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Forest Lands Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

September 9, 2008 5:30 PM
Community Development, 51 Winburn Way
MEMBERS PRESENT:   Craig Gorson, Anthony Kerwin (Chair), Christopher Iverson, Dan Maymar, Ben Rice, John Williams
Members Absent:                                
Staff Present: Betsy Harshman, Nancy Slocum, Keith Woodley
Non-Voting Members Present: Marty Main, Eric Navickas
Guests:  Frank Betlejewski, Darren Borgias, Melody Noraas
I.     CALL TO ORDER: Chair Anthony Kerwin called the meeting to order at 5:39 PM in the Siskiyou Room.
II.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Rice/Iverson m/s to approve the minutes of August 12, 2008. Motion passed unanimously.
PUBLIC FORUM:  Staff introduced Parks Commissioner Melody Noraas. Noraas would be the new Parks Commission Liaison when she is appointed by the Mayor. Also introduced was Betsy Harshman. She would replace Slocum as the new administrative staff liaison.
A.    Ashland Forest Plan FEIS Update
Woodley noted that the Nature Conservancy funded the printing of the upcoming FEIS due out Friday, September 12 or Monday the 15th. The 30 day objection period would begin then.
Navickas stated his strong support for 7 diameter limits, prescribed fire and protection of the roadless area. He opposed fuel breaks in part because they were not maintained. As forest ecology was cyclic, he thought there was no need for management. Borgias noted that the AFRCA was originally created with 7 diameter limits in the roadless area (above the 2060 Road) as there is an increased risk of fire at these higher elevations. As part of the Talent Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) is within the roadless area, the AFRCATs decided to defer discussion. In addition, the USFS did not subscribe to diameter limits for their projects.
Borgias thought forest ecological health values and fire management values could meet in compromise. Rice and Maymar agreed. Navickas said the environmental community was not happy with the project especially road maintenance. The AFR plan did not go far enough to protect ecological values. Iverson agreed. Main thought the goal of City participation was to impact the implementation of the project.
Borgias reported that the Nature Conservancy would apply for a grant if the City ended up supporting AFR. Navickas thought the City Council would support AFR with cautions and that they would recommend that the USFS remove the fuel break on flank of Wagner Butte due to its visual impact.
Kerwin asked the Commission to review the FEIS when it became available and flag all questions and concerns. Commission agreed to reschedule their October meeting to September 30th in order to forward comments to the City Council in time for their October 7th meeting.
B.     Community Outreach Plan Update
Woodley reported that he did not invite Joan Resnick to speak on developing a plan in anticipation of the FEIS. She would be scheduled for a future meeting.
Gorson is going to be working with Chris Chambers to develop an outreach plan for elementary and middle school children. Gorson and Iverson would work on a draft of a written community outreach plan.
Iverson reminded the Commission of the public hike to the Winburn Parcel on Saturday, September 20th beginning at 10:00 AM.
C.    Winburn Parcel Management Plan
Kerwin sent his draft to Main for final additions. Staff would format the plan and forward the final draft to the Commission the third week in October for review. A final vote would take place at the November meeting.
V.       NEW BUSINESS: No new business.
VII.     ADJOURN: 7:17 PM
Anthony Kerwin, Chair
Respectfully Submitted, Nancy Slocum

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