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Agendas and Minutes

Homelessness Steering Committee ad hoc (View All)

Homelessness Steering Committee Minutes

Monday, June 20, 2011


June, 20 2011

Ad hoc Homelessness Steering Committee

Gresham Room, Ashland Public Library

3:00 – 5:00



Rohde, Lewis, Ayars, Everson, Hopkins-Powell, Slattery (council liaison), Voisin (council liaison Seltzer (city staff)



O’Bryon, Saldana, Parker


Call to Order

Rhode called the meeting to order at 3:05.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May 26 meeting were approved.


The committee continued their review of the proposals.


7.         Mentoring


The committee felt the idea was interesting but did not have infrastructure in place to implement.  No partners are identified.  The proposal is not actionable at this time.  Seltzer to send a letter inviting the group to resubmit with a plan an suggest they speak with Family Promise who tried to do something similar but never got off the ground.  Encourage them to review the other proposals which are posted on line to identify possible partners.


8.         Research


The committee identified a number of unanswered questions.  Who is the client, What is the methodology, Who will develop the questions? What will it cost?  Who is the sponsor? What will be done with the results.  It was suggested this be put on hold until later in the process as it is possible the HSC may want/need this type of information at a later date.


9.         Reading Project


The project proposes the City work with the library to increase a readers understanding of homelessness.  The committee does not feel this is a city issue and recommends the submitter collaborate with the library.


10.       Mobile Hospitality Center


The committee liked the idea of a mobile drop in center that moves to different locations to distribute supplies and provide information and access to social services.  The proposal does not identify anyone who will lead the project.  How does this work in other communities?  Then committee likes the idea that this is mobile and wants to move it forward but needs more information from the submitter.


11.       Day Use Center and #23 Salvation Army Proposal


The day use center proposal was an idea and the Salvation Army Proposal implements the idea.  The Salvation Army will provide the day use services but is asking the City for a rent-free building for one year.  The committee suggests they be provided space for three years.


12.       Roving Tent City


The committee doesn’t see this working in this community.


13.       Community Kitchen


The committee did not feel this proposal was actionable at this time.  This proposal would require a major shift in public policy to allow the use of food stamps in restaurants.


14.       Giving Options


The proposal included four different ideas: donation boxes, a report on homelessness in Ashland, a weekend information booth and outreach on public television.  The committee commented the donation box concept was proposed by the Chamber of Commerce and is moving forward to the Council, a weekend information booth is already available on the Plaza and the police contact station.  The report on homelessness may well be an outcome of the research project if that moves forward and outreach on public television is available to providers.


15.       Proposed Solutions


The committee felt this was a list of personnel opinions rather than implementable proposals.


16.       Joblessness (Catie Faryl)


The committee felt this was a creative idea but not actionable as submitted.


17.       Lynn Ransford


The proposal included a number of ideas, some of which were submitted in other proposals and will be moved forward to the Council.  The committee felt that idea #8 the creation of a permanent homeless committee was worthy of moving forward to the City Council.


18.       Maslow Project


The committee agreed this was a Ashland School District decision on how to use federal funds (McKinny – Vento act)  allocated to schools to address student homelessness. 


19.       Jobs – Peace House

This proposal is not actionable.  The committee did express interest in actively soliciting proposal related to jobs in the next round.


At the next meeting on Monday, June 27 the committee will begin with proposal number 20.


The committee invited a member of the audience to speak.  She used to live in Santa Cruz and commented on how it became so attractive to transients and homeless that it became difficult to run a business and attract customers.  She cautioned the committee to be mindful of actions that attract transients and homeless and focus on the homeless issues currently in the community.


The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.


Next meeting dates:

Monday, June 27 at 3:00 in the Library Guanajuato Room

Thursday, July 14 at 4:00 in the Library Gresham Room


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