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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the August 27, 2003 Conservation Commission Meeting.

MINUTES FOR Conservation Commission
July 23, 2003 7:00 p.m.
Civic Center Council Chambers
1175 E. Main Street

Acting Chairperson, Bruce Moats, called the meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. in the Ashland Council Chambers.

Attendees: Charles Bennett, Ross Finney, Bruce Moats, Carol Carlson, and Paige Prewett. Alex Amarotico arrived late. Jim Hartman, Russ Chapman, and Joanne Krippaehne were absent.

City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Larry Giardina

Acting Chairperson called for a silent role call and took a moment to welcome the new Commission member: Ross Finney. Ross Finney replaced Darcy Cronin who has moved out of the area. Moats commented on the great work he has done for the Commission in the past.


Bruce Moats asked for a motion to approve the minutes as submitted.

Alex Amarotico arrived and proceeded with the meeting as the Chairperson.

Bruce Moats made a motion to approve the minutes of June 25th as submitted and Ross Finney seconded the motion. Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of June 25, 2003 were approved.


No speakers.


No speakers present.


1. Marketing

    No marketing report

2. Green Business

Larry Giardina reported about the meeting he had with Finney, Amarotico, Carlson and Krippaehne concerning the green business program. Their discussions included recruiting new businesses; incorporating sustainable practices and implementing recognition to these businesses based on progression.

Giardina reported about Cathy Cartmill's progress with the Ashland Racquet Club and their ability to re-lamp his tennis court area with energy savings. Staff worked and presented the economic savings, of almost half the cost, allowing Ashland Racquet Club to pursue options.

Finney wondered if Giardina had talked to Ashland Racquet Club about the green business program and Giardina remarked he would be able to explain the program to them in the future.

Carlson asked how long the City provides the rebate of .10 cents per kilowatt for conservation programs and Giardina explained the rebate was a one time payment based on the first year annual savings.

Giardina reported IL Giardino restaurant was interested in solar water heating for their dishwashing and Giardina estimated a 6-year payback with the rebates. Amarotico mentioned restaurant usage in Ashland is very well suited to solar heating.

There was discussion concerning other restaurants using solar heating for water and gas rates increasing this winter making solar more economical.

Prewett wondered if Ashland Racquet Club and IL Giardino would be trying to earn the green business status and Giardina would like to present other sustainable practices to them that would qualify them for the program and then present the program. He also received a lead on another store that may be converting their refrigeration system. Giardino mentioned that all these businesses are moving in the direction of Commercial Green Business.

He reported next about an energy management system that restaurants with a considerable amount of consumption could implement. Discussion followed about restaurants in the valley that might be able to utilize this system and the designer's background.

Carlson asked for an explanation of the system and Giardina explained that basically it was timing of operations which included economizer function of air handlers that utilize out-door temperature air to cool buildings when cool enough rather than air conditioning. He also explained it could include refrigeration recycling to other large demands, or use sunlight when it was available in parts of the restaurant, maintaining a program of controls that could be adjusted from 300 miles away.

Benett requested to be on the sub-committee for the green business programs and Finney commented on how great it was businesses were pursuing ways to conserve energy.


Carlson mentioned the up-coming tour on August 16th and mentioned she will be reviewing videos about various rain harvesting. The tour will begin at North Mountain Park at 9am and continue to 12pm.

Prewett asked for ideas for the next sustainable living workshop and Carlson mentioned solar. Prewett explained that October is Energy Awareness Month and felt solar would tie well. She mentioned the next calendar would come out in September.

Giardina reported that Christopher Diamond would be speaking to the City Council about solar proposals.

Discussion followed about how the tour would be facilitated.

Amarotico asked for any other old business.

Bennett wondered where the display was located. Giardina mentioned the display was in the Community Development Center.

Amarotico announced the start of the new budget.

New Business

Finney announced he was now under contract along with Prewett to do outreach work for the Bonneville Environment Foundation. They will promote the program that encourages Ashland to purchase green tags. He talked about different PR approaches to enhance the program. Prewett explained her work for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation will include basic outreach, advertising and giving information to the media and maybe working with direct outreach and Finney is concentrating on the business green tags. They will work together as a team for the next few months.

Bennett wondered about the Commission's solar pioneer subcommittee that helps promote green tags in contrast to Finney and Prewett's contracts. Prewett explained her actions so far included putting together a video presentation to explain about green power and train residential and business and offered to present it to the subcommittee or staff.

Giardina remarked about the confusion between green tags and how it applies to renewable. Bennett and Prewett thought it would be beneficial to research the amount of income received from the green tag sales and what the next project would be. Bennett again expressed his desire to participate on the green power subcommittee. Amarotico wondered if the Commission could determine how many green tags were sold, and Giardina said he would check with Dick Wanderscheid.

Bennett mentioned he has maintained a personal goal of Internet postings for trading in order to promote conservation, but Prewett maintained her access to the City Web cite only can involve her department by way of her employment with the City. Bennett would like to pursue the idea further.

Amarotico announced that Time magazine had a large article about power and natural gas referring to costs and products. Amarotico remarked about the citizen survey and petitioned to have something about solar and renewable energy, but felt there was not enough City Council support to have it placed on the survey.

Giardina gave a brief report on the Adopt A Street Program remarking there are now 5 different streets that have been adopted by 4 different organizations. Bennett asked if Cathy Cartmill could bring the map to the next meeting outlining the areas. Prewett remarked what a good job she was doing with this program.

Prewett wondered what areas needed budget funds from the Commission and Bennett suggested campaigning for people to buy green tags would be one.

Finney wondered if there was a standard marketing committee and Prewett explained Krippaehne, Chapman, along with herself, try to meet before each Commission meeting.

Bennett suggested we form sub-committees and re-establish time-lines and goals.

Bennett made a motion to put sub-committees on the next meeting. Finney seconded the motion.

Carlson asked for clarification of the motion. Bennett stated if everyone were present at the next meeting, the Commission would go over the goals and attempt to put members into sub-committees. Finney suggested a three-four month, end of the year plan. Prewett suggested they look at the Thanksgiving and the December meeting, combining into one meeting, or discussing different dates then at the end of the month. Amarotico also suggested looking at the location where we meet.

Amarotico requested a vote for the motion on the table.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Coulson asked if anyone knew a source for scrap paper and members suggested the recycle bags of Community Development Center, Recycling Center, Park's office, or copy businesses.

Next meeting scheduled for August 27.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant
to Electric Department

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