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Agendas and Minutes

Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Meeting Minutes
 July 6, 2016
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
Commission Chair, Shostrom called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development and Engineering Offices located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland OR 97520.
Commissioners Present: Council Liaison:
Shostrom Carol Voisin
Leonard Staff Present:
Ladygo Mark Schexnayder; Staff Liaison
Emery Regan Trapp; Secretary
Commissioners Absent: Whitford (E)
Ladygo motioned to approve minutes from June 8, 2016.  Leonard seconded.  No one opposed.
Allan Sandler, of 1260 Prospect, Ashland, OR addressed the Commission.  He spoke about the corbels for the balcony at 23 N. Main. Mr. Sandler would like the Commission to choose 2 corbels so that he can engineer the drawings and give them some choices.  He discussed this idea with the Commission and they are to get back to Mr. Sandler on the choices they select. 
Voisin gave the Council Liaison report.  Items discussed were: 
  • At the June 21st meeting, “Threshold” was selected for the Gateway Island project.  It should be ready in a year for dedication. 
  • Verde Village was approved. 
  • During the Council goal setting session the parking plan was discussed and deemed a very important issue. The road diet is on hold because of cost. 
  • The wastewater treatment plan loan has been renegotiated and the City has 600,000 to put towards some projects.  They are looking at putting some things on the ballot in May of 2017. 
  • The possible amendment to Chapter 18 was discussed. 
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2016-00587          
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  872 Siskiyou Boulevard
OWNER:  John Shrode
APPLICANT:  Suncrest Homes, LLC
DESCRIPTION:  A request for a Variance to allow for the construction of a new driveway at 872 Siskiyou Boulevard. The Variance is required to construct a new driveway that is proposed to be less than 100 feet from an existing driveway on Siskiyou Boulevard. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density Multiple Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09DA; TAX LOT #: 6900.
There was no ex parte contact or conflict of interest indicated by the Commission.
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-00587.
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicants.
Charlie Hamilton, Suncrest Homes, residing at 328 Talent Ave, Talent, OR and
John Shrode, property owner, residing at 872 Siskiyou Blvd, addressed the Commission.  Mr. Hamilton explained that they were here the month prior and had made the changes the Commission had requested. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
Shostrom motioned to approve PA-2016-00587 as presented.  Skibby seconded.  No one opposed.         Giordano abstained. 

SUBJECT PROPERTY:  276 B Street (Tax lot 5800 & 5900)
OWNER/APPLICANT:  Kimberlynn Locklin
DESCRIPTION:   A request for Site Design Review approval for the construction of two detached Accessory Residential Unit’s less than 500 square feet, one on each of the subject properties. The project will also involve the removal of trees and the construction of one single-family dwelling per tax lot as well.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density Multiple Family Residential; ZONING: R-2; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09BA; TAX LOT: 5800 & 5900.

There was no ex parte contact or conflict of interest indicated by the Commission.
Schexnayder gave the staff report for PA-2016-01027.
Shostrom opened the public hearing to the applicant.
Kim Locklin and Vadim Agakhanov, property owners, residing at, 521 Schofield Street in Ashland, OR, addressed the Commission.  Ms. Locklin gave a history on the project and stated that she is looking to the Commission for some feedback.  They would like to live on site in the 3rd home with their family.  Mr. Agakhanov spoke about the design and stated that he wanted each one to look different.  He pointed out that the garages will not be visible from the street and there will be plenty of room for tenants to park and turn around.  He wanted to replicate the neighborhood feel from the past.  They will be removing 2 evergreen trees and a plum tree (that is lifting the sidewalk) and re-planting 12 trees once work is complete.  The driveways will be done with permeable pavers and he would like to re-pave the alley since it is in such poor shape.  He spoke about the floor plans, square footage and the differences between all the buildings. 
Shostrom closed the public hearing and opened to the Commission for comments.
Shostrom motioned to approve PA-2016-01027 with the below recommendations.  Skibby seconded.  No one opposed.
  • Include the following revisions in the building permit submittals:
  • Vinyl windows with no simulated divided grids.
  • When windows are molded together there should be 3 inches of frame (each double hung frame).
  • Belly bands on garage on lot #3 to break up massing.
  • Garage doors will be steel that have vertical orientation (craftsman like) of the frame and panels in contrast to what is drawn on the original plan.
  • Consistency of windows – Should be proportioned 2 to 1 and proportioned in width.  Lot #3 bay window (north elevation) should match the lower story window in width.
  • Lot #2 (north elevation) upstairs should match the lower story window in width.
Suggestions for lot 1:
  • Windows will have trim that have aprons, sills, and head trim that have added details.
  • Belly bands on garage to break up massing.
  • 2 foot 10 wide windows. Minimized egress size.
  • Bucking the windows is suggested on all lots.
                NEW ITEMS:
  • Review board schedule
  • Project assignments for planning actions
               OLD BUSINESS:
  • Pioneer Mike Celebration
Schexnayder welcomed Leonard to the Commission and thanked her for her contribution to the Pioneer Mike Ceremony.  
               DISCUSSION ITEMS:
The reorganization of City Hall was discussed.  Shostrom stated that the Commission needs to be advocates to the approach.  Shostrom went on to say that the Commission should draft a letter to the City council and ORW in regards to the options.  Shostrom stated that he will draft a letter to the City Council but send to all Commissioners to be approved beforehand.    
Skibby motioned to approve Shostrom writing a letter in regards to the City re-organization plan (seismic retrofitting of City Hall) that will go to the City Council.  Giordano seconded.  No one opposed
135 Nutley was discussed in depth. 
                    Review Board Schedule
July 14th Terry, Andrew, Tom
July 21st Terry, Sam, Taylor
July 28th Terry, Taylor, Dale
August 4th Terry, Keith, Bill
Project Assignments for Planning Actions
PA-2014-01956 Lithia & First All
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink & Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
PA-2014-02206 485 A Street Ladygo
PA-2015-00178 156 Van Ness Ave Shostrom
PA -2015-00374 160 Lithia Way Emery
PA-2015-00878 35 S. Pioneer Ladygo
PA-2015-01496 35 S. Second-Winchester Inn Shostrom
PA-2015-01695  399 Beach Skibby
PA-2015-01769  860 C Ladygo
PA-2015-01517 209 Oak Shostrom
PA-2015-02203 868 A Street Whitford
PA-2016-00073 151 Pioneer Swink
PA-2016-00275 574 Allison Emery
PA-2016-00387 95 N. Main Shostrom
PA-2016-00763 5 N. Main Swink
PA-2016-00209 25 N. Main Ladygo
PA-2016-00818 175 Pioneer Shostrom & Skibby
PA-2016-00847 252 B Street Whitford
PA-2016-00587 872 Siskiyou Blvd Skibby
PA-2016-01027 276 B Street Shostrom & Leonard
Next meeting is scheduled August 3, 2016 at 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 8:30pm
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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