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Economic, Cultural, Tourism and Sustainability Grant Meeting

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Economic and Cultural Grant Presentations
April 6, 2011, 6:00 PM ĖPresentations from Applicants
 April 7, 2011, 6:00 PM-Proposed Allocations determined by Committee
Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street


The Citizenís Budget Subcommittee meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm on April 7, 2010 in Council Chambers at 1175 East Main Street, Ashland Oregon.


Committee members Baldwin, Everson, Stromberg, Silbiger, Gentry, Thompson, Keil, Voisin, Morris and Chapman were present.  Committee member Lemhouse was absent.

Thompson questioned if it was okay for her to serve on this committee as she is a member of the Rogue Valley Symphony.  In the past committee members who had a conflict recuse themselves from the organization.  The Committee Members who had a conflict spoke to which organization to recuse themselves from.  Gentry has a conflict with Siskiyou Singers and Southern Oregon Repertory Singers.  Baldwin is on the board of the Siskiyou Singers.  The Committee decided that they would identify the organization
Silbiger/Stromberg m/s Thompson as chair.  Everson questioned if a Councilor could chair the meeting.  Mr. Tuneberg stated that there is no rule saying a councilor cannot serve as chair.  Everson/Chapman m/s Silbiger as chair.  All in favor of Thompson 5 in favor. Thompson as chair.
The Committee continued the discussion regarding conflicts of interest.  The Committee decided that the organization in conflict will just be allocated zero.  Chapman stated that the money should be allocated as each person wants to.  Numbers shouldnít be distorted.  Keil disagreed. 
Chapman/Everson m/s put in money in appropriate squares based on what they think.  Silbiger stated it really doesnít skew the numbers but in past when on a board didnít feel right allocating money to an organization that he was on the board for and will vote no to the motion.  With a show of hands 5 in favor and 5 opposed, motion fails.  Keil/Baldwin m/s that board members put zeros in blocks for organizations to which have a conflict but zeros will not be counted in average.  Show of hands 6 in favor.  Motion carries.
Mr. Tuneberg went over the monies available for allocation.  The total available for FY 2011-12 is $188,758.  $64,423 for tourism and $124,335 for non-tourism.  There are 29 applicants requesting a total amount of $449,225.  Mr. Tuneberg stated that Ashland Community Theater called a week prior to the due date stating a personal issue and would not be in town to submit their application until the following day. Staff accepted this and allowed permission to let the applicant turn in their application the following day.  Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association missed deadline with no advanced notice, their application was distributed and it is up the Committee to exclude or include their application.  Everson/ Keil m/s to not accept Ashland Woodlands and Trails Associations application.  All in favor.  Gentry opposed. 
Keil/Everson m/s to include Ashland Community Theater.  Baldwin stated we should make it clear next year.  The Committee needs to consider whether or not we want to make exception.  Thompson stated her concern is that there is justifying an exception.  Gentry stated that he has to deal with deadlines and feels that the cost and risk of allowance in advance notice doesnít significantly weaken the policy.  The benefit of letting someone in is information and potentially good things can come from these applicants.  By show of hands 5 in favor and 4 opposed, motion carries. 
Mr. Tuneberg spoke to the process.  This year there will not be presentations.  It is not to be held against an organization if they are not present.  There was one request that Southern Oregon Film Society would like to go first.  The Committee agreed to allow them to go first.  Everson suggested a 5 minute cap in questioning.   The Committee agreed. 
Southern Oregon Film Society- Tom Ulbrich-Voisin questioned how the 20% allocated for Economic Development would be used. Tom stated the impact of the Film Festival year round, the impact on the community. Thompson stated that traditionally they have received a large amount of money which shows that the Film Festival has done a great job in bringing in tourists etc. 
Ashland New Plays Festival-Everson-confused in application difference between annual report- numbers are different. Thompson concerns to. 
Siskiyou Singers-Thompson stated she is concerned that this is an amateur choir.  Low participation fee and wondering if it could be considered a sliding scale.  Why not charging a more rationalized participation fee.  Arts are for the elite, they think its important for anyone to have a chance to be in choir so anyone in the community can do so.  Scholarship funds.  Keil-15% economic distribution- based on musicians to be hired for the concert.  Error on page 7.  Ashland figure $5000 should say $4800.  Thompson- $6218.  Registration of the singers. 
Voisin-local musicians local? Most faculty members at SOU or people from Ashland. 
St. Clair Productions-Ariella-gentry-20,000 producer fee- it benefits as a stipend.  Everson-proposal tripling.  Costs are going up.  Voisin-income sponsorships 4000 anyway of increasing that?  Sponsorships from businesses.  A group working on developing a program to find income elsewhere.  Hoping to hire on a commission basis.  Gentry.  12 Events?  This year 12.  Attendance? Low of 40 and high of 300.  Never know till doors open. 
Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon-  no show.  Voisin-does anyone know whats happening in terms of emergency system.  Silbiger-becoming upgraded emergency system.  Does that fit in our grant review? 
Chamber Music Concerts-no show.
Sustainable valley technology group-keil-100% under economic development- can put wherever.  Doing is as much straight economic development as well as sustainability work rather then try and guess a %.  Everson-active residents on the board. Yes, 1.  Silbiger-incubator in Medford-good number of clients came from Ashland how does that work functionally-the incubation process is not really about space hard to get out of that mindset.  About providing a place for support.  Several people apply one of our founding clients here in Ashland.  Are anxious to find space in Ashland.  Does reinforce that a lot of the start up are based in Ashland a lot of demand for this kind of service in Ashland.  Baldwin-indicated on page 4 have raised money in pledges later on estimate to be secured.  Items listed in 8 are in hand or written commitments.  To be secured below is pending for proposals.  Voisin-estimate to be secured and committed.  Committed = have it.  Pending-submitted proposal and waiting.  Estimate to be secured have not yet submitted a formal request for city of Medford.  
ScienceWorks-Sharon and Elain-Stromberg-one time item?  Trying to start an exhibit department.  Run by volunteers not consistent or as affective as a real department would be.  Gets exhibits into the museums.  One time item that will enable to hire someone to lead the department.  Donít intend to come back bc it will produce earned revenue quickly. Matching 25,000 for that which allows to be available for other grant funds.  Everson-CDBG Grant. Stromberg-donít get the whole amount do you use one time project?  If the exhibit department isnít funded then wonít do that part.   Thompson how many visitors kids in school programs.  No answer.  School districts donít have buses or funds to come.  Separate number for school groups. 
Rogue Farm Corps-Stewart Oíneal.  Gentry-interested in program.  Any idea of a success rate?  Keeping track of students last couple of years. Training next generation. Extension service-connection or overlap between what you do or they do?  Existing farmers. Baldwin-current plan 100 over 50 miles away.  Havenít had Ashland participants.  Some from Jacksonville or Central Point.  Stromberg-where do the farms which the training takes place?  Ashlands Market.  Thompson-pursuing accreditation for curriculum.  Process is slow and contemplating still in negotiations but still not in place.. hoping to solidify this year. Silbiger-participating farms?  All over rogue valley.  Meadow arc family farm.  Applegate valley mostly.  Students last year? 25. 
Ashland Historic Railroad museum-Baldwin-in application remarkable number of people come from long distance.  Visitor sign in book.  Railroad tourists will go remarkable distances.  Currently 1000 sq ft museum in an office building on second floorÖ outgrown space significantly.. every second Friday have
historians do lectures.  Total number is 45.  Routinely 80-90 so outgrown space.  How determine why they are there and only specifically for railroad museum. Ads and on radio people have gotten a lot more national attention and hope to do more because Ashland has a significant railroad history.  Will draw all sorts of people.  3 historians and 5 writers hoping to get trains magazine to print an article from one of their historians.  Challenging to do in a small office building.  Voisin-45% tourism promotion?  Seeing as money that would spend to pay the rent for the depot hotel.  Tourism promotion because people would come from far away. Cultural-because railroad culture or Ashland culture. Chinese connection with Ashland railroad district. 
Ashland Gallary Association-Sue Springer-Grant of over 25% of your funding for the year.  Creates an issue of dependency.  Revenue from several sources one large source is memberships from the members then annual fund raiser-Taste of Ashland.  Through the last few years to really grow the marketing to grow the association.  Outside local area?  Can survey.  Estimated 40%.  Board members are all volunteers.  Donít require to donate money. 
Klamath Siskiyou Wildlife center-Brief summary of this.  Last year OSF employee dumped paint into drains which went into the creek.  No dumping in storm drains.  Went through 300 and needed 3000.  Americore position ran out.  Approached the City.  Now the coordinator for the project and will get it going as soon as warm and dry.  Second year of bacteria sourcing for Ashland creek. Extensive bacteria sourcing project in 2010.  Gentry-requirement the city needs to meet.. asking for grant funds to help the city meeting these needs.  Yes.  Silbiger-last year city got plaques you did them.. you decided to do more.  Now want to charge to do the same thing this yearÖ No not involved last year it was americorp position was to do the project last year.  When provided with volunteers all plaques were used.  5%-10% marked need to be 100% marked.  Need people to commit time.  Keil-why public works isnít doing this.  Request of 2000 is a small amount for city staff to do it.  Stromberg-last year when did the ecoli-how much would it cost for city to do it.  Sampling alone 40 per test plus staff time.  2000 for what? Rogue river staff to look at TID issue.  Not sure could do this year without this funding. 
Ashland Bed and Breakfast Network-Dean Clark-Voisin-relationship with the chamber?  Chamber does their own thing and they extend from chamber. 
Keil-measure success?  Is business up? Can you quanity that?  20 diff inns in the network.  Useful if a direct result could be seen.  Based on occupancy an informal study was done and over the course of 20 inns an increase of 2% in occupancy.  Gentry-increase from what to what.  Just 2% in change.  Each of the Inns are dramatically different.  Thompson another way to get revenue?  Also seeking matching grants from the State.  ABB and members are 2000 approximately less then 10% comes from members. They do their own marketing too. When theater is dark they send visitors to other places.  Have not tracked this information.    
Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon- Stromberg-request increased about 40% from last year.  No.  Has the organization grown?  Have gained a number of musicians this year and are serving more students this year.  Any student qualified to be a member may participate and offer full tuition scholarships..  Everson-good follow up report.
Ashland Art Center-Baldwin-year of building. Feel that portion is now done.  That will be ongoing.  Have completed goals regarding accounting.  Primarily learning how to use tools effectively.  Point now where budget attempting is about 8 hours per month.  Voisin-Board members.. requirement for boards to donate.
Dancing People Company- Gentry-attendance? 700 for winter solstice.  Close to capacity.  Dance in the park is a replacement for ballet.  Show called salon series at the dance space seats 60 people per show sold out 7 shows this year.  Shows in the valley grants pass and central point have been small but are increasing. Thompson-respect to dance in the park-city of Ashland to pay 100% for this event.  Yes. No tickets sales.  No other funding sources for that ? no. What percentage do your board members contribute?  $5000 of $15,000.  They all contribute. 
THRIVE-Stromberg-money for how many years? Org has grown and COA has supported growth.  Rely on business memberships.  As an org doing important partnerships in the community.  At the beginning of a dialog on how as a region can work together and set goals.  Online farmers market. 
Siskiyou Violins-Baldwin-how come up with 33% of the requested amount towards tourism?  Different initiative the tourism would be conducting sometime during the summer a workshop for violin teachers could be draw from throughout the northwest.  New gathering?  Something like the American band college.  Instruction in strings.  This event hasnít yet been scheduled will it go on without the city money?  At this time wait for the grant money so can concentrate on many other aspects of their program such as scholarships, general maintenance.
Southern Oregon Repertory Singers-no questions
Rogue Valley Symphony Association-Voisin-board members are they expected to contribute.  Yes, 100%.  Total amount?  $36,000 of total budget last year. 
Rogue Opera-no questions
Lithia Arts Guild-stromberg-lot more then received last year. Summers dream promotion, entertainment and keeping festival safe.  In the grant request 8000 for mid summers dream, also asking for the Lithia arts for Ashland-what do with that money?  Same thing with that money that is used for mid-summers dream, development of artwork, promotion, market, entertainment and incidental expenses for the actual production of events.Keil-tourism promotion- 29% how would you measure success?  The total of grant request most of the patrons are tourists.  Higher percentage of local people that come to mid summers dream.  Canít really quantify.  Baldwin-way of differentiating which came specifically for your festival.  No real method for that.  Many people that have come to the booths will say that is the reason they are there.
Rogue Valley Farm to School- Tracy-Stromberg-last  year was first time to receive a grant.  Last year did a fund raising event out of science works.  How successful, why move and hopes for this year. 
The event was far more successful then anticipated. Competitors come from many states and throughout state of Oregon.  Putting running on the trails.  Route planning committee top areas running different scenarios to different routes.  What funds end up doing? Money raised supports programsÖ seeing less opportunity for funding every year increases community funds. Thompson-several organizations doing runs to support non-profits.  Asking city to underwrite the cost of your run.  Underwriting fundraisers for non-profits.  Sets apart is a more unique event part of a package that people are coming to Ashland.  Everson-important event last year remarkable well supported. People came from outside area and unique.  Keil-192 participants what growth potential?  80 teams this year instead of 50. Good advertising.  High response rate.  72% said would absolutely participate again. 
Ashland Car Share-Stromberg-3 cars and trying to take another growth step how much longer can you go using same cars in program?  Discovering in 2nd anniversary, usage trends are not at all what expected.  This version hasnít been attempted anywhere.  3 cars that been operating with for a year and a half now understand that the 3 cars will be able to sustain.  Been able to operate and survive on the usage that has been sustaining so far.  Will be able to use the 3 cars far more than currently being used.  Gentry-Cars in different locations. more cars as opposed to more promotions.  Finding that tweaks need to be made in locations.  Finding that unique attribute using cars for different purposes.  Do believe to support self with paid staff continue to recruit and to serve community that can.  Thompson-business plan for transitioning?  Yes, have original business plan which doesnít address the transition referring to. 
Southern Oregon Land Conservancy- Michael Stringer-keil-tourism promotion? How measure in tourism promotions-track every participant on every hike and a questionnaire ask how found out, interested in returning, contact info. Development director follows up to get a donation from people. 
Geos Institute-Jamie/Julie-Stromberg-last year got a grant of 5000 for a conference, whatís the story.  Didnít have resources needed to put on the conference. Decided to do fund raising to bring money up.  Purpose of conference is to bring people all over the country.  Climate education and climate change.  PBS documentary about our region, think Ashland is fortunate to have this option.  Stromberg-didnít have time to distribute show to the group, can see a copy he will give.  Secured rest of funding for conference? Yes. Dates set? It is in October.  Advertised nationally? Yes.  Definitely happening? Yes.  Projected attendance? 30-50 people.  Gentry-Request for this year is money to promote screening of this documentary.  Promote the region in itself. 
Lomakatsi Restoration Project-Stromberg-talk about the project.  Ashland Pond project.  Over 800 kids on the project planting trees, digging blackberry roots etc.  over 2000 trees planted. Variety of outreach thru newspaper, emails and flyers. 
Ashland Community Theater- Dave Hill-Stromberg-search of a venue has it happened?  20th anniversary season. April 29th with ďend daysĒ  Did invest several thousand in updating.  Process in putting together new membership.  Present 4 full productions and acquire another venue.  Keil-change in name? the fact that you not putting tourist dollars,, do you intend to limit  your audience to just locals?  Did get some tourists on our show, people staying at B&Bs not drawing people.  Wall outside the chamber of commerce owned by the festival and planning to meet to install a glass framed poster board box that would have other theaters shows in terms of tourist draw.  First time sneak peek preview with full season. Efforts towards tourism.  Last year put on aleria in august not the optimal time.  Terrible attendance the money COA provided kept them alive.  
Multicultural Association of Southern Oregon-Connie-Are you going to make move to new transmitter? Yes.  Goal to be up in June.  Somewhat dependant on US cellular and may get an extension but only for a few months more.  Voisin-going to purchase the emergency alert system. Yes.  They have one now but will get new for receiver and transmitter.  How will help Ashland-when transfer whoever hears signal will know there is an emergency.  Community radio that is appropriate for local emergency response, its totally accessible.  An emergency and wanted fire to know they could go to KSKQ or phone in.  the City does have a AM station which has limited broadcast capabilities that can be sinked.
How much of this grant is to install new system.  $3000.  Balance for station manager? Yes, right now 100% volunteer.  Motivation for paid staff the FCC requires open through business hours.  Have to have office open during business hours.
Questions?  Spreadsheets by 3:00 pm.  Everson-Effective July 1.  New IRS requirement Ė minimum of 5 board members and 4 orgs are not in compliance.  Increase board members to the minimum.  Can put in the contract.  Gentry- 501 requirement.  Continue and let IRS enforce the rules.  If we see where they donít qualify we can be proactive and let them give us assurance.  Provide a list of 5 proposed members.  Silbiger-if we see filing the wrong its our diligence to point it out. 
ALLOCATIONS- Thursday April 7, 2011

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