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Historic Commission (View All)

Historic Commission Meeting

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2014
Community Development/Engineering Services Building – 51 Winburn Way – Siskiyou Room
REGULAR MEETING - CALL TO ORDER:  6:01p.m. – SISKIYOU ROOM in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building, located at 51 Winburn Way
Historic Commissioners Present:  Ms. Renwick, Mr. Skibby, Mr. Whitford, Mr. Shostrom, Mr. Emery, Mr. Swink
Commission Members Absent:  Mr. Giordono (E), Ms. KenCairn (U)
Council Liaison :  Mike Morris, Absent
Staff Present: Staff Liaison: Amy Gunter, Clerk: Regan Trapp
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Mr.  Whitford motioned to approve the minutes from October 8, 2014.  Ms. Renwick seconded.  No one opposed.
PUBLIC FORUM:    There was no one in the audience wishing to speak. 
COUNCIL LIAISON REPORT:  No report was given
PLANNING ACTION REVIEW:  Mr. Skibby read aloud the procedures for  public hearings.
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2014-01695                     
SUBJECT PROPERTY: 488 N Main Street 
APPLICANT:   Michael Lisk
OWNER:  Vic and Claudia Lively

DESCRIPTION:  A request for a Site Review approval for a change of use to convert the existing office / residential building located at 488 N Main into a medical marijuana dispensary. No changes to the structure are proposed. The location complies with the recently adopted standards regarding location and is considered as special permitted use in the zone. An exception to the Site Design and Use Standards for parking lot landscaping buffering is also requested.   COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Employment; ZONING: E-1; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 05DA; TAX LOTS: 3500
Mr. Skibby opened the public hearing for staff comments.  Ms. Gunter gave the staff report.  She stated that the only changes to the building would be a change from residential usage back to office and mercantile/retail.  The building had previously been used for offices and retail.  Unit 1 & 3 will be used as office space and unit 2 would be used as retail/merchantile, this would eliminate any need for fire separation between different uses.  She stated that due to the size of the lot and the placement of the existing structures, an exception will not negatively impact adjacent properties and is consistent with the stated purpose of the standards.  The existing handicap parking spot in the front will stay as is and the parking in the back will be moved immediately to the south, allowing the old parking spaces to be used as a place to backup and turnaround.  Ms. Gunter mentioned that there will be no new landscaping but that some will be removed to allow for additional parking spaces.  The covered parking space in the back will be converted into a covered bicycle parking area and a screened area for trash.  Ms. Renwick motioned to approve PA-2014-01695 and Mr. Skibby seconded, no one opposed.
PLANNING ACTION:  PA-2014-01837         
SUBJECT PROPERTY:  95 Winburn Way (“The Ice Rink parking lot”)
OWNER/APPLICANT:  City of Ashland, Ashland Parks & Recreation

DESCRIPTION:   A request for Site Review approval to place a canopy over the Ice Rink, a recreational facility within Lithia Park, located at 95 Winburn Way.  The application includes requests for Exception to the Site Design and Use Standards (II-C-1-a and IV-C ) and for a Variance to allow the canopy structure to be placed within the required ten-foot side yard setback along Winburn Way.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Single Family Residential; ZONING: R-1-7.5; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 09; TAX LOTS: Part of Tax Lot #100 (Lithia Park lot) E 05DA; TAX LOTS: 3500
Mr. Skibby opened the public hearing for staff comments.  Ms. Gunter gave the staff report.  She noted that Winburn Way is part of our local Historic district and is outside the boundaries of the national zone. She stated that this is being treated as a site review but that in the past was treated as strictly a building permit.  Ms. Gunter said that since then the codes have changed and they have had to do a site/land use review.  Ms. Gunter emphasized that the primary reason for concern is the white material from the ice rink cover, reflecting sunlight on the neighbor, directly behind the rink on Granite.  The hope is that spectators can enjoy this facility during the season, but that the cover is an eyesore to some neighbors.   Mr. Skibby asked if this was the same cover that has been used in years past and Ms. Gunter replied that yes, it was the same one used last year.    
Mr. Skibby opened up the public hearing to the applicants.  Michael Black, Parks and Recreation Director, for Ashland Parks and Recreation addressed the Commission about the planning action and briefly outlined the history of the ice rink cover.  Mr. Emery questioned what the months of operation of the ice rink are and Mr. Black told the commission that the cover would need to be on for 4 months.  He stated that they replace the cover with something more adequate that better fit the rink itself.  He went on to say that the ice rink has a history in Lithia Park and he felt, they better replaced what was damaged in the past.  Mr. Skibby asked what the material of the cover was and Mr. Black commented that it is a white vinyl and manufactured to serve all kinds of purposes.  Mr. Shostrom asked if they have contacted the manufacturer to see if there is anything they could do to the cover to prevent glare.  Mr. Black stated that there is an option to drape it with some sort of material, called dura-last, but is not sure of the look, or if the tent would hold it, or if the manufacturer would cover it under the warranty.
Ruth Kennedy, homeowner at, 94 Granite Street, addressed the Commission and went on to say that she opposes the application of the ice rink cover.  Ms. Kennedy explained that last year the cover did not come down until mid-April and conveyed that the effect this has on her property value is tremendous.  She elaborated on the effect that the cover has when the afternoon sun hits it and went on to say that she has to close her drapes because of the glare. Ms. Kennedy called attention to the fact that the tent is massive compared to years past and it’s 75% bigger than in years past.  Ms. Kennedy noted that her realtor told her that if the structure was a permanent structure that she should sell her home now.   Ms. Kennedy added that landscaping would help the current situation but that would come at a high cost.
J.W. Lion, homeowner at 128 Pioneer, lives directly across from the park and addressed the Commission.  Mr. Lion stated the impact that the cover has on his view is considerably less than what it is for Ms. Kennedy but said that the size difference is significantly bigger.  He conveyed that if the tent were the same size as the original, then he would have no problem with the cover.  Mr. Whitford asked if if Mr. Lion lived in his home when the old tent was up and Mr. Lion stated that no, he did not live at the address when the old tent was up.
Mr. Black remarked that yes, the tent is bigger because the smaller one was inadequate.  Mr. Black conveyed that Ashland Parks and Recreation is trying to provide a recreational opportunity in Lithia Park and want to do whatever they can to mitigate the problems.   He stressed that they would like to use the covered space for future events during times when the ice rink is not open and to make the purchase useful to the people that use the park.  Mr. Black pointed out that the new tent meets the criteria and remained positive that this will be approved by the Planning Commission. Mr. Swink asked about the cost to set up/take down the tent and Mr. Black replied that it takes $11,000 to set up, take down, and store for the season. Mr. Swink also asked about where the cover is stored and Mr. Black replied that part of it is stored at the golf course, maintenance shop, and the other part is stored in Portland, Or, where the manufacturer is located.  Mr. Swink asked how long the vinyl material would last and Mr. Black responded that they have 2 covers because the company sent them the wrong one to begin with but said that they could keep it for backup.  Mr. Black elaborated and said the first tent that the company sent them was thinner and may not be able to be used because of snow loads.  Ms. Renwick asked about heavy duty shade cloth and Mr. Black stated that putting up the shade cloth would be very hard to make fit.  Mr. Black is asking the Commission to consider mitigating the issue with the homeowner and provide the visual screening or a suggested resolution.  Mr. Shostrom asked for clarification on the potential of it being a permanent structure and Mr. Black said that is was never meant to be a permanent structure but that the Parks Commission would like to keep it up longer in order to hold events there, because the cost to put it up and take it down is costly.
Mr. Skibby opened the discussion up for the Commission. Mr. Skibby pointed out that historically white rooftops are common in the city and noted the white dome roof on Chataqua Square.  Ms. Renwick said that this is a tough decision and Mr. Whitford said the cover is not an attractive addition to the community.  Mr. Swink disagreed and said that aesthetically, it’s a beautiful structure and Ms. Renwick stressed that the glow from the cover at night seems pretty bad.  Mr. Swink said that he is not sure that the landscaping would work, but recommended the idea of some sort of cloth (fabric) and stanchion idea (not permanent) to shield the structure from Ms. Kennedy’s view. Mr. Shostrom commented that the structure could be a wind issue but Mr. Emery disagreed and said that he doesn’t see it being a problem if it’s not permanent.  Ms. Renwick suggested that the ice rink season be cut short but Mr. Emery disagreed and sees it as more of a community value. Mr. Skibby agreed that the cover is needed but Parks and Recreation will need to take it down in a timely manner and keep the season short.  The Commission emphasized not expanding the use of the rink cover to more than 4 months out of the year.  Mr. Shostrom added that the glare is an issue and agrees that the shade cloth would be a good idea.  Ms. Gunter impressed upon the Commission that they should focus on the design standards and the impact it would have on Lithia Park. 
Ms. Renwick motioned to approve PA-2014-01837, with the condition to limit skating season to five (5) months from November 1 to March 15, or the “usual” historic season.  Mitigation should be achieved on City property and on the adjacent neighbor(s) property to screen the structure and the glare created.  Mr. Swink seconded, no one opposed.
OLD BUSINESS:  There was no old business to discuss.
A.  Review Board Schedule
B.  Project Assignments for planning actions
C.  Iron Mike- Ms. Gunter reported on the news article.  She stated that Steve Walker, from the Water Department is going to take over the project of restoring this.  Mr. Walker has been in contact with Warner Brothers and SHIPO.  Iron Mike is in storage and Mr. Walker is working to get this project underway. 
Mr. Skibby talked about the fountain at Chataqua Square and said that he went to the City Council meeting to address it.  He says it’s important to save it as it’s a big part of our culture. 
Review Board Schedule
Nov 6th Keith, Bill,
Nov 13th Terry, Sam, BIll
Nov 20th Terry, Allison, Bill
Nov 26th Allison, Dale, Tom
Dec 4th Sam, Keith, Allison
Ms. Renwick said that she met with someone on the downtown beautification committee.  If there is an opportunity to collaborate with them would we be interested in using some funds for the walkway/alleyway near Earthly Goods.  She is asking that we consider looking into this collaboration.  The Commission agreed that collaborating with this committee is a good idea and would like to further explore this opportunity. 
Project Assignments for Planning Actions – Review Update
PA-2014-01388 107 Fork St. Emery
PA-2014-01126 345 Lithia Way-Gas station conversion to retail/restaurant-No building permit yet Giordano
PA-2014-00725 121 Manzanita-Under construction Whitford
PA-2014-00725 469 Allison-Under construction Swink
PA-2014-00710/711 143/135 Nutley Swink and Whitford
PA-2014-01283 172 Skidmore Shostrom
BD-2013-00256 175 Lithia Way – Under construction Giordano
PA-2014-00251 30 S. First St. – No new permits issued Whitford
PA-2014-00491 566 Fairview St.  – Under construction/almost done Shostrom
BD-2013-00813 374 Hargadine – Under construction/almost done Swink
PA-2013-01388 14 Calle Guanajuato(Sandlers) Restaurant-Under construction/almost done Renwick
PA-2013-01421 270 N. First St.(Nisha Jackson)- Building permits issued Renwick
Next meeting is scheduled for Dec 3, 2014, at 6:00 pm.
There being no other items to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm.
Respectfully submitted by Regan Trapp

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