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Study Session

Monday, July 02, 2018


Monday July 2, 2018
Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street

Mayor Stromberg called the Study Session to order at 5:30 p.m.
Councilor Slattery, Morris, Bachman, Seffinger, and Jensen were present. Rosenthal was absent.
Mayor Stromberg introduced the queen of Guanajuato who will be in the 4th of July Parade. Senora Chela gave a brief background of Queen Jessica.  Queen Jessica introduced herself and her sister. She spoke regarding independence and importance of being a part of the parade.   
  1. Public Input (15 minutes, maximum)
  1. Oregon Liquor Control Commission – Local Liquor License Approval Process
Dan Croy and Kelly Rout from OLCC went over the Liquor License process.
Council discussed:
  • Councils role in approval and denial of a license.
  • Authority of Council and OLCC.
  • Recourse to consistent violators.
  • Refusal of renewing a liquor license.
  • Granting a liquor license with restrictions.
  • Violation of a license criteria.
  • 50 violations reported in a year.
Police Chief O’Meara spoke that the Police Department has a substantial relationship with the OLCC inspector and that along with the Police Department and OLCC they do their best to hold all license holders accountable.   He also explained that the City has a Chronic Nuisance Ordinance that can shut down an establishment for up to 6 months if there are 3 or more violations.  He explained this goes through court.
Mr. Croy explained that when a complaint is filed the report goes to the appropriate office for fact collecting.  He went over the process of denying or granting a liquor license after a complaint was made. 
City Attorney, David Lohman questioned if compliance actions occur before 50 violations in a year.  Mr. Croy answered that action is taken depending on the type of violation.
Slattery spoke regarding persistent issues at Will Dodge Way.  Chief O’Meara gave a brief background regarding Will Dodge Way.  He spoke that the investigator has been doing a great job.  Mr. Croy spoke that he has not heard of any issues at Will Dodge Way.  He explained that OLCC can review certain areas going back a couple years if violations are reported.
Mayor Stromberg spoke that there needs to be a clear understanding of what behaviors are governed by the City and what is governed by OLCC. He spoke to the importance of communication.
  1. Pioneer Hall – Draft RFS Review
Public Works Director, Paula Brown spoke regarding the RFS-Request for Solicitation for   Pioneer Hall.
Items discussed were:
  • Long-term Community use.
  • Option for sale of the property.
  • Option for leasing the property.
  • Option of selling both the Community Center and Pioneer Hall.
  • Zoning requirements.
  • Day use and overnight use of the facilities.
  • The possibility of Parks buying the property.
  • Ideas of how to use the property.
Council decided to go ahead with the RFS and create a small team of Staff and Councilors to look over the RFS proposals and bring back to Council.
  1. Summer Water Supply Update
Water Conservation Specialist, Julie Smitherman and Ms. Brown gave a Summer water supply update.  Ms. Brown spoke that there are 3 water sources in Ashland: Reeder Reservoir and Ashland Creek water, Talent Irrigation District (TID) and the Talent-Ashland-Phoenix (TAP) Intertie from the Medford Water Commission. 
She spoke that this is a relatively short water year and the importance of maximizing the use of all water sources. 
Items discussed were:
  • Irrigation water for irrigation not drinking water.
  • TID water.
  • Water rights.
  • Efficiencies of power and water generation.
  • Water programs.
  • Irrigation evaluations for customers.
  • Citizen outreach.
  • Graywater & Rainwater Catchment Workshops.
  • Rebates for installing a smart irrigation controller.
Jensen questioned where the rebate money would come from.  Ms. Smitherman spoke that it has been approved in the budget for the last two years due to water savings.
  1. City Administrator Updates
Mr. Hanks gave a brief update on the Look Ahead.
Council adjourned to Executive Session at 7:05 PM to conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotiations. pursuant to ORS 190.660(2)(d)
Respectfully submitted by:
City Recorder, Melissa Huhtala
Mayor Stromberg
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the City Administrator's office at (541) 488-6002 (TTY phone number 1-800-735-2900).  Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title I).

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