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Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (View All)

Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Meeting Video
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Held Electronically via Zoom
1. Call to Order (item starts at the beginning of the video)
The meeting was called to order by Chair Rebecca Walker at 3:04 p.m. Commissioners Risa Buck, Larry Cooper, Marni Koopman, James McGinnis, Bryan Sohl, Council Liaison Stef Seffinger, and staff members Bridgette Bottinelli and Stu Green were present. Commissioner Jamie Rosenthal was absent. 
2. Consent Agenda (0:08)
2.1. August 26, 2020 Meeting Minutes
Buck/Cooper moved to approve the minutes from August meeting. Further discussion: none. All ayes. Motion passed unanimously.
3. Announcements (1:30)
3.1. Next Regular Meeting
3.2. Other Announcements from Commissioners
McGinnis asked about combining the November and December meeting since both are regularly scheduled close to the holidays. Buck and Sohl wanted to meet in both November and December. Koopman/McGinnis moved to reschedule the November and December meeting dates to a week earlier. Further discussion: none. All ayes. Motion passed unanimously
3.3. Reports from Members of Other Commissions
4. Public Forum
No public forum was submitted for this meeting. 
5. Reports/Presentations 
5.1. Water Conservation Presentation by Julie Smitherman (5:44)
Julie Smitherman, Water Conservation Analyst, gave a presentation on Ashland’s Water Supply (see attached). Discussion included:
• The reduction in million of gallons per day (MGD) of water usage from curtailment efforts. Smitherman explained that at first the reduction was not large due to concerns of fire risk and Talent Irrigation District (TID) water shut off on September 4 causing City water to be used for irrigation.  
• Daily updates and other creative outreach on the curtailment to help others know when curtailment is in effect.
• Talent Ashland Phoenix Intertie (TAP) cost and limitations with pump station and Granite Reservoir. 
• The focus on more outdoor water conservation to meet the new goal. 
• The Commission could help with setting up graywater and rainwater catchment workshops for the community. 
• The presentation given at this meeting being turned into an informational video on the website.  
Cooper had prepared notes on a tour he took of the Water Treatment Plant. He explained that issues he saw with Ashland’s water sources was that TAP had no back-up power source, TAP could be utilized more even though there is a cost, and staff safety at the Water Treatment Plant would be the main issue to address if the current Water Treatment Plant was retrofitted and not rebuilt.
5.2. Council Update (57:28)
Seffinger updated the Commission about the changes that will come with the election and other transitions within the City.
5.3. Staff Update (1:06:14)
Green introduced Bottinelli who is a Resource Assistance for Rural Environments (RARE) intern and will help with outreach on the Climate and Energy Action Plan. One of the outreach tasks includes helping transition to a new website that will highlight CEAP progress. 
Green would like help with outreach from CCOC about City climate policies and programs. This could include the new electric bike and electric vehicle incentives that will be available soon.
6. Old Business (1:10:22)
6.1. Decision: Commission Monthly Column in Sneak Preview
Buck stated that she previously reached out to Rosenthal to have the Conservation Tips article be changed to look less like an advertisement. Buck will reach out to Rosenthal again and request an updated article be presented at the November meeting. Sohl/Buck moved that the next article is the update on Rogue To Go. Further discussion: none. All ayes. Motion passed unanimously
6.2. Plan three additional articles for approval at next meeting
The Commissioners discussed potential future articles on the following:
• Electric bike and vehicle incentive programs – Koopman volunteered to write article that would be published in February. 
• Water conservation – Smitherman would be asked to write this article for publication in March about the information presented at this meeting. Sohl and Cooper volunteered to write a follow-up water conservation article in late Spring or Summer.
• COVID-19 sustainability – Walker volunteered to write an article based on one she did for Southern Oregon University for the April edition. 
• Joint commission article with the Climate Policy Commission (CPC) - McGinnis suggested the article and the consensus was that he find a co-sponsor from CPC before scheduling a date for the article. 
• Lessons learned from the fire – Sohl suggested this article based on the Almeda Fire and volunteered to reach out to Brian Hendrix, Weed Abatement Coordinator, to help with writing. 
Walker requested that the Commission discusses different channels for the articles and other outreach at the next meeting. 
6.3. Decision: CEAP Review and Project List (1:28:05)
Walker received six projects from the group: 
• Single use items – Buck and Walker were both interested in this project. 
• Biking and cycling infrastructure – Sohl was interested in this project. 
• Climate change resilience – Koopman, Sohl, and McGinnis were interested in this project. Koopman will send Walker an updated description for this project before the next meeting.
• Raising awareness for the Climate and Energy Action Plan (CEAP) in the community and other Commissions
• Water Conservation – Buck, Cooper, and Walker were interested in this project. 
• Pre- and post-consumer compost services – Buck was interested and also volunteered Rosenthal to work on this project. 
McGinnis was also interested in becoming a liaison between the CCOC and CPC. Green explained the new procedure for working on tasks in between meetings and suggested one person become a project lead for each project. This item will be added to the next meeting for further discussion. Green recommended everyone think of goals they would like to accomplish on the projects in the next six months along with expanding the project details. 
Walker requested to add the 20’s Plenty initiative to the next meeting for discussion in joining and CCOC’s role. 
7. New Business (1:52:21)
7.1. Discussion: Bag Ban Ordinance Update
Green stated that the bag ban is not currently being enforced due to COVID-19. Buck stated that Shop N Kart will still pay a nickel for every reusable bag a customer brings in and uses. 
8. Wrap Up (1:53:35)
8.1. Items to be added to future agendas
• Letter to City Council Regarding Clean Fuel Credits (TBD)
• Annual Report (November, present to Council on December 15)
Green mentioned that he and Bottinelli were working on a new website for CEAP and would share the new website at a future Commission meeting. Chair Walker adjourned the meeting at 5:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth Taylor

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