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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ashland Tree Commission

Minutes, March 6, 2003

Call to Order- The meeting was called to order at 5:10pm by Chairperson Rich Whitall. Additional commissioners in attendance included Bryan Holley, Ted Loftus, Bryan Nelson and Jonathan Uto. Also in attendance were Council liaison Kate Jackson, Parks liaison Donn Todt and staff Robbin Pearce.

Approval of Minutes – Minutes for February were approved with corrections.

Welcome Guests – Nora and Olivia Knox were present for Planning Action 2003-007 276 West Nevada Street. Tom Marr was present for Planning Action 2002-151 North Mountain Ave.

Old Business

  1. Recommended Street Tree Guide – matrix – Bryan Nelson reported creating the format was an issue for him. Staff will create the format and Bryan Nelson will fill it in.
  2. Goals: 1)Heritage Trees – Forms from January and Bryan Nelson went to staff but January has a Mac system and staff was unable to translate. Staff will work with January to get the documents in a usable form. The next step is to have Planning Director McLaughlin review the forms. Finally they will go to Paul Nolte before staff creates a policy and procedure to take to Council. 2)Public Works Specifications – Laurie Sager sent the revised recommendations to Paula Brown and Peter Smeenik. They will incorporate what they can now and be sure the recommendations are in future projects. 3)Arbor Week Transition – Bryan Holley worked with Fran Berteau, Administrative Assistant responsible for the utility stuff and Ann Seltzer, Marketing Director responsible for City Source and website to get the transition information in both the April and September utility stuffer and for appropriate website announcements.
  3. Mapping Project Update – The interns are through GPS/GIS. We should have a map at the April meeting.
  4. Arbor Week Activities – The committee will have a complete and detailed listing by the April meeting. Events will include an article in the Tidings (Bryan Holley), a Ginkgo planting, the Mayor’s proclamation and a booth at the North Mountain Park’s Earth Day event on April 27th. The article for the Tidings will include information on the Tree of the Year Transition, Arbor Week activities, the Heritage Tree Program and the Earth Day celebration. Donn Todt will work on a location for the Ginkgo planting. Bryan Holley will ask the Mayor to attend the Tree planting and to invite Don Laws to the Tree planting. Donn Todt presented the idea of using aluminum plaques rather than bronze plaques. They are less expensive and yet still meet all the needs of a plaque. It was decided to stick with bronze for consistency and see where aluminum might fit in in the future.
  5. Professional Designer Standard Condition – Laurie Sager and staff met with Senior Planner Bill Molnar. He likes the idea and will review it with John McLaughlin.
  6. Project Review Update – Bryan Nelson reported that because Laurie Sager was on vacation they and January Jennings was at the ISA Conference they decided to table the meeting until April. The projects for review were chosen: Ashland Street Median Plantings, Oilstop, Mobile Station and Creekside Condos. Staff will have the plans available on April 1st for the subcommittee review. Staff also asked that each site visit be completed detailed to be included in the appropriate file.
  7. Memo Response from Paula Brown: Video – Donn Todt will continue to look for a good video on Protection of Trees during Construction. Bryan Holley presented a Tree protection sign he got from Seattle. Staff will review the signage in house and get approval to begin issuing for projects. CIP list – Staff will review the list with Paula Brown as to which ones we will need to be aware of and Donn Todt will let the commission know as Public Works makes him aware of the projects.
  8. Library Ginkgo – Staff reported there is only one ginkgo and staff is writing a letter to the Ashland Garden Club with the hope of finally resolving the situation.
  9. Other – There was no other old business.

New Business

  1. Site Reviews
  1. Planning Action 2003-007 – Conditional Use Permit for Accessory Unit at 276 West Nevada – Project meets all Site Design and Use Standards except street trees which will be addressed as Nevada Street is improved. Applicant should indicate how they will ensure the health of the required landscaping.
  2. Planning Actions 2002-023 & 025 – Site Review for a mixed use building on Clear Creek Drive and an Administrative Variance for more than the maximum allowable square footage. Viburum tinus – the deer will love it. The proposed corner location for the Ginkgo might be too windy. Consider relocating. The fruit of Sophora japonica is poisonous. Based on the proposed use of this building you might want to consider an alternate species.
  3. Planning Action 2002-151 – Outline Plan. See recommendations attached
  1. Old Existing Inventory – Bryan Holley will review the old inventory and report at the April meeting.
  2. Other – 1) Ted Loftus would like to have tree grates put on the agenda for future discussion. Donn Todt asked that the Downtown Tree Grate Retrofit be added to that discussion as well. 2)Prospect Project – Bryan Holley asked all the commissioners to be aware of the potential impact of the proposed project on Prospect. Staff will keep everyone informed. 3)Bryan Holley shared Colin Swales idea of adding palms to the landscaping in the island between the fire station and the library. It was suggested Colin contact the Arts Commission to see what could be done with art and palms. 4)Donn Todt shared his experience with the trees impacted on the Siskyou project. His recommendation to Public Works was: the existing trees along Siskiyou will require hand digging the entire block in order to save the existing root systems. small roots will be able to be cut clean; larger roots (over 6 inches) you should contact Donn Todt to make a determination as cutting that size of a root could cause irreparable damage to the tree.

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm


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