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Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Regular Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 06, 2006



September 6, 2006


Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room


Historic Commissioners Present: Dale Shostrom, Molly Owens-Stevenson, Terry Skibby, Henry Baker, Sam Whitford, Keith Swink, Jay Leighton, Tom Giordano (came in at 7:45)
Absent  Commission Members:  Rob Saladoff

Council Liaison: Vacant

High School Liaison: None Appointed
SOU Liaison: None Appointed
Staff Present: Maria Harris, Senior Planner, Billie Boswell, Administration



At 7:05 pm, Chairman Dale Shostrom called the Historic Commission meeting to order.




 Mr. Skibby questioned the reference to a “blue metal roof”.  He did not remember the applicant stating the color as blue.  Ms. Boswell agreed to confirm with the applicants on the proposed color of the roof.


Mr. Whitford made a motion to approve the minutes with the correction made and it was seconded by Ms. Owens-Stevenson. The motion passed unanimously by the commissioners present.


PUBLIC FORUM:  No speakers




Planning Action 2006-01546

11 First Street

Modification of a Previously Approved Site Review & Tree Removal Permit

Ron Yamaoka/Bill Emerson


Chairman Shostrom read the description of the project and verified there were no ex parte contacts. He noted that Tom Giordano, who is an architect on the project, had recused himself from the Historic Commission meeting until after the 11 First Street action was finished. There were no other conflict of interest issues with the remaining Commissioners. 


Ms. Harris displayed the plans showing the building reduced to 2-stories, changes in some of the architectural details and two exterior finish options.  The remaining uses would be a restaurant on the first floor and residential units on the second floor.  She said she added a condition to the Staff Report that the exterior finishes must be approved by the Historic Commission.


Bill Emerson, 90 Fifth Street, applicant’s representative, reviewed with the Commission the changes that were made on the revised plan.  They removed the second story and made the old third story a foot taller.  The columns were reduced in size to better fit the two-story design.  Mr. Emerson brought a sample of a stamped brick plaster finish the owner is proposing to use on the second story instead of real brick facing.  He asked the Commissioners opinion of leaving the option for the choice between the stamped brick and plain stucco be left open for the owner to decide.  There was discussion regarding the column trim location between the two siding options.  Mr. Emerson also reviewed some planter-box and curb changes.


Mr. Skibby asked about the roofing and window materials.  Mr. Emerson said they were using a grey metal roof with thin ridges and grey metal window frames.


There being no one in the audience wishing to speak, the public meeting was closed.


Chairman Shostrom was concerned about the large blank space above the second story windows and suggested the windows be enlarged from 5-feet high to 6-feet high or that the cornice be lowered by one foot.  He also was uncomfortable with the curb change, but Ms. Harris explained that the curb changes were not part of this application.  Those changes would be reviewed when the building permit application is submitted.


Chairman Shostrom made a motion to recommend approval of the Modification of the Site Review with the following design recommendations:


  • Reduce space between second-story windows and cornice by adding a foot to the height of the second-story windows to balance out the proportions. (5 feet now, increase to 6 feet) or lowering cornice and building height by one foot.
  • Use of either all plaster or of brick-stamped plaster is OK. If brick is used, keep first story horizontal line in original location with the column caps at the top of the arches below brick.  If plaster, column caps need to be moved up to sill level.


Mr. Baker seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.


(Mr. Giordano arrived for the rest of the Historic Commission meeting).




A.      PA-2005-02105, 150 Lithia Way.  Ms. Harris explained that the original application had been approved in December, 2005 with a condition that the applicants review the exterior materials with the Historic Commission prior to submitting for a building permit.  David Thruston, 103 South Laurel Street, reviewed with the Commissioners some of the plan changes and described the exterior material decisions as follows:

a.      Windows removed on side elevation because they were too close to the property line to meet building code requirements.

b.      The elevator shaft was moved into the interior of the building

c.      Windows will be aluminum clad

d.      Canopy will be powder-coated black metal

e.      Mesh in railings and screens will be stainless or galvanized

f.        Four glass-block windows added (in the closets)

g.      Recessed entries into retail space (powder-coated aluminum)

h.      Corrugated metal roof to be used on the entry structure to roof deck

i.         Center doors on 3rd story changed to windows with plaster below

j.         Parapet 1’4” higher on roof to meet railing codes for the roof deck

k.       Canopies removed over doors on rear elevation

l.         Skylights added to slanted roof on the roof access structure

m.    Planters were replaced by storage benches on 2nd story

n.      Tumbled brick veneer for the east and a portion of the south exteriors


Chairman Shostrom made a motion to approve the revised plans with the following conditions:

a.      Woven metal fabric for the railings and screens needs to have a satin or galvanized finish

b.      Brick veneer needs to be a smooth, square brick pattern (not a tumbled look)

c.      Black powder-coating is too high contrast. Use a dark color such as dark bronze.

d.      Applicant to resubmit brick veneer and metal color samples within 30 days.


The motion was seconded by Mr. Giordano and approved unanimously.


Since Mr. Kistler was not present to discuss the North Main & Glenn Street project, the Commissioners agreed to change the agenda to allow Mr. Kramer to present his information on Items C. and D. under Old Business.




C.     Lithia Fountain Repair – George Kramer shared that the fountain damage was extensive and much of it had been removed and a temporary explanatory sign installed.  The steel cleats that supported the basins had rusted and failed.  The “donut” section of the granite stand was in bad shape. The granite base and cap were in good shape.  A determination was made that all of the plumbing would need to be replaced using PEX tubing which would hold up to the corrosiveness of the water.  The basins would need to be supported by a separate framework that could be covered by granite veneer cut from the original “donut” section.  The basins would be aluminum cast from a 1927 vintage basin and powder-coated white to look like porcelain.  Because of the corrosiveness of the water, it was recommended that the fountain valves be removed and replaced by constant running bubblers that would also prevent the carbon dioxide from building up pressure. The metal plaque would be removed from the granite because of the water damage it causes and it would be placed on a separate free-standing sign.  The Commissioners agreed to all of the suggestions.


D.     Historic Reconnaissance Survey Status – George Kramer described that the preliminary assessment of the Ashland North study area revealed two primary concentrations of historically significant development.  The first, immediately adjacent to the Skidmore-Academy Historic District and the railroad line and on over to Ohio and Orange streets.  Mr. Kramer felt this area could easily be added to the Skidmore district.  The second area along the Oak Street corridor was a more rural development but contains several of the historic Helman family homes and buildings.  There are also many 1950-1960’s homes built in this area. Mr. Kramer suggested the Historic Commissioners decide what to do with these properties.  The Commissioners felt they should schedule a study session to more thoroughly discuss the options.




B.     Pre-Application Review: North Main & Glenn Street, Commercial Site Review.  Ray Kistler, of Kistler Architects, described the plan and the proposed materials.  He said he had just found out the front setback is 20 feet instead of 10 feet which would severely impact the ability to use the proposed design.  He may need to request a setback variance.  The Commissioners thought there was a good blend of contemporary with period elements in the design.  There was some discussion about revising the front entry to angle the doors on the interior corners in order to broaden the look of the front elevation while narrowing the look of the entry.  The majority of the Commissioners said they could support a variance to the setback if necessary.


OLD BUSINESS (continued)


A. Review Board – Following is the month’s schedule for the Review Board, which meets every Thursday from 3:00 to at least 3:30 p.m. in the Planning Department:


September 7th


September 14th

Terry, Keith, Henry

September 21st

Terry, Sam, Dale

September 28th

Terry, Jay, Rob

October 5th

Terry, Keith, Jay




PA #2000-120

485 “A” Street (Steve Hoxmeier)


PA #2004-102

832 “A” Street (Ilene Rubenstein)


PA #2004-110

150 Church St (Robert M. Saladoff)


PA #2004-138

234 Vista St (Sid & Karen DeBoer)


PA #2004-154

180 Lithia Way (Archerd & Dresner)



685 A Street (William Reeves)



820 “C” Street (Randy & Helen Ellison)



11 First Street (Ron Yamaoka)



145 East Main St (Urban Development Services/SERA Arch)



125 Sherman Street (Russ Dale)



247 Third Street (Marc Valens & Anne Golden)



160 Nob Hill (ARU-Dan Heller & Don Sever)



175 North Main (First Methodist Church Remodel)



520 Fairview Street (Stewart Ward-Porch)



A Street between 5th & 6th Streets (Tax Lot 6507 – Jerry Kenefick)



160 Helman (Siskiyou LLC & James Batzer)



D.  (Continued)  Historic Reconnaissance Survey – The Commissioners discussed setting up a Study Session and Goal Setting meeting for Monday, Oct 23rd or Tuesday Oct. 24th or Thursday, Oct. 26th.  Nov. 16th was also a possibility. Consensus was to meet in the Siskiyou Room and then go for dinner at Thai Pepper.  Ms. Harris said she would check to get approval for the staff time and will also check for budget approval.  Ms. Boswell agreed to coordinate with the Commissioners schedules to determine which date and time would work best.


E.     Lithia Springs National Register Nomination – No Report


F.      Single Family Residential Design Standards – No Report


G.     Co-Sponsorship with Conservation Commission for Fall Workshop – No Report




A.      Demolition Ordinance Revisions – Ms. Harris explained that the proposed demolition ordinance revision would require any request for demolition of any building within the City that is more than 45 years old be reviewed by the Historic Review Board for comments.  Ms. Harris said if something comes before the Review Board that the Commissioners feel uncomfortable with, the meeting could be delayed to the next Review Board meeting where more Commissioners could be contacted to attend.  Chairman Shostrom said this gives the Historic Commission the opportunity to make comment on all demolitions within the City and a chance to better educate the public.  There was a consensus of approval among the Commissioners on the proposed ordinance.


B.     Historic Information Signs – Revised Locations – The Parks Commission denied the request to place one of the historic information signs in Lithia Park.  The alternative location is in the Plaza.  Ms. Leighton said the Parks Department refusal was partially based on the issue of who would be responsible for maintenance of the sign.  Ms. Harris said she was unaware of that issue and she would pass that information on.




The next Historic Commission meeting will be on October 4, 2006 at 7:00 pm in the Siskiyou Room.




With a motion by Ms. Leighton and a second by Mr. Baker, it was the unanimous decision of the Commission to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 p.m.

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