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Friday, September 18, 2009


Public Art Commission

September 18, 2009

Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Bussell, Edson, Markell, Wynkoop, Wilkerson, Voisin (council liaison), Seltzer (staff liaison)


Absent: Pugh



Wes Brain


Chair Bussell called meeting to order at 8:20 a.m.



Approval of the August and September minutes were approved with corrections.


Sweatfree Art Exhibit

Wes Brain requested the Public Art Commission endorse an art exhibit of nine paintings of garment workers from around the work by artist Janet Essley.  The exhibit would reflect the recently resolution adopted by the Council which restricts the City from doing business with contractors or subcontracts who engage in sweatshop labor practices.


The commission agreed to endorse the exhibit for November 6 if appropriate space could be founds.  Brain will provide to the City of Ashland paperwork detailing insurance, certificate of liability, statement of ownership.


PAC will work with Brain to identify a location with space for the exhibit.


M/S Wilkerson/Markell move to approve endorsing sweatfree art exhibit subject to identifying a location with appropriate space.


PAC sub committee will meet on Tuesday, September 22 at the Bloomsbury coffee shop to discuss next steps.


Utility Box Painting Project

The commission discussed how to implement phase 2 of the project including discussion about funding, timing, involvement of SOU and ASD neighborhoods.


Markell and Edson will meet to identify three possible options to move forward and bring the options of the October meeting for full discussion.


PAC Goals

The commission reviewed the goals identified in the Master Plan and the progress of the goals.  Bussell is working with the Park Commission to develop policy about public art  (and how to define public art) on parkland.  She gave an example of tile work at Daniel Meyer pool or decorative fencing separating playgrounds for other areas of a park.


Wilkerson suggested restating goal #2 by providing a letter or memo to be included in planning pre-application packages offering PAC guidelines to developers who might want to incorporate public art into their projects.  Wilkerson will draft the memo.


Bussell suggested someone contact the gallery association requiring an article in the October issue about the recent public art activities.  Markell will make the contact.


Edson recently returned from Guanajuato Mexico.  A local artist has offered to donate a sculpture to Ashland.  The PAC clarified they would follow the guidelines for donations of public art and suggested Edson contact the artist inviting him to make a proposal of the donation.  Edson will follow through.


Next steps

The PAC reviewed the work they agree to take on during this meeting:

  1. Sweatfree Art Exhibit
  2. Develop Phase 2 of Utility Box Project
  3. Communication with Guanajuato artist
  4. Work with Parks Commission on public art policy
  5. Draft memo to Planning staff on the availability of the PAC for large development considering the inclusion of public art in their projects.


Commissioners will meet separately and develop proposals and timelines for review in October.


Meeting adjourned at 9:50


Next meeting:

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, November 20

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