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Airport Commission Regular Meeting

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Ashland Airport Commission
ecember 1st 2020

CALL TO ORDER    @9:00am
Roll Call: Meeting Recorded
Members Present: Patricia Herdklotz, Bernard Spera, Andrew Vandenberg, Jeff Dahle, David Wolske, Daniel Palomino
FBO Present: Bob Skinner
Members Absent: George Schoen
Council Member Present: Rich Rosenthal
Staff Present: Chance Metcalf, Kaylea Kathol, Shannon Burruss
Guests: Pete Riedl
  1. Information Items-
  1. Commissioners: Wolske would like to add Emergency Preparedness to the Action Item List for further review. None oppose the recommendation.
  2. Public Forum: None
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES- 11.3.2020
                Spera moves to approve minutes, Herdklotz seconds
All ayes, motion carries.
  1. Old Business
  2. Ashland Fiber Project- Metcalf reports that there will be a preconstruction meeting regarding the project shortly. Metcalf refers to map, located in Agenda, that highlights the new fiber location. Metcalf also informs that due to this project, the FBO will be able to have access to the fiber network for the same costs as other Ashland businesses, as well as Wifi that will be accessible to citizens who visit the airport. Metcalf and Dahle discuss the specifics of the project, that it will be going through airport property. Dahle inquires as to the availability of access for other businesses and tenants of the Airport moving forward. Metcalf explains that there will be future options in addition to the FBO for high speed internet.
  3. Private Hangar Construction Projects- Metcalf brings information requested by the Commission regarding the proposed private hangar in a designated commercial space. Metcalf informs that the Airport Master Plan does not designate that particular location as commercial, but that it has historically been the feeling of the Commission that they would like it to be a commercial location. Pete Riedl speaks to Commission regarding the hangar project, he relays his specific needs, including Helicopter considerations to the Commission. He throws out the suggestion that perhaps some tiedowns can be removed to allow for safer helicopter use. Skinner details history of Airport in relation to helicopters. Commission goes over proposed locations. Metcalf and Dahle ask Commission if there are any questions or concerns with the current proposal. Commission, Skinner and Riedl discuss tie-downs and options to facilitate the usage of the second location option, north of the taxiway, which is the preference. Commission and Skinner are in agreeance that the location is suitable, and that Commission approves moving forward.
  4. Action Item List-
a. Airport Entrance Landscaping- Kathol informs that the landscape architect is now on contract and that contact will be made for a kickoff meeting shortly, she will have more to report next Commission.
b. Commission Member Vacancies- Two vacancies exist currently. Jerry Campbell has his application in and is pending confirmation.
c. Airport Maintenance Plan- Kathol has put together a list of what the Airport would like to have done, the list is still in Administration and staff is awaiting input from the Parks department.
d. Flight Path Trees- Kathol, Skinner, and Metcalf met with a surveyor who has since put together a proposal, the proposal has been submitted in order to get him on contract to mark out the areas and their height limits so that a plan can then be produced. Metcalf states that the project would likely begin early in the Fall of 2021, the goal being to get a more permanent plan for the maintenance of the trees around the Airport.
  1. New Business
  2. Airport Hangar Roof-Community Solar- Metcalf informs Commission of an inquiry for the utilization of Airport roofs for solar use, presented for informational purposes. An official presentation with further information will be forthcoming. Wolske asks about the usage of the power, Metcalf states it could provide power to the Airport with no charge. Further details will be determined.
  3. Airport Good Neighbor Items- Skinner states there has been very little to report. Activity is still reduced. Wolske asks about the Sommers communication, Skinner states that nothing has gone further.
  1. FBO Reports- Attached.
  2. Announcements-  None.
NEXT MEETING DATE:  01/05/2021
   ADJOURNMENT:    10:30am
Respectfully submitted,
Shannon Burruss
Public Works Administration  
(Full Meeting Video Available by Request)

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