Zero. Twenty is Plenty is discussed in conjunction with the TSP and Vision Zero.
Brouillard motions that the Vision Zero process is the way to start the Twenty is Plenty program.  Danner Seconds.
All ayes, Motion Carries.
                The current work group and Peterson-Adams will move forward in developing information and outreach materials regarding Twenty is Plenty Program and will continue to keep the Commission informed.
  1. Evacuation Time Estimate Draft Report: Fleury goes over the Evacuation Time Estimate document as contained in the agenda packet. Brouillard asks for additional data to be added, he mentions a few large schools that are not taken into consideration, including Willow Wind and Siskiyou School. Peterson Adams observes that she believes there would be a need for additional busses. Commission discusses various aspects of the Draft Report study. Fleury relays that live up-to-date information could be integrated virtually for people with navigation applications in support of evacuation activities. Vièville suggests a way for people with access issues to be able to contact emergency services for evacuation. Danner suggests that it may be a part of the Ready Set Go education and outreach program. Fleury states he has made a note and will make sure it’s discussed and considered as processes progress.  
  1. Discuss current action item list
  1. Bike Map Development- No Discussion
  1. Normal Avenue Traffic Calming Application- No Discussion
  1. TSP Update
  2. Residential Parking Program
  3. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (budget process)
  4. Crosswalk Policy
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss Permit Technician-Engineering and Public Works
**Full Video Available by Request**

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