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Agendas and Minutes

Transportation Commission (View All)

Transportation Commission Meeting

Thursday, November 15, 2018


November 15, 2018 


Newberry called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

Commissioners Present: Corinne Vièville, Bruce Borgerson, Kat Smith, Sue Newberry, Joe Graf
Commissioners Absent: None
Council Liaison Absent: Michael Morris
Staff Present: Scott Fleury, Taina Glick, Steve MacLennan


Linda Peterson Adams 642 Oak St
She spoke of having met with Paul Leitman and Jamie Dempster of Nelson Nygaard and posed several questions regarding use of data and public meetings.

Heulz Gutcheon
Opined of the problems with RVTD.

Approval of Minutes: October 18, 2018
Minutes approved as presented.

RVTD 2040 Master Plan Presentation
Fleury introduced Paige West from RVTD who presented the RVTD 2040 Transit Master Plan. See attached.

Commissioners asked clarifying questions about the data presented.

Derek Claypool 1361 Quincy St
Claypool questioned West about where to obtain additional data regarding upcoming projects funded by the State Transportation Improvement Fund. 

Louise Shawkat 870 Cambridge
Spoke of her opinion for the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gasses and airborne particulate matter. 

James Stephens 640 Oak St
Inquired West about how RVTD intends to measure the success of their master plan, and if they plan to add smaller busses to their fleet.

Bicycle Friendly Map Development
Newberry spoke about a meeting she attended with Egon DuBois, David Chapman, and Lea Richards regarding development of a map of bicycle friendly facilities. She suggested 3 options to consider:

                Option 1: Not to develop a bike map
                Option 2: Separate map for bikeways                             
                Option 3: Suggest The Chamber reconsider exclusion of bicycle friendly facility map. 

Newberry and commissioners discussed options.

Egon DuBois 381 W Nevada St
He supported exclusion of the bike route information from the map provided by the Ashland Chamber because of the complexity and excess information included. He believed that the map produced by the county is easier to read and suggested The City contact the county to see if it could be expanded to include Ashland. DuBois provided a copy of the county map to commissioners to view.

Derek Claypool 1361 Quincy St
Claypool works for a bike shop and stated they provide a bicycle facility map to their customers. He stated they receive many requests for bicycle maps.

Louise Shawkat 870 Cambridge St
Shawkat suggested the TC work with other local organizations to develop and provide a more detailed map. She does not believe The City does a good job of distributing information to new comers to Ashland.

Graf moved that the Chair of TC be authorized to form Sub-committee to study the feasibility of development of a map that includes bike, transit, and pedestrian facilities. Vièville seconded.

Graf believed that a bike map is important, as is way-finding.

Borgerson does not object to the motion, but wondered if inclusion of bike, transit, and pedestrian information on the same map would create another confusion.

Newberry called for the vote. All ayes. Motion passed.

Graf, Newberry, and Vièville volunteered for the subcommittee.

Accident Report Citation Inclusion Discussion
Fleury provided history for inclusion or exclusion of citation information in the Accident Report.

Borgerson moved that citation information be included in the Accident Report.
Smith seconded.

Borgerson provided a personal story and believed that data can be used to develop a pattern that may help determine areas to be looked into.

Smith believed similarly adding using the data to determine education opportunities. She supported the return of citation data to the list.

Vièville believed citation information is good educational data.

Graf does not support inclusion of citation information. He expressed concern about having citation information included in the public record due to inconsistent issuance of citations in similar cases. He did not see the value.

Borgerson reminded commissioners that officers consider extenuating circumstances.

Vièville wondered if tracking of citation vs non-citation were possible on a map.

Newberry called for a vote.

Ayes:  Smith, Borgerson, Vièville Nay: Graf

Motion passed.

Accident Report
Officer MacLennan spoke of the accident report, indicating that pedestrian collisions were reduced this reporting period. Newberry wondered if data were available that shows when pedestrians were struck in crosswalks. Vièville questioned if data were sorted by time of day.

Trails Master Plan

Bicycles facility TSP discussion

MUTCD 4-way stop sign training

Twenty (20) year Capital Improvement Plan

Crosswalk Policy

ADJOURNMENT: Borgerson moved to adjourn. Vièville seconded. Ayes: Smith, Vieville, Borgerson. Nay: Graf. Meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m.        

Respectfully submitted,

Taina Glick
Public Works Administrative Assistant

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