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Social Services Grant Presentations

Monday, March 19, 2001

Social Services Grant Presentations


March 19, 2001, 7:00pm

City Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street



Present: Cate Hartzell, Chris Hearn, Don Laws, Susan Reid, Russ Silbiger, David Williams

Staff: Lee Tuneberg, Brandon Goldman, Kirsten Bakke


Russ Silbiger called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


Tuneberg opened the meeting with the grant history stating that the Social Service Grants are awarded on a two year funding cycle and that the total grant requests this year is $180,965. He read resolution #2000-27 pertaining to the formula for calculating available social service grant funds.

George Gilman spoke for the Public Private Partnership saying that the Partnership was asking for a 10% increase due to personnel driven 20-60% increase per year in health care costs. The Partnership is a coalition formed in local response of non-profit organizations toward being more client focused, more efficient, and non-duplicative toward achieving better outcomes.



Children’s Dental Clinic of Jackson County $1,500

Dr. David Layer began the presentation explaining their humble beginnings 40 plus years ago in the RVMC basement. Their primary mission is to provide routine procedures to children in need that are not served by another agency. They have 30-40 volunteer dentists and receive voluntary contributions from patients and community members. Staffed by two, 15% of patients are from the Ashland community.

Rogue Valley Manor Community Services $3,540

Becky Sneider, Director presented for Rogue Valley Manor Community Services. Explaining that RSVP & Foster Grandparent Program was part of senior service core and was not receiving housing or funding from the Rogue Valley Manor. The primary mission was to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for seniors to enrich the lives of people in their communities.

Community Health Center $28,910

Peg Crowley presented for Community Health Center. Their mission is the prevention of disease, emergency room visits and managing chronic illnesses. Crowley said that of the 4181 visits last year, 85% were Ashland residents, or work in Ashland. Looking at adding a half time provider. Ashland Community Hospital donating about $20,000.

Jackson County Children’s Advocacy $2,440

Kari Hansen, Outreach Coordinator presented for Jackson County Children’s Advocacy. Thanked committee for past support. Their mission in the past 10 years has been to advocate for child victims of abuse at grand jury hearings. They also provide parent support groups and work with 13 law enforcement agencies.

Jackson County Community Justice Dept. - CASA $2,345

Carole Davidson, Program Manager presented for CASA. Out of the 75 served this year 16 were Ashland residents. They have 16 volunteers. Funds needed for volunteer training and supervision.


Ontrack, Inc. $1,500

Rita Sullivan, Executive Director presented for Ontrack, Inc. They maintain a significant presence in the Ashland community and highschool with substance abuse youth programs.

Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. $4,972

Debra Lee, Executive Director presented for Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. In business since 1972 they have 5 licensed attorneys. Last year they served 63 Ashland residents. Their primary mission is to provide civil legal assistance, thus preventing homelessness, Family disputes, and domestic violence.

Mediation Works $7,462

Hillary Best, Director presented for Mediation Works. Providing affordable mediation services and conflict management training to all residents in Jackson County since 1990, they have 7 staff.

Southern Oregon Drug Awareness (SODA) $2,425

Graham Lewis presented for SODA. Raises awareness about drug, alcohol and tobacco prevention with their red ribbon program.

ACCESS, Inc. $5,000

Carlus Harris, Program Manager presented for ACCESS, Inc. Last year they provided 84,000 pounds of food to the community and the need is anticipated to increase.

ICCA/CERVS $10,866

Sharon Schreiber, Executive Director presented for ICCA/CERVS. They provide 15-20 showers per week, clothes, prescriptions, bus tokens, and emergency shelter, etc.

Walker Elementary School $60,500

Michelle Zundell, Principal presented for Walker Elementary School. Asked for a one time grant for accessible playground for children with disabilities.

Oregon Children’s Foundation - SMART $9,990

Cameron McCandless presented for SMART. Adult volunteers work with children 1 hour per week encouraging reading and comprehension. They serve 1164 children countywide.

Community Works $39,515

Arnie Green, Executive Director presented for Community Works. The 5 programs under the umbrella of Community Works are: Dunn House, Rape Crisis, Personal Safety Clowns, Help Line and the Grove.


Silbiger opened the floor for a public forum. There were no comments or questions.


The Subcommittee asked for clarification on the budget numbers and the amount available for this year’s Social Service grants. There was a discussion about whether to use the projected budget figure or the formula set forth in resolution #2000-27. Reid motioned to use the projected budget figure. Hartzell seconded. Silbiger called for a vote. Vote: 2 Ayes, Willams, Hartzell and Laws opposed.

Silbiger motioned for a 5-minute break. All agreed.



Hartzell referred to the City’s policy of funding essential safety net providers for social service grants. She

asked all to consider the historical criteria for the Safety Net Services, such as temporary food and shelter, substance abuse prevention, and critical care support.

Laws added that the Public Private Partnership formed a coalition with similar criteria. Laws recognized the Coalition’s expertise in understanding the community’s human service needs and suggested that the Coalition’s members meet and come back to the Subcommittee with recommendations for Social Service grant allocations.

Williams moved to fund the Dental Clinic for the full $1,500 grant requested. Reid seconded. All Ayes. Motion carried.

Laws recognized that Walker School Playground and the Smart Program were the other organizations requesting grants that were not in the coalition. Williams said Walker Elementary could be directed to the Parks Department or CDBG. The City should fund, but does it fall into the social services grant criteria. Williams nominatesd to remove Walker from venue. Seconded by Silbiger. All Ayes. Motion carried

There was a discussion about funding the SMART program. Although they’re doing something worthwhile there wasn’t any other municipality on the funding list and there seemed to be some duplication with other organizations. Silbiger motioned not to fund SMART. Williams seconded. All Ayes. Motion passed.

Hearns agreed with Laws in letting the Partnership come back to the Subcommittee with recommendations for Social Service grant allocations. Hartzell reiterated that the Partnership abide by the criteria when deciding. Laws asked Tuneberg if we had $98,325 and subtracted $1,500 for the Children’s Dental Clinic of Jackson County, leaving $96,825 for the allocation discussion.

Laws motioned that the Partnership members meet and come back to the Subcommittee with recommendations for Social Service grant allocations for the amount of $96,825. Reid seconded. All Ayes. Motion passed.

As part of the motion the Subcommittee looked ahead several weeks to schedule another meeting. Potential to not meet if the Public Private Partnership arrives at a satisfactory recommendation to the Subcommittee. Reid motioned to meet again at the Full Budget Committee Meeting. All Ayes. Motion passed.



Silbiger motioned to continue the meeting if necessary at the Full Budget Committee meeting to discuss the Partnership’s recommendations for Social Service grant allocations. ALL AYES. None opposed. Motion passed. Meeting ended at 10:20pm.


Recommendation from Public Private Partnership was forwarded by George Gilman and found acceptable by all subcommittee members and a subsequent meeting was not scheduled. See attached letter and spreadsheet for allocation information.

Respectfully submitted by Kirsten Bakke, Administrative Assistant

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