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Climate & Energy Action Plan ad hoc Committee

Scope of Work

The ad hoc Climate Change and Energy Action Plan Committee is charged with making recommendations to the City Council regarding a climate change and energy action plan intended to identify existing and potential vulnerabilities and develop an organized and prioritized set of actions to protect people and resources from the ongoing impacts of climate change. The plan shall include targets and strategies for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Ashland. These targets and strategies may be short- mid- or long-term, and shall consider cost, feasibility, community acceptance and likelihood of success, with an emphasis on voluntary measures that can be undertaken by different sectors of the community. The plan shall include specific, measurable actions that citizens and local institutions can undertake immediately upon adoption of the plan.
The Committee shall review similar plans in comparable communities, consult as necessary with local subject matter experts in the areas of transportation, energy, land use and infrastructure (and other areas as the Committee deems advisable), and identify implementation steps as appropriate. 
The Committee shall, in consultation with City staff and consultants, determine its own work plan and project timeline, however the activities of consultants hired by the City to work on the plan or technical reports associated with the plan shall be directed by the City and not by the ad hoc committee.  The ad hoc committee shall not create and appoint subcommittees without the prior consent of the City Council.  Unless otherwise directed by the City Council, the Climate Change and Energy Action Plan shall be delivered to the City Council by January 31, 2017.
The Committee shall, in the course of its work:
  • Provide ample opportunity for public input and feedback; and
  • Present its recommendations in writing so they can be easily shared with the public.

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Agendas and Minutes

August 18, 2015
1st and 3rd Wednesdays

Email Address
Term Begin
Term End
Claudia Alick   Member   10/20/2015    
Roxane Beigel-Coryell   Member   08/18/2015    
Cindy Bernard   Member   04/19/2016    
Isaac Bevers   Ex-OfficioMember   04/05/2016    
Stuart Green   Member   09/15/2015    
Adam Hanks   StaffLiaison   08/18/2015    
Jim Hartman   Member   01/04/2016    
Gregory Jones   Member   09/15/2015    
Marni Koopman   Member   03/02/2016    
James McGinnis   Member   08/18/2015    
Claire Pryor   Member   11/01/2016    
Rich Rosenthal   CommitteeChair   08/18/2015    
Louise Shawkat   Member   08/18/2015    
Bryan Sohl   Member   08/18/2015    

Calendar Events
Climate & Energy Action Plan Committee Meeting
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
Meeting of the Climate & Energy Action Plan ad hoc Committee.  (Read more)
Climate & Energy Action Plan Committee Meeting
Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Meeting of the Climate & Energy Action Plan ad hoc Committee.  (Read more)
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Agendas And Minutes  
Climate & Energy Action Plan Meeting - Jan 18
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