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Economic and Cultural Development Grant meeting

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Economic and Cultural Development Grant Presentations

Draft Minutes

May 20, 2004, 7:00pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street






The Economic and Cultural Development meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. on May 20, 2004, in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street Ashland, Oregon.


ROLL CALL: Councilor Hartzell, Laws, and Jackson were present. Budget Committee Members Olsen, Stepahin, Silbiger, and Williams were present.



                                    CINDY HANKS, PROJECT COORDINATOR

                                    BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY



Williams/Olsen m/s for Silbiger to chair the meeting.  All Ayes.


Lee Tuneberg, Finance Director spoke that $95, 168 will be allocated and proposed to set time limit for presentations to 5 minutes. Committee agreed.



PRESENTATIONS: In order of receipt.


Grant Applicant                                      Grant Requested


SOEDC                                                                       $9,000


Rob Hambleton spoke to the goal of building the local economy with producers and buyers. They want to build a campaign and $6,000 is to continue the creation of material to educate community, and $3,000 will be for the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative directory. The Committee asked if they will be sustainable and what the criteria was for the directory. Mr. Hambleton replied that it would be sustainable and they promote businesses that want to be economically stable and that pay and treat employees well. He explained that the Shared Use commercial kitchen program is more successful in the Ashland area. The Committee asked about going to the Chamber in Ashland and Medford for support. Mr. Hambleton responded that they already have started the plan to use networks.




Artattack                                                                      11,200


Judd Robbins, Nicole Isaacson-Hill, spoke regarding the theatre group. They are flexible to reduce costs to enable choice for people in the community to go to the theatre. The Committee asked if they received donations and they replied that they do not receive donations from the businesses that they will offer the reduced tickets to their employees. The Committee asked if there is a way that the Chamber or the City would be able to help with filling the empty seats, if they do not receive all the funds requested. The Committee asked about the businesses selected to receive the discounted tickets. They responded that all businesses are limited to ten tickets per night at half price and they will ask for identification proving they are employees from the downtown area. Dave Williams, Budget Committee Member stated that he thinks they should make the discount available to more people.


Rogue Valley Symphony                                               13,600


Francis Van Ausdal, Tom O’Rourke explained how the Symphony will expand their season. They will increase by two concerts at SOU, and fund raising concerts. They will bus Ashland students to the full concert in Medford. The Committee asked about the increasing salaries and it was explained that it was due to the additional concerts.


SOWAC                                                                        8,500


Helen Wallace spoke to the function of the organization. She spoke to the categories of Resolution that the organization fulfills with grant. They are supported from community, and have to raise the same amount from non-federal funded agencies to receive federal grants. She stated that the grant will be a small portion of the total expense of the classes and that they have changed their name to the Microenterprise Development Center.


Rogue Opera                                                                10,000


Lorrie Hall spoke to four programs that the grant will fund. They will extend season to an eight week season and they hope to donate more tickets this next year. They also hope to do mentoring for students.  The Committee asked what portion of the grant would go towards an Ashland program.  Ms. Hall responded that the Amahl production would be the only one. The Committee questioned the short terms of the Board of Directors, 7 of 11 have been on less than 2 years. Ms. Hall explained that they did an organizational assessment and reorganized and added several people.


Arts Council of Southern Oregon                                    3,000


Lyn Godsey, Steve Preston spoke to the goals of the organization. Online arts directory will be established with grant and will be for artists to belong to at the $50 dollar level for only $35. The City would be subsidizing the artists to be able to join at that level. They have 50 people or organizations that would receive a $50 membership. They explained that the grant will help with administrative costs.


Youth Symphony of Southern Oregon                 4,000


Larry Cooper spoke to the function of the organization. They provide students with a rare opportunity that is usually not available in small communities. The grant will be used for 3 performances in the off-season to bring tourists in. 70% will be from Ashland and 30% from elsewhere. The students that participate are required to be in orchestra in school and the largest expense is the performance space.


Ashland Gallery Association                                           8,000


Mickie McCormic, Jason Couch spoke to the mission of the association. They spoke to the achievements and the need for funding. They want to market Ashland as an art destination. The grant would help to maintain the website and promote it nationally. One goal is to attract people from 500 miles away and show Ashland as a total vacation destination.


Peace House                                                                  5,000


Linda Richards, Kevin Preister would like to promote multi cultural events. They have four events with different themes. They would like to produce brochure to promote Ashland. The events will be held in Ashland and people will be coming from around the region and would be promoted toward people that would participate in this level of peacekeeping. They would only produce pure cultural programs.


Siskiyou Singers                                                             6,000


Alison Elliot, Lezley Sanders spoke to the history of the organization. They spoke to the need for funding. The grant will be for enhancement of website and the production of a CD. They have discussed raising ticket prices and the fee to participate. They do not want to have to do that. 


Ballet Rogue                                                                   6,000


Glenn Hill spoke that the City has helped to fund the performances for the last 17 years. This year they will do 3 performances. They are asking for 40% of their costs. 


Southern Oregon Film Society                          10,000


Tom Olbrich, Darrel Pearce spoke to the festival history. They spoke to the demographic categories that the festival draws. The grant will be used to supplement the volunteers and increase staff. They will use the grant to promote the festival and reach out to other areas. They are requesting a grant from the  Carpenter Foundation for  $17,500.






St. Clair Productions                                                      5,000


Ariella St. Clair, Maureen Hicks spoke to the history of the organization. The grant would help with advertising. They have a grant request with Carpenter and Celebration Foundations. Income statement will need to include a raffle netted at $600.



SOU Native American Studies Program                          5,000


David West spoke to the history of the academy. He spoke of the possible use of the grant funds and the theatre programs. They are working with many other regions to improve schools in cultural development.


Science Works                                                 20,000


Christy Hostetler, spoke to the educational programs and the services they provide. They have expanded their days from two to five this year. The grant funds will help to market the museum.


Southern Oregon Historical Society                                 2,143


Richard Seidman spoke to the use of the grant request. He stated that they would comply within the City’s code requirements for the signage. The panels would take minimum maintenance and Parks would be responsible for it.


Community Works                                                       10,000


Arnie Green spoke that the grant would help in their existing business. They are trying to diversify their funding due to cutbacks. They have been donated a candle factory and are working toward marketing the products.  It will cost $35,000 to hire an individual to research marketing and promotion and would be an employee of the business.


Lithia Arts Guild of Oregon                                             8,000


 No Presentation


The Green Room of Ashland                                           5,000

Josuah Heuertz, Laura Henneman spoke to productions and need for funds.  They feel that they fulfill the categories in the Resolution for the funds.



Total                                                                      $149,443

The estimated 2004-2005 budget allocation is $95,000.











Postponed until the meeting on May 21, 2004 at 7:00 p.m.


The Finance Department will email the Committee a spreadsheet of allocations to complete and return before the May 21 meeting. The Committee made suggestions for the next year application form.




The meeting was adjourned at 10:35 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,


Bryn Morrison, Administrative Secretary

Finance Department


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