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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

September 7, 2004


1. CALL TO ORDER: 10:00 AM
2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: August 3rd minutes approved with changes

A. T-Hangar Update -
Staff and Adroit are doing a walk-thru today following the Commission meeting, members are welcome to attend. Adroit plans to be completed by Friday. Skinner reported that construction went well and Adroit stayed on top of keeping the area clean. Adroit will be pressure washing the taxiways as part of clean up. Brown reported that remaining work would be completed by the Street and Water Departments. Water line connections for the fire hydrants will begin this week and the paving for the approaches will be paved after the water line is complete. A final inspection will need to be completed by the Building Department before the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

Skinner and staff have completed filling all the vacancies. Skinner will post updates on proposed move in dates as the work finishes up. The commission discussed the need for more T-hangar space on the field. There still remain potential renters on the waiting list that were not even contacted before the occupancy was full.

Action: Skinner and staff will continue to complete the rental agreements and collection of the monies.

B. ALP Master Plan Update -
Draft Chapters 1-4 was included in the packet. Chapter 5 was sent later as an email to the commissioners. The draft chapters need to be reviewed and comments forwarded to either Brown or Lamb who will pass them onto the engineer. Any change or ideas that we don't want included in the draft master plan need to be addressed prior to the public meeting.

There will be a pre-meeting for commissioners and staff on Thursday, September 16th followed by the public meeting at 4 PM in the Sky Research Hangar.

Brown was still slightly concerned that the upper portion could not be excavated to achieve an acceptable FAA grade for airplane taxiways. Aircraft that taxi nose-up have a hard time making it up the approved maximum grades and some aircraft do not have parking brakes making the grades very important. T-hangars have proven themselves to be needed and the commission supports building more in the near future. The development of the airport should be equitable between T-hangars and businesses. Any changes made to the plan are subject to FAA approval.

The land that was purchased to accommodate aviation based businesses has access to utilities and services that were not available during the last master plan revision. Marketing of this area needs to be considered. The land was bought with an FAA grant and we have to follow strict guidelines on what is acceptable. Selling the land may be an option in the future. Skillman was adamantly opposed to selling the land. The area for growth is priceless. Even with the grade, at some point that land will be developable in the far future. DeBoer would like to research the aviation based criteria, could this be leased to non-aviation.

Hangar development and airplane trips will limit the size of the airport. Once the noise and activity becomes a nuisance to the citizens there will be a public interest to limit the growth. Staff has been seeking grants to further develop utilities, but none have been awarded. The utilities will run directly up the main taxiway to the upper sections. The estimate for these continuations is expected to be around $120,000. Skinner feels there will be more interest in building private hangars if the infrastructure is in place. The taxiways and access will make it easier to visualize where hangars can be built. Skinner feels building and renting another set of T-hangars this year would be financially beneficial. Brown felt that it would be another two years before Finance will be willing to consider funding another set. Brown will continue to apply for grants for taxiway construction.

In the draft chapters, Commission would like reference made to the self-fueling, correct references to other airports and various typographical errors throughout document. Lamb will email edits to Century West.

In review of the Alternative Maps, Commission discussed the types of hangars and different placements for optimal use and realistic development. Brown was pleased to see alternate access for vehicles to reduce the conflict with planes. DeBoer and Zeve would like to see more opportunity for businesses. Zeve felt that the upper area would be beneficial to businesses that would be complimentary to aircraft and pilots like avionics and upholstery. DeBoer suggested having offices with daylight hangars out the back to help compensate for the grade changes. Hendrickson was supportive of building more T-hangars which seem to be in demand.

Action: The next step will be the public meeting. Century West will then focus on the preferred alternative and bring it back for review from the Commission. Once the plan is ready it will be taken to a Council study session for adoption. We are looking at a November timeframe for finish.

C. AIP Update
FAA has accepted the contract with LTM for the construction of the runway, washrack, apron rehabilitation, beacon and MIRL lighting. The mobilization costs were high and the FAA negotiated a lower cost.

Because of the work in progress at the Jackson County Airport, it would be beneficial to us and LTM to pave at the same time. There are extensive tests for each batch of pavement to meet the FAA requirements. The airport closures will be worked out with Skinner. LTM and Skinner are hoping for no more than two days of closure in all, but there may be some night time closures. Commission urged staff to look at the tie-down arrangement options prior to paving. The tie-down blocks are set in the pavement prior to paving so if there are changes they need to be made prior to paving. The trenching near the runway for the lighting will cause closures. When the lighting is functional it will be pilot actuated. The beacon is a Crouse-Hinds. Staff is not sure of the wattage requirement for the light.

Skinner will follow up on the Superunicom system. The system did not offer an ASOP option. The FAA would approve Ashland as a weather station if we had that option. This is not justifiable at this point.

Hamilton asked for a copy of the schedule to work around the Experimental Aircraft Associations events. They would like to do an event before winter.

A. Meeting Time Change

Rostykus requested the meeting time be changed to 9:00 AM instead of 10:00 AM. The date is fine, just the times. Commission moved its meeting time to 9:00 AM the first Tuesday of the Month.

A. Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports

There was some concern over some of the markers put out by the contractors. They were too tall for propellers to safely pass over. There have been planes that are not paying for their transient parking. Skinner will consider putting up an envelope box to make it more convenient to pay.


ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:10 AM

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