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Public Art Commission special meeting April 6, 2012

Friday, April 06, 2012

Special Meeting
Public Art Commission
April 6, 2012
Lithia Room, 51 Winburn Way 8:15 a.m.
Commissioners: Davis, Friend, Bussell, Garrington, Hanks (staff), Lemhouse (Council liaison)
Call to order
The meeting was called to order by Commissioner Davis at 8:15.  Commissioner Davis stated that the special meeting was called to respond to a proposal by Lloyd Haines to “transfer” the “We Are Here” sculpture and then she welcomed Lloyd Haines to present the concept to the Commission.
Mr. Haines referred to the letter submitted earlier to the Commission and explained that the proposal was a combination of a donation of a replacement bronze sculpture for the existing wooden sculpture titled “We Are Here”, located adjacent to the Shasta Building at 88 North Main Street in Ashland.
The intent is to replace the wooden piece with a nearly exact replica made of bronze using molds from the existing wooden piece.  The Commission inquired about the molding, construction methods the ultimate patina of the bronze and Mr. Haines responded that the original artist will be heavily involved and invested in creating a quality replacement piece.
The bronze piece will withstand the weather/elements better than the existing alder wood piece, which has required consistent maintenance by the City.
The Commission discussed with Staff the process for the transfer agreeing that two motions were required.  The first motion was made by Bussell (second Friend) to accept the donation of the bronze replacement “We Are Here” with the understanding that the applicant and representatives will provide recommendations for the future donation of the existing artwork.  The motion passed unanimously.
The composition of the second motion was discussed by Commissioners and Mr. Haines, specifically the Municipal Code requirement that removal of work from the Ashland Public Art Collection through a donation must be to a recipient that is either a governmental agency or a non-profit.  With the understanding and agreement by Mr. Haines, the Commissioner Bussell made the following motion (second by Friend) “The Commission recommends to Council to remove the existing artwork from the Public Art Collection and donate the work to a non-profit based on the recommendation of the Native American community and the donor of its replacement artwork”.  The motion pass unanimously.
The Commission thanked Mr. Haines for his efforts on both this “exchange” and for his longstanding support and involvement in the Arts in Ashland.
Councilor Lemhouse gave the Commission an announcement regarding a future meeting and potential Downtown Plaza improvement project and invited their input in the process.  Councilor Lemhouse explained that the Council will discuss the parameters of the project at their next upcoming Council meeting (April 17th) and suggested they think about how the Commission may want to participate/contribute.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 AM

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