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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, December 17, 2020

        December 17th, 2020

CALL TO ORDER:  6:03pm


Commissioners Present: Mark Brouillard, Joe Graf, Corinne Vièville, Linda Peterson Adams, Katharine Danner, Bruce Borgerson, Derrick Claypool-Barnes

Commissioners Not Present- None

Council Liaison Not Present: Julie Akins

Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Shannon Burruss

Guests Present: None




Approval of Minutes 11.19.20

Vièville motions to approve with grammar correction, Danner seconds.

Commissioners approve minutes as amended.

All ayes. Minutes approved.





ACCIDENT REPORT: Peterson Adams asks Officer MacLennan for his opinion on lowering traffic speeds within the City by 5mph, and how APD would feel about enforcing those speeds. MacLennan states that while lowering speeds in residential areas would likely not be a problem, he anticipates that it could cause traffic issues on main streets like Siskiyou. He does not have a comment on enforcement of said speeds.


Officer MacLennan presents Traffic Accident Report contained in Agenda Packet. MacLennan also mentions an accident that is not included in the report. A female was struck while crossing against the pedestrian light at Tolman and Ashland Street. She was struck by a truck who was making a legal turn, she was injured quite badly. Peterson Adams mentions that accidents like this should be taken into consideration when the Commission develops educational campaigns for traffic issues and safety. MacLennan mentions that bicyclists and pedestrians are frequently at fault, he believes this is often due to misinformation rather than intentional breaking of traffic and safety laws.




  1. Community Path Program Grant Application- Fleury goes over the breakdown of the program as laid out in Commission Agenda. Fleury requests that Transportation Commission write a letter of support to be submitted with application, draft copy included in packet.


Vièville makes Motion for a letter of support and to authorize the chair to sign said letter of support for the grant application. Danner Seconds.


Discussion: Graf points out that Orchid Street is misnamed in TSP as Orchid Ave, and clarifies where the path would be built, he’s concerned about spending money on a path where there is already one nearby, and wonders if another location would be a better way to spend the grant money and limit redundancy. Commission discusses usage of current pathways. Borgerson wonders of the benefits. Fleury relays that a new path provides an additional connection for the people on the north side of the path and prevents people from having to go back and forth on the train tracks, commission discusses. Commission discusses possible connections to activity centers and facilities and the areas they perceive as problem connections within the City. Graf mentions that without COVID the Commission would be meeting to update their TSP, and grant funding can help inform and refine planning within the TSP. Commission looks forward to reading studies and gaining more information on the topic. Vièville requests that language in the application grant allow for different locations in addition to the current proposal.


All Ayes- Motion Carries.


  1. Faith Avenue Traffic Calming- Fleury relays gathered information contained in the agenda packet and relays the history of traffic calming measures on Faith. He relays that as of yet he has not reached out to the applicant with the information gathered. Fleury recommends that this could be part of the Twenty is Plenty project category. MacLennan relays that APD had the radar trailer on Faith street six weeks prior, he had complaints from neighbors in three separate trailer locations, and informs Commission that there is increased officer presence in the neighborhood which could throw off any new data for traffic. Brouillard would like to support Claypool-Barnes initial idea of adding sidewalks to the score card for traffic calming. Fleury states that sidewalk construction can be added to the CIP and have a future discussion about adding components as necessary to the Traffic Calming Program. Borgerson supports the addition of sidewalks as a priority component in Traffic Calming score. Peterson Adams asks that the topic be added as a future agenda item. Graf calls for a potential overhaul of the Traffic Calming Program regarding the importance of overall safety rather than just speed. Commission discuss perspectives on safety. Commission asks City Staff to respond to applicant with findings and other programs that the Commission is exploring to address the applicant’s concerns, such as the previously mentioned Twenty is Plenty.


Old Business-

  1. Capital Improvement Program: Fleury provides background and general information contained in agenda packet along with the most recent information, adjustments will be made as information contained is a rough draft and discussions will continue in the future, Fleury provides a brief overview of the various projects contained therein. Fleury will ask for Commission’s recommendations on prioritizing projects by February 2021. Fleury presents Commission with Capital Project Review Dashboard. Peterson Adams references previous conversations about additional emergency exits and secondary egress installations being added as CIP projects. Commission discusses emergency access options. Commission also discusses details of current projects within the CIP. Fleury would like Commission to review what is provided and to make recommendations to have discussions about inclusion of various projects, and to review study requests in TSP to add to a six-year plan. Linda Peterson Adams recommends evacuation study and its integration into TSP and CEAP.

  2. Bike Map Subcommittee: Claypool-Barnes states he’s been canvasing for participation with this project by the public, at bike shops and other similar locations with no success. Fleury brings up a previous conversation with Claypool-Barnes and the reinvention of the Bike Share program and Bike Safety Program. Commission discusses previous conversations regarding this subject. Claypool-Barnes suggests that the subcommittee first agree on an ideological framework for the Bike Map, and believes the Commission should come up with a mission statement, then form the subcommittee. Graf requests that the predominate bike riders in the Commission write a rough draft and bring it to the group. Claypool-Barnes states that he believes that a rough draft could be agreed upon during a meeting. Claypool-Barnes is asked to put a draft together to present to Commission, he agrees to do so and asks other Commission members to be on the lookout for recruiting community members.



  1. Discuss current action item list- Fleury updates Commission on Action Item list found in agenda packet. Spoke about 20 is Plenty and Railroad District Signage.



  1. Terrace Street-Traffic Calming Response- Previously Discussed.

  2. Water Street- Traffic Calming Response- No update, Fleury states that after his last communication with the applicant he’s not received any further correspondence.

  3. Vansant Stop Sign Request- Response




COMMISSION OPEN DISCUSSION- Graf points out that the Commission roster needs to be updated. Staff will do so.



  1. Street User Fee/Gas Tax (Budget Process)

  2. Demand Response Microtransit pilot project Update

  3. Buss Pass Program

  4. Crosswalk Policy


   ADJOURNMENT: @ 8:00pm


Respectfully submitted,

Shannon Burruss

Permit Technician-Engineering and Public Works

**Full Video Available by Request**

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