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Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
11:00AM to 1:00PM
Conference Room, Ashland Fire Station #1
455 Siskiyou Blvd
In Attendance: Stephen Gagne, Ron Parker, Hugh Holden, Bruce Moats, Chris Chambers, Vicky Sturtevant, Tim Bewley and Steve Parks. Frank Betlejewski- Forest Lands Commission, John Barton-public guest.
Correction from BruceM- Correct Section 7 item 2- 19k square feet from 10. Add “Envisioned as a 3 year project” to end of paragraph.
Motion to amend and approve StephenG, second from TimB . Passed unanimously.
Wildfire Mitigation Commission (WMC) directed secretary to include acronym list w/minutes moving forward.
Frank B will provide AFR/forest science document, digital if possible.
ChrisC- Oregon State University (OSU) intern, Jessica, will be hosted by Forest Service working in area this summer.
Vicky- Student intern from Brown with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) also will be in area- focus on social science. She may be involved with two county outreach project. May be beneficial to get two working together.
2 summarized Wildland Fire Summit (11-2010) documents were provided by Vicky
  1. Public Survey discussions- Compatible/comparable surveys from outside region
    1. Vicky’s two fire summit docs have some applicability.
    2. StephenG- ADP from ChrisC- Felt it indicated sufficiently engaged/informed public. Should WMC move on with efforts? Major findings are in line with WMC mission.
    3. ChrisC- Possible to adjust efforts and have what we need by end of summer? Invite/utilize Kevin to guide and assist with work?
    4. Vicky-Does WMC want to engage Kevin to help with community outreach, gathering from a diverse array of residents their views on wildfire risk. Kevin engages people who don’t normally get involved.
    5. StephenG- Would a pre-mtg be necessary or could we hire and proceed based on established efforts of Kevin? Question raised of meeting w/Kevin in small group outside of WMC formal meeting.
    6. TimB asked about the budget. ChrisC said there is about $15K available. ChrisC- Kevin’s prior report cost $2-3K, but that was using volunteers, not just staff so this would be a different situation.
    7. TimB- Define scope of work and budget, or scope of work so he can bid?
    8. RonP is inclined to accept using him based on prior work and Vicky/ChrisC experience. Proceed to scope of work, review pre-meeting. Invite Kevin to next meeting and get rolling. Kevin returns 6/17/15. Anytime after that would be good.
    9. ChrisC will have contract/scope of work ready by next meeting. Contract will be also be drafted by Chris and will be available for review of commission.
    10. Vicky- Who will be doing foot work? Two interns are a possibility.
    11. StephenG MOTIONED that the WMC, prior to next meeting, approves drafting a recommended scope of work for a community assessment of attitudes towards wildfire risk and solutions, to be drafted by Vicky/ChrisC, sent to WMC for review prior to next meeting. Subsequent to WMC review of draft, recommendations will be shared with Kevin, Vicky, ChrisC and anyone else who wishes to join, results of second meeting will be circulated prior to next meeting, where final approval will be voted on.​​  TimB seconded and all voted infavor.
    12. TimB- Focus down, leave interns out of this motion.
    13. Add subgroup? ChrisC not necessary. Email correspondence during development. Subgroup work w/Kevin once underway to work out details of ‘discovery’.​        TimB-Involve Kevin in determining scope of work. Should be included in his billing.
    14. MOTION- Bruce- the WMC is in favor of hiring Kevin contingent on scope of work and availability to complete work within WMC’s timeline. Second StephenG. Vote: Unanimous                                                                                                                      
  2. Timeline for Community Engagement Plan
    1. ChrisC- Question raised at AFC meeting- Are we being truly upfront and truthful about potential for loss in wildfire? As we’re out gathering perceptions from public? Do we educate the interviewees before asking questions? Or should we try for untainted feedback/base level first? Chris is concerned about biasing the interviews if we’re educating people before gauging their attitudes.  
    2. StephenG- Dissemination of critical information should start soon as possible. Survey contact is small percentage of population.
    3. FrankB- FLC can provide risk info for forest lands inside WUI/WHZ boundary.
    4. Vicky- When we try to assess their attitudes, convey risk lightly. Need to be careful that we don’t bias people before we’re able to measure their level of understanding and perceptions.
    5. StephenG- Deliver a two pronged message “yes there is real danger and there are real solutions.”
    6. Vicky- Goal 2
      1. Summarize in a paragraph what outreach efforts currently exist. **Steve to generate**
    7. What is WMC/AFR going to do beyond the wildfire attitudes survey? Need to identify a goal like an informed and empowered public. What are boundaries between WMC/AFR efforts?
    8. Goal 4- Simply preamble to identify partners- Identify key message(s), Identify partners who can help strengthen and disseminate those messages. Goal 5 takes care of 4. Sort out key messages to share with partners. What is WMC’s goal- 2 way process- educating them and they us. Need stakeholders to help be ambassadors, carry the message and sell it. Plan has no utility if it is not known and/or used.
    9. Plan will need review and buy in from all city departments as well.
    10. Will not have a public information forum/message that is separate from planning process. We will instead assess the current public information messages and Kevin’s results to inform our plan. CWPP will acknowledge efforts and endorse current efforts and recommend additional opportunities.
    11. TimB- Strike goal 2? StephenG- Can we clarify it to reflect ongoing efforts?
    12. Meet with Kevin July 8. Hopefully he’s can start in August/Sept with completion by October. Once Kevin is underway/done move on to goals 4/5.
    13. Goal 4/5 WMC needs to make contacts and arrange stakeholder gathering or email group. For next meeting **Need to come up w/method of convening stakeholders and garnering their input/buy-in.
    14. StephenG- Identify top 6 organizations w/influence and hold 1-on-1 meeting w/them. Ashland Coalition appearance. **Chris to find contact for Ashland Coalition**                                                                                                                    
  3. Report on Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FACLN) workshop (Postponed)  
  4. WHZ Expansion Proposal Review (Tentative). Postponed.
Ron- Requested to be notified when events/outreach events are taking place for word of mouth sharing among his neighbors.
  1. Next meeting July 8, 2015
  2. Save the Date August 30, 2015 3:00 PM for all city commissions BBQ
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Public Works Office at 488-5587 (TTY phone number 1 800 735 2900). Notification 48 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title I).

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