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Parks Commission Special Meeting

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

City of Ashland
September 8, 2015

Present:  Commissioners Gardiner, Lewis, Miller, Shaw; Director Black; Superintendents Dials and Dickens; Administrative Supervisor Dyssegard and Assistant Manuel
Absent:  Commissioner Landt; City Council Liaison, Mayor Stromberg

Chair Gardiner called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. at the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) office, 340 S. Pioneer Street.
Black said the special meeting was called to facilitate a request from the local swimming community for a solution to SOU’s recent pool closure. Two APRC goals for BN 15-17 addressed the need for collaborative community partnerships for local or regional needs. One goal was a competition-style swim facility for year-round activities. The Commission had set aside funding in the current Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to contribute to a pool feasibility study.
As an interim solution to the current lack of an available facility, the APRC was contacted by Ashland School District, Phoenix/Talent School District and Rogue Valley Masters (RVM) swimmers, all of whom requested the use of Daniel Meyer Pool during 2015-2016 winter months.
Black presented a tentative budget detailing expenses for pool use from November through February. Retrofitting the bathhouse for winter use was estimated at approximately $20,000. Construction costs were said to include the installation of an HVAC system and ductwork, insulation, framing and drywall as well as management and oversight of the project. APRC could finance the retrofit but all costs would need to be recovered through user fees so no capital expenses were incurred. He suggested recovering costs over a five-year construction amortization period. The estimated monthly equipment rental would be approximately $1,300. Black noted that the source of funds was the Food and Beverage tax and the resulting capital improvement would meet source guidelines.
Utilities were estimated at $4,400 monthly. Accelerated wear and tear of equipment was calculated as well as a fee for programming and management oversight by APRC.         
Black explained the rationale for each line item. Lessees would need to provide their own certified pool operator, janitorial services, lifeguards and insurance. Individual contracts would be drawn up with the Ashland School District, Phoenix/Talent School District and RVM swimmers. Individuals wishing to swim would be permitted to do so under the auspices of one of the three contracted entities.
Black said APRC could provide oversight but would grant authority to the lessees for pool operations. Equipment provided by the school districts or RVM swimmers could be stored at the facility. The first day of use could be set once the construction project concluded, the contracts were in place and approval was granted by the City of Ashland building inspector.
Discussion among Commissioners
Lewis suggested tracking the first year’s actual expenses to see whether cost estimates should be adjusted. He asked about recovery of the funds if agreements were terminated early. Miller asked about damage to the facility outside the regular wear and tear. 
Black said actual costs would need to be recovered and any unusual damage would be the responsibility of the lessee. 
Geri Mattherson, 640 Beach Street, was called forward. 

Ms. Mattherson, speaking as a member of RVM swimmers, thanked APRC for considering a rental contract for use of the Daniel Meyer Pool during winter months.  She asked about the timing of contract negotiations and other details. Black explained the process, stating that it was important to know how many users were involved from each entity so an equitable percentage of the monthly rental fee could be assigned to each group. Further discussion focused on the blocks of time assigned for each entity, the number of hours permitted on any given day and other procedural details.   
Jocelyn Sanford, 2687 Mickelson Way, was called forward.

Ms. Sanford noted that RVM members were affiliated with a nationwide swimming organization. She highlighted her experience with both water polo and competitive swimming and said she was grateful for the support demonstrated by the Commission.
Craig Mather, 1056 Hillview Drive, was called forward.   

Mr. Mather inquired about the ramifications for using the $20,000 for a retrofit, expressing a concern that the use would derail a feasibility study and therefore stall the process of developing a long-term solution for a year-round pool in Ashland. Gardiner explained the purpose of the funds in relation to a collaborative community effort. Black noted that the funds would be repaid within five years based on the amortization schedule. Lewis stated that since a new budget was developed every two years, the funding could conceivably be budgeted for the next biennium (2017-2019). 
Mather advocated a sense of urgency for a long-term solution such as an aquatics center. Lewis recommended that the RVM remain involved in the process. In response to a question by Mathers, Black indicated that the maximum amount of hours per day and the number of months permitted for this use would be specified in the contract. Miller explained that the window for Master’s swim meets spanned mid-November to February of each year. 
MOTION: Shaw moved to authorize the APRC director to enter into a contract with the Ashland School District, Phoenix/Talent School District and Rogue Valley Masters to lease the Daniel Meyer Pool during the prescribed term for each year for five years.  Miller seconded. 
The vote was all yes.
MOTION:  Miller moved to set a fee as recommended for a five-year period of time, recommended as no less than $8,000 per month, which is the equivalent of $57.00 per hour of use (assuming 140 hours of use per month between all users). Shaw seconded. Miller agreed to a friendly amendment to strike the phrase “which is the equivalent of $57.00 per hour of use (assuming 140 hours of use per month between all users)” from the motion.
MOTION:   Miller moved to set a fee as recommended for a five-year period of time, recommended as no less than $8,000 per month. Shaw seconded.
The vote was all yes.
MOTION: Miller moved to authorize the allocation of funds from the “Pool Study” project within the APRC CIP in the amount of $20,000, to cover the initial costs in capital required to provide heat and insulation to the bathhouse for winter use. This initial capital cost would be recovered over a period of a five-year contract with the lessees. Lewis seconded.
The vote was all yes.
Gardiner thanked those present for their participation. Black noted that facilitating the project would strengthen the community by providing opportunities for growth. Shaw spoke in appreciation of the collaborative effort. Miller highlighted the work initiated by staff toward considering the proposal and making it work.     
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 2:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,

Betsy Manuel
The Minutes are not a verbatim record. The narrative has been condensed and paraphrased to reflect the discussions and decisions made. Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission Study Sessions, Special Meetings and Regular Meetings are digitally recorded and available upon request.

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