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Public Arts Commission Regular Meeting

Friday, June 21, 2019

June 21, 2019

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Chair Friend called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. in the Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way.
Commissioners Present:   Staff Present:
Sandra Friend
Thomas Fuhrmark
Jeff Phillips
Allison Renwick
Stanley Smith
Andy Stallman
  Aaron Anderson, Assistant Planner
APRC Liaison:
Joel Heller, absent
Council Liaison:
Stephen Jensen
Absent Members:    
Richard Newman    
Chair Friend added an update on the Velocity sculpture repair following APPROVAL OF MINUTES.
  1. Public Arts Commission regular meeting of May 17, 2018
Commissioner Stallman made the following corrections and clarifications to the minutes:
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project, strike the first bullet “There were now five locations for plaques,”
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project, strike the second bullet “Bids for the concrete work might be under budget.”
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project third bullet change, “Concerns from Haskin’s Garage regarding one of the locations were resolved,” to “Concerns from the business owner at Haskin’s Garage regarding installation dates and the impact on the business were discussed.”
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project bullet 6, “Concerns from the Historic Commission that the plaques did not accurately capture the historic element,” was clarified to read “Concerns from the Historic Commission that the plaques will accurately capture the historic element.”
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project bullet 8 change, “A GIS presentation by staff on walking currently available on the City website,” to “A GIS presentation by staff on Story Map options and the Historic Lithia Park Tour.”
  • Page 2 under Project Update – MAP Project last bullet was changed from “Materials – buff concrete versus standard concrete," to “Discussion of buff concrete versus standard concrete.”
Chair Friend wanted the following deleted on page 2 under PAC Work Plan Update: RFQ and RFP templates – templates,Final templates would not be ready in time for the MAP process.”
Councilor Jenson wanted “Council” removed from the first sentence under Council Liaison Report to read “Councilor Jensen provided a report on the Budget process,” on page 2.
Commissioners Smith/Stallman m/s to approve the minutes of the regular meeting May 17, 2019 as amended.   Voice Vote:  ALL AYES.  Motion passed.
Velocity Repair                                  
Public Works Superintendent Mike Morrison contacted the artist and the cost to replace the ball was $15,400.  The replacement would take 4-6 weeks once they received approval from the City.  Insurance may pay for a portion of it, but there was a $10,000 deductible for the City.  They were hoping to order the replacement ball the following week if a less expensive option could not be purchased elsewhere.  Public Works Department staff removed the flange that held the ball and would send it to the artist to fabricate the replacement. if a less expensive option could not be purchased elsewhere.  During an inspection of the sculpture, they discovered stress cracks on the upper wide piece.  It would require portable welding equipment to fix.  The Commission discussed outsourcing to find a less expensive replacement for the ball with staff.
Mr. Morrison explained there were two conflicting reports on how the sculpture was damaged.  The Commission discussed the damage further and LED lighting.  Chair Friend would reach out to the artist.  They went on to discuss public reaction, the City Council and the City’s view on security cameras and requesting permission to activate the camera by Velocity.  Councilor Jenson would follow up with the city attorney and city administrator regarding a possible security camera policy.
Commissioners Stallman/Renwick m/s to have PAC request the surveillance cameras be turned on as soon as possible.  Voice Vote:  ALL AYES.  Motion passed.
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT                         
Councilor Jensen provided a report on the balanced budget that included the forming of one or two ad hoc committees that will explore revenue enhancements and operational cost cuts.  The City Council passed First Reading of the ordinance on Failure to Provide Name and Date of Birth to a Peace Officer. An annual sundown modification was added to the ordinance.  The Ashland Canal project would come before City Council mid-July or early August.  City staff and Council would tour Briscoe School as a possible option to move City Hall and Community Development. 
  • MAP project update                                                    Andy Stallman
Commissioner Stallman explained Commissioner Shostrom of the Historic Commission and Peter Finkle were enhancing the narratives for the plaques.  The Sub Committee voted three to one to use a short URL cast into the bronze. 
  • PAC Approval to direct commission Masterworks for MAP Project
The Sub Committee was ready for a vote of approval from the Public Arts Commission and the Historic Commission.
Commissioner Stallman/Smith m/s to approve the RFP and direct the commission process under the AMC 2.29.100 for the MAP Project.  Voice Vote:  ALL AYES.  Motion passed.
  • RFQ and RFP templates                                            Sandy Friend
Chair Friend distributed Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Qualification (RFQ) templates.  The Commission would review and make changes to discuss at the next meeting.
The Commission discussed term limits for Commissioners with staff.
  • Lantern Discussion
Mr. Anderson recommended approval of the sculpture to the Parks Commission.  He would contact Mark Gardiner for status. 
Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.
Next meeting – August 16, 2019

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