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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 10/27/2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

6 p.m. – October 27, 2010
Community Development Building

Chairperson McGinnis called the meeting to order at 5:55.
      Risa Buck, Stuart Corns, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman Shelley Lotz, Jim
      McGinnis and David Runkel were present.
      Sheri Cellini, and Steve DiFabion and were not present.

       City Council Liaison: Carol Voison,
        Staff Representative: Dan Cunningham, Mary McClary

Chairperson McGinnis asked for approval of the minutes for September 22, 2010. Commissioner Buck refrained from voting for approval of the minutes, because she did not attend the last meeting.
Commissioner Finney made a motion to approve the minutes as stated, Commission Runkel seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
No speakers.

Chairperson McGinnis suggested the Commission hold the meeting for 45 minutes so members could attend the Transportation Planning meeting that was being held at the Ashland Middle School. Their topic of discussion was pedestrian places and they were asking for public input. He made a proposal that the Commission adjourn in 45 minutes.

Commissioner Buck suggested that the Commission does not adjourn early, but instead send a representative as long as there is still a quorum for tonight’s meeting.
The Commissioners agreed to expedite the meeting, so the members could attend the other meeting.

The next Commission meeting will be held in the Lithia Room, December 8th from 6pm to 8pm.

Compost Class Discussion
Commissioner Buck discussed the compost classes held last year at the recycling center and the Commission members discussed attendance and the material used for the classes. Commissioner Hartman discussed different compost bin options, the possibility of making a video on the City Web site, or a composting slide show.
He will put forth a draft question and answer document, and also a storyboard for a video for the Commission to view.

The members discussed getting a new instructor and a curriculum that the Commission could support focusing on urban composting. The target would be to have the classes in June, July, August and September. Chairperson McGinnis asked Commissioner Hartman to consider being a consultant because of his vast experience.

Commissioner Lotz is planning on putting together some information for the City web site monthly, and compost could be a topic for one of the months.

Report on Appliance Project

Commissioner Runkel has discussed the Appliance Project with the representative of the Oregon Lodging and Restaurant Association. They are waiting for brochures and he has also shared the information with the Bed & Breakfast network’s fall meeting. Their Education committee is going to put together an educational program at the Winchester Inn sometime in December, when Larry Giardina can also attend.


A.  Adoption of Draft Goals
Commissioner Finney made a motion to adopt the draft commission goals for 2010-2011 as reported in our packet with amendments for participants and dates. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Corns and Buck.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
B.     Plaque for Recycling Center
          Set aside
          The Commission will discuss at the next meeting to decide if they
           want to pursue it at this time.
C.     Sustainable Planning prelim report
          Set aside
D.     Public Outreach proposal
           Commissioner Runkel discussed putting together a Conservation
           Commission Annual Awards Program and possible announcing the
            award winners on Earth Day.
            In addition at the Commission booth, they could have the winners
            there to talk about what it is they have accomplished to earn the
            Commissioner Runkel is going to put together for next month,
            guidelines and categories for the program. Commissioner Buck
            suggested there be a youth category and the members discussed
           different ways to develop the program and what the winners would
           be recognized. In addition there would need to be time set aside for
           this annual event. Put on the agenda for next month.

QUARTERLY LIAISON REPORTS (SOU, Ashland School District, Conservation Department & Recology)
Ashland School District
    Commissioner Hartman reported that the Ashland High School’s heating
     and cooling system didn’t function properly, and they have fixed the
     system, so he would like to push for the heating controls to be set at 68
     degrees and the cooling be set at 78 degrees.

     They now have composting plates made out of sugar cane husks, and his
     classes help with the system of monitoring and informing students.
     There also is a composter at the school that they feed all the time, with
     pre-consumer waste of around 2 buckets a week.

    Water—the district employed an irrigation maintenance person that
     helped save them a lot of water. Also, they had rain barrels this year and
     were promoting green roof plants. Commissioner Hartman planted 2500
     green roof plants and they all survived the summer months.

    He reported the new principal, Michele Zendell, was supportive of
    Conservation and the schools’ conservation programs.
    Recology has given Ashland High four (4) clear stream containers which
    are in areas that are highly visible.

     Next month, he will report on other schools in the district.

    Commissioner Runkel commented on traffic during school hours. The
    Commissioners discussed transportation issues, including looking at
    possible transportation needs for the City.

November 13th at the Rogue Valley Mall will hold a Prescription Take Back event for free.
Chairperson Mcginnis adjourned the meeting at 7pm.




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