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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Conservation Commission
These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the January 25, 2006 Conservation Commission Meeting.

December 07, 2005– 7:00 pm
Community Development Building
51 Winburn Way
Chairperson Amarotico called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Community Development Building.
He introduced the newest member of the Commission representing Southern Oregon University (SOU), Stuart Corns. Commissioner Corns gave the other members a brief background about himself and the members introduced themselves to him.
Attendees: Charles Bennett, Carol Carlson, Russ Chapman, Stuart Corns, Joanne Krippaehne, Ross Finney and Paige Prewett. Jim Hartman was absent.
City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Dick Wanderscheid


Chairperson Amarotico asked for an approval of the October 26, 2005 minutes.
Commissioner Chapman made a motion to approve the minutes of October 26, 2005 and Commissioner Finney seconded the motion.
Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of October 26, 2005 were approved.

 Lucy Edwards the new coordinator for CERT (community emergency response team) spoke to the Commission about her role with CERT. She believes people choose self alliance in terms of energy and renewable resources. Her organization’s’ primary goal is emergency preparation and she is interested in working with the Commission to preserve energy resources and contribute to a stronger community. She invited the Commission to participate in the training course they provide to the public in emergency training. Their web site is .
Commissioner Chapman reported the recycling center took in 18 loads for the two days designated for free leaf recycling days, November 8th and the 22nd. That represented 122,400 pounds of leaves that were able to divert. He mentioned compost is available by bulk or bags for sale at the transfer station.   The members were interested in a tour of Dry Creek and Commissioner Chapman will arrange a tour in February.
He reported due to some accounting problems the grant paid for by the Commission for recycling florescent bulbs would begin anew from this date, and Ashland Sanitary would pay for all prior recycling. They have a new system in place and will be able to track the information from now on.
Commissioner Chapman participated in two classroom presentations at the Middle School and reported to the Commission his involvement with the different schools and types of presentations they present.
Density Bonus
Mr. Wanderscheid reported the City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance that amends the Land Use Code that would give developers a 15% density bonus if every home in their development was built to the Earth Advantage Standards. The second reading would be within a few weeks.
The members discussed aspects from the developer, builder and homeowners viewpoint. Mr. Wanderscheid reminded the members they can view correspondence between Council members regarding any issues, from the Council Web site accessing the list serve.

Renewable Solar
Council Session, January 12, 2006
Mr. Wanderscheid explained the discussion would also include a third issue: to mandate all new City owned facilities be built to Lead Standards. He reported Bonneville will offer a renewable product approximately 4-7 dollars a megawatt hour above what is paid for wholesale power. Currently, the environmentally preferred power from Bonneville is $10.50 and this would be 50-70% less than current cost. Bonneville is also offering Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), formally called Green Tags, for 3-6 dollar increments. He also explained about the Federal Energy Policy called Clean Renewable Energy Bond, (CREBB) which allows funding with no interest for renewable projects. Mr. Wanderscheid will present to the Council an issue paper and also make it available to this Commission. The members discussed Leads standards and certification.
Budget   $2,783.74
Commissioner Prewett reminded the Commission Earth Day is April 22 and the theme this year was Earthday 2006, Today and Everyday. She reported briefly new ideas for this years event.
1.      Historic Conservation
           No report
2.      Education/Events
            Commissioner Carlson reported there would be a Master Garden Class March 4, 2006.
3.      Green Business
            No report.
The Commission members viewed the SOU produced video that was funded by Ashland Food Coop in regards to the Renewable Pioneer Program that was encouraged by Commissioner Prewett and Mr. Wanderscheid.
There members discussed ideas for different locations that could be utilized for the solar project.
Commissioner Prewett gave a brief update to the marketing strategy for Renewable Pioneers. She explained the different mixes of energy for Green Tags: Cleaner Future (99% Wind, 1% Solar) and Brighter Future (90% Wind, 10% Solar). Cleaner Future cost is $20 per Green Tag and Brighter Future is $24 per Green Tag and both carry reductions for bulk purchases. She mentioned there has been a lot of activity on the website. The Commission received 500 brochures and 350 were placed in 11 sites around Ashland. Mr. Wanderscheid and Tom Starrs from BEF will be on the Jefferson Exchange, December 12 talking about trends, renewable energy in the northwest, local projects and renewable pioneers.
Commissioner Prewett reported green tag sales were up 70% over last year. New businesses included Blue Giraffe, ZRK Enterprises, Herbal Company, Little Shop of Bagels and Ashland High School continues to support the program with purchases. To date, 870 Green Tags purchased, has reduced 615.3 tons of carbon dioxide not admitted into the atmosphere and 254 acres of planted trees. She believed by the end of the year, over 1000 tags would be purchased creating 700.7 tons reduction of carbon dioxide and 290.3 acres of planted trees.
She expressed Bonneville Environmental Foundations desire to thank the Commission for their commitment to the program and funding of the brochures and Jefferson Public Radio.
January 25, 2006 at the Community Development Building.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant to
Electric Department

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