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Thursday, December 06, 2007


NOVEMBER 6, 2007







STAFF:            DAWN LAMB



1.                CALL TO ORDER:                   9:30 AM

2.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES:      October 2, 2007, minutes approved as written.

3.                Public Forum:



A.               SuperAWOS Installation

As of November 5th, the SuperAWOS has been installed and is operational.  There could be some confusion in the frequency because it matches the frequency with Illinois Valley and Grants Pass.  Skinner would like to wait until the system is more familiar before switching frequencies.  The system is just in time for the inclement weather and the carriers have already been accessing the information on the web, phone and radio.  To access the information on the web, go to the web site and link to the airports.  The phone number to access the information is 617-262-DUCK, then the airport identifier, S03.  The information is real time satellite fed and updated through the satellite.


Commission discussed the change of the frequency on the Unicom from 122.8 to 122.7 to keep cross connection to a minimum.  The radio frequencies may conflict with the Illinois Valley and the Grant Pass traffic.  We could consider switching because no one else uses 1227.  Skillman likes having Unicom on 28 and weather report on 27. 


There will be an educational curve for pilots to access the system and the adjustments will be made accordingly.  The system will help with liability and safety especially at night.  Lobaugh will link the site to the Ashland airport website.  FAA paperwork still needs to be processed.  After the paperwork is filed, an informational article should be done to include in the aviation circulars. 


B.               Ben Linder Development

Leases are still under review by City staff. 


Suggestions were made to include an addendum to the lease that helps deal with the resell of the individual hangars.  Another concept might be to waive the right of first refusal on the first sale of the hangar.  Subsequent sales will then have right of first refusal applied.  The deposit has been set at $2,000 to account for the two different lots.  Consider a clause to be included that if the first section is not complete, the second section should be charged rent after an agreed upon drop dead date.  All construction is dependent on the completion of the taxiway extension.  The lease term with Sky and with Burl Brim has been a 25 year lease, the precedent should be kept.  To deal with the different hangars consideration of a condominium association could be formed.  Keep the lease as a SASO to keep more steamlined.  


Paragraph 3.2 regards to percentage of business.  This has been covered by the SASO lease and does not fit the intent of the ground lease.  The addendum should consider the right of first refusal, the condo association function, adjusting the SASO to hangarkeeper cost of 1.0 and a common wall agreement.  Hendrickson would like to have a subcommittee formed to more efficient.  Bradley, DeBoer and Skinner all agreed to be on the subcommittee.  Hendrickson motioned for the formation of the subcommittee, seconded by Skillman and passed unanimously.


C.               Burl Brim Development – Update

Brim would like to convert the existing lease to an owner lease instead of the ground lease.  DeBoer felt this could cause problems with grant funding.  This may be able to be accomplished is the past lease differences were paid back.  The FAA guidelines may need to be considered. 


D.              Strategic Plan Assignments

1.      Zoning ordinance – no action. 

2.      Web Page – Lobaugh will link the SuperAWOS site.


4.     NEW BUSINESS:  

A.               Medford Air Hangar Door

DeBoer and Skinner negotiated a hangar door that would fit on the FBO maintenance hangar.  The replacement of the hangar door with a new hangar would cost around $20,000 to $30,000.  Medford Air donated the door to Skinner under the condition that Skinner made arrangements to hauled away.  Dale Peters with Facilities Maintenance went with Skinner to look at the door to make sure it would fit on the hangar and asked American Industrial Door to assess the door.  The door will require some work, but is in good condition.  There still will need to be about $4,000 to install the door and this will need to be added into next year’s budget. 


Hendrickson moved to have the needed funds put into next year’s budget to install the doors.  The doors will also need skins and new motors along with the hanging of the door.  The motion was tabled until more information is available on what the actual cost would be.  Skinner will obtain a more inclusive bid for the cost. 


B.               Noise Sensitive Area Map

This will be discussed at next month’s meeting.


C.               Meeting Dates

Lamb asked for the delay of the December meeting to December 11th.  DeBoer also thought the January 1 meeting should be moved to January 8th.  The dates will be changed.



A.               Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports

The Shuttle Bug has been doing more service at the airport.  This has lessened the problems with the taxi services.  Enterprise rental car service has been an improvement on the field.  The phone numbers need to be added near the phone. 


Business is steady for this time of the year.


B.               Maintenance Updates –Peters is working on the carpet installation and the hangar numbers.


6.     OTHER:

Next October the Jackson County Airport is hosting the AAA annual meeting, they may request volunteers for the event.  The meeting of the JC airport commission is the third Monday of the month at 12:00 PM.


7.     NEXT MEETING DATE:  January 8, 2007, 9:30 AM


ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM

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