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Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

ASHLAND FOREST LANDS COMMISSION November 13, 2002 4:30 – 6:00 PM MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: Richard Brock, Elizabeth Crosson, Jo Anne Eggers, Stephen Jensen, Anthony Kerwin, Bill Robertson (Chair), John Morrison (Council Liaison) Members Absent: Frank Betlejewski Staff Present: Nancy Slocum, Pieter Smeenk, Keith Woodley Marty Main (Consultant) I. CALL TO ORDER AT 4:45 PM II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: October 9, 2002 minutes approved with three minor amendments. III. PUBLIC FORUM: No one spoke. IV. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: A. Commission Participation with City Interface Group – Hiener did not arrive so Woodley spoke for him. A “City Interface Group” involving Hiener, the Mayor, City Administrator, ODF, Marty Main, Kate Hartzell, Keith Woodley and others have been meeting to discuss potential grant-funded work in the forest interface. Hiener asked the Forest Commission to appoint a liaison. Commission nominated Crosson and she accepted. B. Continued Discussion of Stand Density Reduction on City Owned Forest Lands – Crosson and Jensen had edited pages 1-5 of Draft 9 before the meeting. Commission discussed the revisions noting that more information was needed on beetle management. Crosson wanted to know if the current state of urgency to move forward on this phase of treatment had to do with the threat of beetles and how real that threat was. Brock understood that the thinner the forest, the more resistant it was to beetle infestation. Was this assumption flawed? He also wondered if there was a way to manipulate silviculture to reduce the beetle population. Commission asked for a recent article on beetles. In addition, commission would ask Betlejewski to invite Don Goheen, Zone Entomologist for the Forest Service, to speak at the December 2nd Study Session. Robertson and Eggers both received offers of more staff time in order to finish the draft. Woodley said the amount of time for the public hearings process depended upon variables such as the level of interest and the amount of education the public desired. Brock thought the Economics section needed a philosophy statement about not maximizing profit. Commission agreed to add the economic piece Brock wrote before the last study session. Jensen thought it appropriate to identify potential sources of funding in this section. Egger thought a reminder about the City’s and the community’s continued commitment, including funding, should be emphasized. Commission will ask Betlejewski to add numbers to the section. Brock brought up the need for maps showing priorities of the specific areas in the lower watershed and the Winburn parcel from Main. He also wanted Main to provide a table showing stand density for the Appendix. Brock volunteered to work on the botany section including Winburn parcel fungi. He will also add to the “Additional Design Features” and “Monitoring” section. Main will add to the section on “Snags and Coarse Woody Material” and Liz will compose a section regarding fish. Commission agreed to hold another Study Session on Monday, December 2nd from 4:00 PM to 6:30 PM. They agreed to ratify the final draft at the regular December 11th meeting. All rewrites and additions should be emailed to Jensen. V. OTHER BUSINESS Woodley sent the Commissioners a draft Request for Proposal for the Geologist contract. Duties are similar to the Barranca (Units Q, R and S – steep slopes with active landslides located above the waterline) contract, but asking for greater detail. Commission approved the draft. Kerwin thought it was appropriate to begin grant research to help with funding, especially for the lower watershed. Commission asked Woodley if Chris Chambers could begin the research. VI. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 6:15 PM

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