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Economic and Cultural Development Grant meeting

Friday, May 21, 2004

Economic and Cultural Development Grant Presentations

Draft Minutes

May 21, 2004, 7:00pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street





The Economic and Cultural Development meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. on May 21, 2004, in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street Ashland, Oregon.


ROLL CALL: Councilor Hartzell, Laws, and Jackson were present. Budget Committee Members Olsen, Stepahin, Silbiger, and Williams were present.



                                    CINDY HANKS, PROJECT COORDINATOR

                                    BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY




The Lithia Arts Guild asked to present their grant request. Laws/Hartzell m/s to allow to present.  Debbie Lorray, Jim Young spoke to the project at Briscoe School. They spoke to the event that they are requesting funding for. Kate Jackson, Councilor clarified that they do not have a contract yet with the School District; they only have an agreement in principle. They will also need to apply for a conditional use permit. Ms. Jackson also clarified that the Public Arts Commission has not been involved in this project. Mr. Young explained that they talked to three people on the Commission about it and they showed interest. They explained that the School district would receive 4% of sales and they are working on networking support but do not have any contracts yet. Ms. Jackson feels that the money should be allocated to them but if they do not obtain a contract, the funds would come back to the City. The Committee asked to clarify whom the artists would be and how would they be chosen. They responded there are five rooms that will be rented by artists. One space will be a working space for artists.


Ms. Jackson spoke to the new Resolution for TOT. She spoke to the change for tourism and the economic and cultural development emphasis. Don Laws, Councilor doesn’t think that they could expect the change this year due to the grant applications were completed before the Resolution took place.  He sees the need for events that enhance the City for both residents and tourists. Cate Hartzell, Councilor hopes by next year that the partnership with the Chamber grows to help the smaller grantees.




Ms. Hartzell proposed looking at the grantees that have been funded for several years and seeing if they need these funds should be cut back. The Committee expressed the need to have the grantees present what they accomplish with the funds that they are granted from the City from the previous year. Dave Williams, Budget Committee Member feels that the organizations that promote the arts are an important part of Ashland and need the funds. The Committee had concerns regarding the association with the SOU Native American Academy and the college and voiced that they support all the multi cultural events that were applied for. Southern Oregon Historical Society’s funding is contingent on the signage being approved by the Council and meeting the City Code. Mr. Laws does not support the City funding groups that he sees are political interest groups as he feels the Peace House is. Ms. Hartzell suggested not funding the Peace House and asking them to come back next year and address concerns that they may be for political interest. The Committee allocated $1,500 for the Ashland Gallery Association only for the advertising for the directory. The Committee stated that they did not agree with the program that Artattack presented and needed funding for and chose not to fund.  The allocations were made as follows:


            Science Works                                     $12,000

            SOWAC                                                              8,500

            S.O. Film Society                                                 8,500

            Community Works                                               7,000

SOEDC                                                               6,500

            Rogue Valley Symphony                                       6,000

            Rogue Opera                                                        6,000

            Ashland Gallery Association                                 5,000

            Ballet Rogue                                                         4,500

            Siskiyou Singers                                                   4,100

            Youth Symphony of Oregon                                 4,000

            Lithia Arts Guild of Oregon                                   4,000

            St. Clair Productions                                             4,000

            The Green Room                                                 3,000

            SOU, Native American Studies Program           2,500

            Southern Oregon Historical Society                       2,143

Arts Council of Southern Oregon                          1,500

            Peace House                                                               0

            Artattack                                                                     0

            Total                                                               $ 89,243


This leaves $5,925 unallocated.


Ms. Hartzell proposed to add $2000 to SOEDC and $1000 to the Southern Oregon Film Society. Mr. Laws did not want to give more to SOEDC and Ms. Jackson did not want to give more to Science Works. Williams/Laws m/s to leave balance in reserve. Hartzell would like to add $500 to SOEDC. 


Williams/Jackson m/s to approve allocations. Williams, Laws, Jackson, Silbiger, Stepahin, and Olsen, yes. Hartzell, no. Motion passed 6 to 1.





The Committee would like the Finance Department to keep the bylaws and 501 c3 and tract within the City and not distribute to the subcommittee. The Committee would like the Finance Department to produce a policy for financial reporting.  Ray Olsen, Budget Committee Member would like to raise minimum and be more specific of expectations of grantees. Russ Silbiger, Budget Committee Member would like to see the City have on file the 990 IRS documents of applicants. Ms. Hartzell would like to see the program budget be more specific for what the funds will go towards and is not in favor of raising minimum.




The meeting was adjourned at 9:54 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,



Bryn Morrison, Administrative Secretary

Finance Department

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