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Ashland Water Advisory Ad-Hoc Committee Meeting

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

ASHLAND Water Advisory Committee Minutes 
February 27, 2018


Williams called the meeting to order at 4:02 PM
Committee Members Present: Pat Acklin, Alex Amarotico, Joe Graf, Rich Miller, Don Morris, Donna Rhee, John Williams (chair) Lesley Adams, Darrell Boldt
Committee Members Absent: Michael Morris (Council liaison), Kate Jackson
Staff present: Paula Brown, Scott Fleury, Mike Morrison, Steve Walker, Kevin Caldwell, Julie Smitherman, Taina Glick
Staff absent:  Greg Hunter, Jessica Bain        
Consultants: Jeff Ballard P.E. (RH2)
Public: Pieter Smeenk
Smitherman asked for someone on the Committee to be part of the Ashland Canal Advisory Group.
Acklin motioned/Graf Seconded for Rich Miller to be appointed to the Ashland Canal Advisory Group.
Vote: All Ayes.
October 24, 2017
All ayes. Minutes approved by consensus.
Old Business

A. T.I.D. Piping Project Update

Caldwell described the T.I.D. project which will pipe and bury the canal from Starlight to Terrace Street. This project was outlined in the 2012 Water Master Plan and Atkins Engineers was selected for the design of the pipeline. The result of burying the canal is to reduce contaminants like e-coli in the water. There is a projected average water savings of 30 percent. Consultants are is currently surveying the area. Smitherman elaborated on public outreach measures taken and goals of that outreach. A neighborhood meeting will be held March 6, 2018, and a community wide meeting on April 18, 2018.
Brown inquired about timeframe for design. Caldwell explained partial plans with preliminary cost estimates should be available by the end of the summer. The next phase would be easements, and permitting with construction estimated to begin in 2020. Williams asked about why the delay in construction. Brown described challenges that are considered in developing that timeframe including easement issues and constructability.
Williams asked about the trails and Smitherman said the plan is to keep the trails as is. Acklin questioned the easements for maintenance access. Caldwell said that a majority of the canal is on private property with maintenance easements. Some locations also have recreation easements that Parks would like to expand. Caldwell said this project is not addressing the trails component. Williams described TID ditch trail problems the city has encountered in the past.
Pieter Smeenk asked if City would be opening up new services. Brown said that is to be determined. Walker described challenges with local homeowners being able to use the ditch water, including lack of pressure problems. It was questioned if TID will potentially be metered in the future. Walker indicated that it had been considered. Brown said that this Committee will be updated on the status of this project.
B. Water Treatment Plant Evaluation Update
Brown indicated that there is a slight delay in the evaluation. Black and Beech has completed the site evaluation and are assessing risks, flood, seismic, and the condition of the existing equipment. The plan is to have information to show the committee in March. Boldt asked if there was any preliminary data available at this time. Brown indicated that it was too soon. She wants to make sure that we are doing what’s best long term and financially for the community.
Boldt asked if there is a timeframe when this committee may be done. Brown advised discussion of this topic at the next meeting. She discussed successes of the group and described that the group may be able to say they’ve met the goal of the group.
Williams indicated a goal when the committee started was saving money in anticipation of water treatment plant expenses and water rates were increased to achieve that end. Brown indicated that water rates are an issue that will be discussed in the near future. Williams also remembered discussion with Mike Faught about a low interest loan with an amount forgiven upfront and asked for clarification. Brown indicated what Williams remembered is an IFA loan that a portion subject to potential forgiveness based on meeting certain criteria. The money is still available, but the forgiveness portion is no longer available.
New Business
Williams inquired about the updated climate predictions. The 50-year predictions we used hit the worst case scenarios within about 2 years of the original predictions. Ballard described the challenges to correlate the micro climate of Ashland to the National climate models, so we have consistent predictions. Williams suggested working with the Climate Energy Plan (CEAP) and use the same predictions and data sets. Fleury indicated that Adam Hanks had provided the information. Acklin announced that she is on the CEAP Committee.
A. Cross Connection Control Program Presentation - Jeff Ballard P.E. (RH2).
Ballard shared with commissioners a presentation on cross connection control. See attached.
Ballard was explaining premises requiring isolation. Acklin inquired about barrel under a downspout that is only connected to hose with a sprinkler on the end. Walker explained if you can see that it is not connected to buried plumbing then we would require a vacuum breaker on the hose bibs which is required on all hose bibs. The rationale is that there is potential for the connection to be made from irrigation to the non-potable source.
Graf questioned the role of the Committee as it relates to the cross connection program. Ballard explained the intent was to give the Committee a understating of the challenges of implementing the program. Boldt questioned the cost of implementing such a program. Ballard elaborated on a number of variables that affect the costs associated with a potential program and that many factors determine potential costs. The question came up of if we are at higher risk because of old homes, steep slopes, etc. Ballard explained that age of system and uses are indicators of higher risk.
Acklin stated that cross connection control is a water quality issue and believes that the Ashland community is interested in higher water quality. People will be receptive to this program if educated. When looking at enacting this program we will want to prioritize high risk connections first. The Committee would want cost estimates of different scenarios to compare prior to deciding to endorse to City Council.
Williams asked about requirements for new construction and Walker indicated that currently the city does not require isolation if it appears there is the assumption of minimal risk.
Next Committee meeting March 27, 2018 4:00 pm
   ADJOURNMENT:  at 5:29 pm
Respectfully submitted,
Tara Kiewel
Public Works Administrative Assistant


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